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Satoru Nara
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Home Again Empty Home Again

Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:42 pm
The day has grown old and the sun begins to set upon the scene of open tall grass fields. In the far distance, the forest of trees which act to hide Tengakure can just barely be seen as they slowly fade with decreased light and visibility. From the sky, a pink-orange hue paints mountains that mark the natural border between Rock Country and Moon Country. These mountains are nearly one fourth of a mile ahead of Shiro as he walks on, carrying his duffel bag slung over his shoulder by its string. The grass has gradually begun to shrink in height as Shiro begins to leave the fields of Moon Country and the ground changes composition. Along with his earthen surroundings, the air has also morphed in quality and scent. Winds are nearly absent closer to the mountains which act as buffers to block gusts. Shiro’s steps are quick, evident with haste as he is in a hurry to return to his home village.

Shiro takes a deep breath inward. After a moment, he lets it out and repeats this process. In his mind, he is tired and exhausted, drained from his thoughts. “Not even a tombstone.” He whispers, realizing that these are the first words he has uttered since having left the ruins called Tengakure. “Undoubtedly, lives were lost... and the killer had no heart to provide them with dignity. No respect was shown. In all of that village, I saw no marker, no telling, no sign of tragedy besides dark ashes and an atmosphere palpable with long lost dread.”

For a time, Shiro is silent once again, brooding over his feelings for what he had witnessed hours prior. His disdain festers and boils with the heat that the sight of Tengakure has provided. The fuel for his flame is experience, first hand sights. To him, the ruins were heaps of coals, already hot to be burned by his enmity. Harboring these feelings gives Shiro an activity while in transit for the next two days. With something to occupy his mind, he can make the 24 hours seem shorter than they truly are.

In his heart, he longs for his home village and wants only to sleep in his own bed. Besides this, he imagines walking through the familiar streets and eating the familiar foods. There are neatly filled restaurants, occupying not too few so that one might feel alone but, at the same time, not so many that one might feel crowded. Above all, Shiro looks forward to meeting with the mysterious anthropomorphic companion he had encountered once before. He recalls having followed the tiger deep into forests, not truly knowing how far the creature was taking him away from the village’s center, and being introduced to the rest of the clan. The two had created an unconscious relationship, the chief had explained, a strong connection.

“When I return, the first task will be to return to the village of tigers and update Nakama on my progression. While I have yet to be able to summon as a partner, I hope to strengthen our bond to the point that such a feat is possible. In battle, the two of us will cover each other’s weaknesses and highlight each other’s strengths.” Shiro thinks, taking his mind away from his anger if only for a moment. He uses more energy in his walking as he moves uphill and through more uneven ground. Soon, the mountainous region will have been traversed and Rock Country will have been reached.

Shiro’s attempts to remedy his rage are successful for only a few moments. Thinking about Hoshigakure does not quench his fire. Thinking ahead to nurturing his relationship with Nakama does not put out his flames. At the time that his optimism ends, pessimism takes its place. In a short time, his emotions turn completely around.

“To be honest with myself,” Shiro begins to whisper, “I am troubled by my extreme changes in mood. While I know the reason, I also know that a ninja should not experience such distractions. I am not focused enough on my own goals. The mistake that I am making here is that I am attempting to run from my anger.” He sighs deeply, coming to yet another realization, one more clear of extreme emotion and less clouded by happiness or sadness or anger. “I am afraid of what this has caused me to become. My own fury causes me concern and I want to run from it. To be a stronger ninja mentally and emotionally, I shouldn’t be denying my own feelings as I have been until now. If I accept my opinions as my own, I will level this obstacle.”

Before him, Shiro looks upward at towering mountains. The night already begins to fall and Shiro will find a location where he will rest in time. At the moment though, sleep is in the back of his mind, reaching towards a conclusion for his thoughts, an objective to chase after mentally that accompanies his physical ones.

“To avoid fear of myself, I must know myself. To know myself, I must absorb my own feelings and understand them.” The sun has long lowered from view. “The flames will take me first.”

(873/6,381 towards mission completion)

[Exit to Haven Country Borders]

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Akihana Akari
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Home Again Empty Re: Home Again

Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:28 am

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