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Body Flicker Training Empty Body Flicker Training

Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:46 am
Han wakes up in his home, sluggish and lazy. He stands up and walks down stairs. "Morning dad." He says as he starts preparing his breakfast. He looks at his cereal and begins slowly eating it, slowly waking up from this slow start to his day. He rubs his eyes open as the realization slowly hits him for the first time. He is a full fledged ninja. He is a NINJA. He starts picking up the pace. He quickly eats his food and runs up the stairs into his shower. He takes a rushed shower and starts changing into his clothes. He picks up his Leaf Village Headband and ties it around his forehead. He looks in a mirror, smiling with pride and joy. He runs back downstairs and goes to his father. "Dad, I'm gonna go out and train. I'll be back by dinner!" He says rushing out, barely even hearing his dad's reply. He runs to the training grounds as fast as he can.

"Let's see, what should I learn today?" He asks himself before opening his Jutsu Encyclopedia. He searches around and his eyes land on the Body Flicker technique. A technique which enhances the speed of the user to get from one point to another quickly and almost instantaneously. He reads from the book. "The Body Flicker Technique is a technique used to almost double the user's speed to get from point A to point B. This technique is usually used to get behind an opponent to set up a strike or an attack. This jutsu may also be used to escape an opponent's attack, jutsu or to escape the opponent entirely. This jutsu can be evasive,defensive, or offensive. This jutsu can also be used for stealth purposes, moving you from one point to another at high speed leaving less of a risk of being seen while in motion. The jutsu also states..." The book goes on and on for about two more pages on this jutsu explaining alternative uses, the history behind it, and more. Han closes the book and starts preparing for the jutsu. "That book was not pleasant but I think I'll try it." He charges his chakra and runs as fast as he can. Nothing changed. His speed did not change. He charged his chakra into his feet again and nothing happened. "What? I don't understand. Why isn't this working?" He asks genuinely confused. He rereads the book over and over again, but to no avail and no results. He decides on training his speed instead. "I'll try training myself and maybe, it will just come to me." He says while scratching the back of his head, confused and bewildered. He starts running. He runs around teh training course, he runs in between the training dummies, he runs on the trees using the Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique, then on the rushing stream still using the Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique. After he finishes, he runs through the course backwards. Each time he does it he gets faster and faster, his chakra getting easier to control and manage. He runs laps like this for an hour, eventually ending with 10 laps around the entire training grounds. "Ok, this isn't working. What should I try now?" He asks himself as he sits down on the ground confused. He is determined to learn this technique. He thinks hard as sweat fallls down his face and through his light blue hair. The beads of sweat fall to his brow as his eyes open with a realization. He starts to focus his chakra, closing his eyes again. He changes his Chakra Nature back into Fuuton or Wind Nature and feels it begin to sharpen. His chakra rushes throughout his body as he starts to push it towards his feet. With the Wind Natured Chakra flowing in his feet, he stands up and prepares to run. He pushes off the ground and it works. It isn't as effective as it is supposed to be, as a slight wisp of wind comes from the back of his foot after each step. "I did it but, I should be faster than this." He runs more and more, but he isn't getting faster. Faster, Faster, FASTER! He thinks as he pushes more and more chakra into his feet. Every step he makes starts to create a small gust of wind, leaving a cloud of dust behind as the wind pushes the dirt off the ground. He eventually manages to double his speed this way but in the end he collapses. "No. This isn't right. I shouldn't be using this much chakra." He says puzzled as he breathes in and out heavily from exhaustion. He closes his eyes and thinks again. He needs a way to increase his speed with his chakra without using too much chakra. Sweat pours down his face as the sun shines brightly above him. He thinks long and hard for almost an hour. He finally comes to a solution to this puzzling problem. He realized something. If he uses his wind chakra in his feet alone, it will increase his speed but using too much chakra to use it effectively. If he however,finds a way to increase the number of times he can touch the ground and push off of it, he can get faster without using as much effort and chakra. He closes his eyes again, focusing his mind and his chakra once more. He pushes his chakra evenly throughhout both his legs. He stands up and takes a deep breath as he starts to run. He runs faster, doubling his speed. He runs so quickly and without using as much chakra or effort as he did before. His legs push off the ground and hit the ground within the same second and he runs effectively half the course in almost one second. He looks behind him as he sees a trail of dust and wind blowing from where he once was. He looks at the trail and smiles with pride. "Yes! I did it! Another technique mastered." He says as he jumps high into the air. He looks at the trail one more time before opening his Jutsu Encyclopedia again.

He looks around the pages of the Jutsu Encyclopedia. He skims through the wrtings of each page and flips it to read the next page looking for a technique he is interested in. He scrolls over Ninjutsu and Genjutsu and finds himself on the Space Time jutsu. He glosses over the techniques listed in this section of the book and his eyes land on the Flicker Movement Technique. He ponders if this technique is any different than the Body Flicker Technique. As he reads this technique, his eyes grow wide in interest. He feels intrigued by the entire prospect of the jutsu. The ability of slowing down one's personal time can really help save one's life. He reads the technique and tries his best to understand but he has a hard time. This type of technique is entirley different from the ones he used before. This technnique controls the time flow of the user's own body so Han has never seen or used a technique like this. He sits down and thinks about the technique. He slows his mind, taking all of his surroundings into account. He feels the stillness in the air and the everpresent breeze blowing slowly through his hair. He hears the birds singing in the wind and sees them soaring high in tthhe sky, well above everything else in the village. He feels the grass moving gently in the wind as the breeze hits each blade of grass, moving them in the same direction. He feels the nearby stream flowing and rushing down. He feels the presence of the fish swimming and floating in the stream. He can hear the splashes as the intense force of the rushing stream hits the rocks and the beads of water droplets seperate from the stream and fall gently onto the ground. He feels the presence of all the ninja in the village going about their day normally and casually. He starts preparing the jutsu with an intense focus. He can feel all the beads of sweat slowly falling out of every single pore on his body. He charges his chakra. He then quickly performs the Rat Hand Seal, carefully closing his hands together and opens them again. He then performs the Boar Hand Seal with an unusual precision and technique. "Flicker Movement Technique!" He says with an intense, unwaivering focus, all the while expelling the chakra stored up in his body. The technique succeeds. His mind goes into an intense focus and detail. Everything around him starts to move sluggishly and eventually seems to just stop moving whatsoever. His senses heighten as everything around him seems to slow down. The breeze is entirely still, and the birds soaring above are barely moving. The fish stop swimming and the grass turns stagnant and motionless. The people seem sluggish and unmoving in the village, as if time itself had stopped. "Woah it worked!" Han says with genuine surprise and wonder. He takes a step forward, further noticing his environment. He looks back and sees himself, or at least an image of himself. He opens his eyes wide as he realizes that he slowed down time enough for him to see actual after images of himself as he walks. He notices everything moving around him. He walks over to the stream and sees that it is more like a gentle flowing river than a rushing stream. He decides to pick up a pebble and skip it across the stream. As the pebble skips through the stream, the pebble also creates after images and the water shows ripples slowly forming and fading away. He walks over to the village. He sees people going about their day except it seems to be going in slow motion. Everyone is slow and sluggish and seems to be very stagnant. The only people seemingly moving are the kids and the ninjas that are running at full speed, however they still move extremely slowly and seem to barely move at all despite their true action of running at full speed. He starts to run his training course again, this time everything much easier as he has more time to react and move. He decides to use both techniques he learned in collaboration. He uses the Body Flicker Technique while in the hastened state of the Flicker Movement Technique. He sees the wind from his feet kicking up the sand and dirt and dust from the ground behind him as he sees the images of his nody running at extremely high speeds. He sees the course in front of him and effectively finishes it in less than a second. He sees the course flash in his eyes. Everything seemingly blurs as he moves at speeds he thought were impossible and his eyes couldn't keep up. He looks behind him and sees a trail of silver and light blue as his speed causes a ripple in space and time due to the unnaturally high speeds he made. He continues to use these techniques to run around the course. He runs back to the training dummies and decides to see what this technique can do combat wise. He performs multiple combinations of strikes and texhniques on the dummies and he watches as they slowly break from all sides at once. To an outside viewer, the technique would look like the Clone jutsu as they effectively hit all at once then coming back together again and the dummy pushes inward and almost shatters completely. The dummy is rendered utterly useless and broken by the technique Han used. He begins to start hitting the other dummies, breaking them as well. He ends the jutsu and watches all the dummies break at once. He smiles as he sees this as he knows that he has grown and he will continue growing stronger. He stands up, wipes his brow and heads home. It is after all, almost dark, and he promised to be home by dinner. 

Claims: Body Flicker Technique+ Flicker Movement Technique + 10 stat points
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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Body Flicker Training Empty Re: Body Flicker Training

Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:57 am
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