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First Order Of Business [p/solo] Empty First Order Of Business [p/solo]

Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:43 pm
Yashin had finally accomplished a milestone on his path to being a great ninja. Over the course of a few days, he learned that he was extremely proficient in the sealing arts of fuinjutsu and could make chains shoot out of his body of materialized chakra. Anything seemed possible to the boy at this point with these new powers discovered, except, of course, getting his memories back. Something as stupid as remembering what it was like to be a child becomes all too important when you don't remember being a child at all. Though time has softened the pain of no past, the new Genin couldn't help but to feel a sickness ensue over his self-made alias; however, Yashin still knew what could always take him away from his thoughts: training and lots of it. With his mastery of fuinjutsu, all he needed now was a few jutsu to compliment it. Cracking his knuckles to mentally and physically prepare himself, the magenta hair ninja began to pull off his backpack onto the floor of the training grounds. His goal was to learn his first offensive jutsu, "Dark River Breaking Seal." This was three times harder to learn then any of the jutsu he learnt to become a Genin, but he felt something inside of him compliment the art of fuinjutsu all too well. A familiar look of determination monopolized his facial expressions as he remembered how to cast the jutsu from the book he read in the library.
It started off with him first jotting down how the seal looked a couple of times to get a feel for how to write it out. The goal was to write this seal with just his mind and chakra alone then activate it all on his hand. Sure it would be insanely difficult, but this jutsu makes his hand into a hand cannon he can fire off to his hearts content without a single hand seal. Yashin began to note that this would not only be the first jutsu that required him to automatically write and activate a seal on part of his body, but also it would require him to do it all with no hand seals whatsoever. The seal itself would extend up to his elbow in a rather simple looking seal he memorized.
"Now it is time to try to at least draw it on my skin."
He muttered to himself before closing his eyes and outstretching his hand away from any people just in case. Black markings slowly made their way from his right hand to his elbow in a very slow manner as he strained to make them do so. Just when they were halfway up his arm, they rapidly vanished back to his hand and he let out a groan.
"Shit, almost had it."
Yashin shook his arm around lightly and then took a deep breath. He felt almost embarrassed for not being able to do the simplest part of the jutsu, but decided to just write down the seal on a piece of paper and try until he got it down. It shouldn't have been too hard to just draw a seal out, but drawing one on his own flesh without hand seals proved a difficult task.
Once satisfied with the seal he drew on a piece of paper, Yashin extended out his right hand and concentrated deeply. Much faster this time, the black markings came from his hand until they stopped at his elbow and became stagnant. The boy opened his eyes to see he had done it and smiled.
"Man that looks cool. It is like a tattoo."
Brushing away his magenta hair and looking in awe of his creation, he felt satisfied. Every symbol was done perfectly as he wanted and now he just had to feel the symbol and activate it telepathically. With his right arm extended outwards and his left hand grasping the arm in case of recoil, he aimed towards a training dummy with his fingers as reference for the shot.
"Come on, come on!"
Yashin focused on trying to activate the seal with just his mind and chakra, but kept losing sight of it. All he had to do was activate the seal to release a chakra burst to tear through the dummy.
Without warning a fist smacked into his face and Yashin was knocked to the ground. Looking over in a daze, he saw it was Yin, a man he met in the academy.
"Man that felt good, have been wanting to show your perfect face what it is like to do something beside mope around."
Instinctively, Yashin thought of pulling out a kunai, but that might escalate the fight farther. Instead he swooped his right leg into Yin's ankle and took the bully off guard. Soon Yin was knocked onto the ground and in Yashin's anger he jumped to his feet and held his right hand pointed towards the kid's face.
"Leave now."
Yin broke into a chuckle on the ground as Yashin's face went from uncertainty to anger.
"You don't even know how to use that jutsu. I saw you struggling just to make the markings."
His point made the amnesiac cringe before he began to feel the seal on his hand. In a quick release, the seal flickered red for a split second before activating and releasing a magenta bolt of chakra towards Yin's face. The smell of hair melting haunted his nostrils as he saw his enemy now had a burn on his face and lacked any eyebrows or eyelashes. Has he gone all out, god knows what the jutsu could have done. With this attack, Yin jumped to his feet and covered his face in agony with his hand as he ran away dishonored. It was a bittersweet victory for Yashin, but he felt he should have held back even more than he had.
As Yin fled the scene, the blank expression the Uzumaki had turned towards the training dummy. He held his hand towards it in immense curiosity of what it looked like to go all out. Within seconds of extending his hand outwards, Yashin released a magenta bolt of chakra and tore through the dummy without any effort. A smirk broke out of his anger and he realized that he could turn the dummy into swiss cheese. He held his hand out and began to release bolts at different directions in rapid succession to cover the dummy in holes. Already, he felt he had mastered this technique as he felt his chakra deplete with each shot. Abruptly, he stopped and closed the seal as the chakra loss caught up to him. The black markings vanished into his hand once more and he breathed heavily in exhaustion.
"That was spectacular."

After regaining his breath, Yashin packed up all of his belongings knowing full well that he can now turn his arm into a death cannon. Every day was a new day to Yashin in more ways then one. He smiled, a smile of true self discovery, as he found what drove him to live a life with only present and future. With everything packed up, Yashin traveled home to sleep.

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First Order Of Business [p/solo] Empty Re: First Order Of Business [p/solo]

Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:58 pm

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