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Nova Tsuba
Nova Tsuba
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Getting a Bo staff Empty Getting a Bo staff

Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:53 am
Currently, Akemi was sitting in the middle of the city square, trying his best to look as small as possible while he ate, while simultaneously attempting to suppress his chakra. Even though it was early morning there still seemed to be many people bustling around the square, definitely making Akemi extremely nervous and jittery. He could only hope that someone wouldn't come and try to make conversation. He was eating a lovely piece of toast, something he seemed to be having quite a lot recently, due to it's simplicity to cook.

After a a few more nervous minutes Akemi eventually finished the toast and he got off the bench to go train for the rest of the day. As he walked through the town he buried his face in his scarf and kept down low, these where one of the few times where he was happy to have a small stature, he could easily slip through crowds of people without being noticed. While walking, he was moving his chakra around his body, trying to suppress it, but like last time, it felt like trying to move an ocean with nothing but his hands.

Eventually he came across a training grounds and heavy echoes of wood against wood could be heard echoing throughout. Fast paced tempo, Thud, Thud, Thud was heard systematically. Akemi noticed that the strikes where starting to get louder and more faster. Realising that a civilian could probably never make a rhythmic beat this fast he realised it was probably a ninja making these sounds, giving Akemi a chance to test the chakra suppression skill he had been working on.

Suppressing his chakra as much as posible he surface walked on top of the tree to see what was going on. It was a man, around about 6ft with white robes, he was carrying a bo staff and he was attacking a test dummy furiously, unrelenting in his attacks. As Akemi watched he was almost mesmerised by the unrelenting barrage of the man's attacks. As he watched Akemi realised that the bo staff would suit how he wished to fight, versatile. Akemi had been saving up to buy a sword, but after seeing this, Akemi decided he would make a staff.

Silently jumping from the tree, he landed into the woods and began searching for some kind of stick that would be suitable. In the woods he found all kinds of things that suited the shape of a bo staff, but they were all weak, easily broken by Akemi's strength. Eventually he came across a huge field of broken sticks and trees, perhaps these would do. He immediately started picking up the sticks and started snapping them one by one, looking for one that wouldn't snap. Breathing a sigh of defeat he walked out of the woods, he couldn't find any sticks that were suitable, that was when he remembered, perhaps the guy he had seen training earlier had any tips? With his new-found goal he turned around and started heading towards the sound of clashing wood he could hear.

The man noticed Akemi almost instantly as Akemi approached.

"What can i do for you young man?" asked the man

"Well.. I saw you practicing with that BO-staff and i was wondering if you could give me one or at the very least tell me how to make one?" As Akemi said this he tried to make his face shrink even further into his scarf, asking a random stranger for help was probably not the best way to go about doing things.

"Sure thing! I recently bought a shipment of staffs so you can have one if you want, follow me!" As the man said this he turned around and started walking towards a shed, gesturing for Akemi to follow him. Of course, Akemi followed him, he was desperate for some kind of weapon his fists where constantly bruised and bloody because of the training he did every day. As they approached the shed Akemi noticed several mats laying on the ground next to it. Akemi gestured towards them and asked the man what they were for.

"Oh, those?" The man responded "I run a class for bo staff users here, do you want to join?" Akemi almost instantly shook his head, it wasn't that he didn't want to learn how to use a bo staff, it was because there was no way he was going in a class full of people. Besides, Akemi had been training himself his whole life, why should training with a weapon be any different?

Once they reached the door to the shed the man opened the door and walked inside, before coming out with a smooth wooden rod, about 1m in length. The man chuckled as he handed the staff to Akemi.

"Due to your height i had to find the smallest one, thank god i have a few young children in my class." Chuckled the man, "These staffs are practically indestructible, unless you actually go out of your way to try and break them, you're welcome to practice with the staff here for as long as you like." Akemi nodded and thanked the man, practicing on a tree would probably end with him being in big trouble, due to the fact that his punches seem to go straight through them.

With his new bo staff in-hand he started swinging it around, it felt natural in his hands, like it glided through the air with little resistance. As he swung it he realised that hitting someone with a blunt stick wouldn't do that much damage, unless he got incredibly strong. Perhaps if he met any fuinjutsu masters he could ask them to add some modifications to his staff.

(Word Count:967
Don't approve anything yet, i will post more :P)

Nova Tsuba
Nova Tsuba
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Getting a Bo staff Empty Re: Getting a Bo staff

Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:23 am
After swinging the staff around for a few more minutes Akemi had an idea. Just a simple staff wasn't good enough, it was essentially a lump of wood. What he needed was some kind of way to upgrade it when he see it fit, but how? Maybe he could have some kind of way to switch out different abilities and upgrades to the staff.

Akemi said goodbye to the man and started walking home, his newly gained staff on his back. As he walked he noticed the odd stares people were giving him. He ashamedly realised that it was probably due to his height that it made him look like a small kid with a weapon.

An embarrassing walk later and Akemi was back in his apartment, digging through his belongings to find a kunai. Eventually he found one and he sat down on the apartment floor with his staff on his lap and a kunai in his hand.

On the walk back Akemi had came up with the idea to add different caps onto his staff, each with different abilities and different hand grips that could boost his abilities. The reason he was adding the holes was to make it easier for him to insert the caps and make them stay in longer. After carving a small 1cm deep hole onto one end he turned the staff over and did the same on the other side.

After doing this he put away the kunai and proudly examined his work. The holes were a bit iffy and wonky, but it would have to do. He would make the caps and hand grips when he would find a a way of making them. Ideally he would need a fuinjutsu master. Putting the Bo staff against the wall, Akemi sat down on the floor and started attempting to continue learning chakra suppression. All the reading he had done on it had really payed off and now.

Feeling his chakra circulate around his body he slightly nudged it's course and gently guided it into the "Cage Of Suppression" as he liked to call it. He kept redirecting all his chakra until he could not feel anymore. He smiled, he had learnt it. Now, he just needed to do it instantly.

Akemi continued to do this exercise for many hours until he could suppress his chakra instantly. Today was very productive He thought Now i just need to get some sleep.

(Word Count: 409
Total Word Count: 1376
Claims: Akemi's Bo Staff [1000/1000] and 300 words towards chakra suppression, and one stat point (I can't get stats for getting an item, but since i went over the needed word count i can claim a stat)
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Getting a Bo staff Empty Re: Getting a Bo staff

Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:13 pm
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