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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Make a man, out of you (Shouhei) - Page 2 Empty Re: Make a man, out of you (Shouhei)

Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:46 pm
At his admission of not knowing she played cards, the brunette only gave him a small cryptic smile in return. Nor usually one for smiling, the kunoichi felt her mood improving in a familiar environment and among her people. Shina had never considered herself a people's person, most people existed solely to annoy the fuin user. And yet everyone here felt pretty much the same about humanity in general, forming a silent, unacknowledged kinship that escaped definition.

This was the real Hoshi, the way it had been before Den and Akihana had taken over. These folks were good for a round of cards and a few lewd jokes but she was certain out on the streets, they'd leave her to die in a heartbeat.

It was good to know some things never changed.

"There's a lot you don't know about me yet kid," she offered, pushing a glass his way. "Drink up and maybe that will change, though I wouldn't bet on it."

Eventually, with time, Shina might come to tolerate the young man she was presently engaged in getting blind stinking drunk. She'd be responsible, teach him not to mix his liquor (at first), hold his hair back if he vomited (or forget to) and take him home after their night out. She'd also go home with a less annoyed than usual expression on ehr face, startling her roommate just coming in from a late night shift at the hospital but being Shina, the kunoichi would neither greet said roommate nor explain the source of her possible good humor.

But one thing that would come to pass that night would be that Shouhei Sato would become a somewhat permanent fixture in Shina's life. And buzzed with alcohol and good cheer as she would be at the time, the brunette might, just might, entertain the possibility of that not being an altogether too awful a thing.

(Exit Shina)
Shouhei Sato
Shouhei Sato
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Make a man, out of you (Shouhei) - Page 2 Empty Re: Make a man, out of you (Shouhei)

Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:42 pm
”And I ain’t a betting man so that’s okay. I prefer calculated planning and being too prepared.” Shouhei downed the other glass sent to him, perhaps a bit too fast but it went down. That was a mistake however, as it would appear that Shina didn’t feel like giving him a break and he was soon given another. For a beginner, Shouhei seemed to hold his liquor quite well drinking the beers as they came – but of course he did not drown them as he did the two first – until the harder stuff got mixed in which caused him to be more tired than anything. As for puking that wasn’t really a problem because of his strong stomach, and even if it came to that he had no hair needed to be held back.

And so the evening ended. Shouhei could fortunately remember how he got home – Shina let him there in spite of him having told her she didn’t need to (or did he? Maybe he remembered incorrectly) – and all he wanted to do when he came home was to lie in his bed. Instead, however, he ended up sleeping sitting the last place he sat down, in the water closet with his ass firmly placed on the toilet seat and his head leaning towards the wall. Any musings he might have had about the evening would have to happen tomorrow. If he would be able to remember anything.


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Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Make a man, out of you (Shouhei) - Page 2 Empty Re: Make a man, out of you (Shouhei)

Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:20 am
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