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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Kalix Learning the Transformation Technique (T) Empty Kalix Learning the Transformation Technique (T)

Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:15 am
Kalix was beginning the understand the importantce of training in this new era of ninja. After all the leaders of this village were not worried about Kalix or his looks but more of what he had to offer on the field. Those missions would require him to understand even the most basic of techniques, including the transformation jutsu.
The transformation jutsu would prove to be just as difficult to master as the clone jutsu. Both techniques were academy level jutsu, both techniques had limited uses, but both techniques were the foundation and the groundwork for many other techniques.
Kalix finally understood that in order for him to learn more powerful jutsu he needed to have a clear understanding of these fundamentals. Without them the rest would be sloppy and ill prepared, leading to a faulty jutsu that could cause more damage to Kalix and his allies than his opponent.
The transformation jutsu was more a test of chakra control throughout the body while the clone technique was just a thrust of chakra into another space. To change the shape of one’s own body to confuse the opponent would prove more difficult for kalix, as most of his techniques and what jutsu he appreciated was more outward. He valued being able to exert energy for his own eyes to see, and not just a spectacle for another looker. However, if he was going to pass the genin exam he was going to have to show mastery of the technique.
After a few days of rest and the cleanup of the party that Kalix threw he began early in the morning to train. The jutsu would be learned that day. It was not because he wanted it to be done, it was because it had to be done, and Kalix realized that. He knew that the next chance for him to get the genin rank was fast approaching and if his mastery of the jutsu was not complete by the time of the exam he would have to wait even longer to obtain his goals.
Kalix began to master the hand signs needed for the technique: Dog, then Boar, then Ram. The jutsu was meant to be done quickly and quietly. A difficult challenge as Kalix was far more gaudy than subtle.
He would enter the bathroom and look directly in the mirror, he would use the reflection to see his progress and track what he needed to focus on. Kalix would transform into a ninja he met a few days ago. HE was a bit taller and had different features on his face and his hair. As he began to practice he would start to notice small changes in his own appearance, but not a full transformation.
Kalix would spend a few hours more focusing on the small details until they became memory. Soon the full image of the ninja would be the reflection that the mirror showed, but not without a lot of work. Kalix was tired and the training was complete.

WC: 502, Requesting transformation technique to be learned and +2 stats for my work.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Kalix Learning the Transformation Technique (T) Empty Re: Kalix Learning the Transformation Technique (T)

Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:10 am

Approved <3
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