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Shou The Mighty[P] Empty Shou The Mighty[P]

Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:21 pm
Atem was very fascinated by the fact he was able to speak to a summon, the summon was extremely similar to him which made him like Kuka, but he also wanted someone that was more of a challenge. This was due to Atem liking a challenge in general, he was not to one to take the easy way out which is why he disliked the chunin exams he took place in, but he digressed. He figured he would summon the snake contractor in his house to see who was the strongest summon. Biting his thumb and slamming his hand on the floor Atem saw the puff of smoke appear out of thin air which signified that the snake contractor was here. “Why hello there.” The contractor would say. “Hey, can i see that list one more time, I want to know who the strongest summon is.” Atem said in a confident voice. “N-no can do, they are two scary, there isn’t one, but two strong summons. They fight all of the time back in the snake realm. I suggest you don’t mess with them.” The contractor said with a terrified face. “Oh really, how large are they?” Atem asked the contractor. “Well, Getsu is only 1.5 meters long and two inches thick. He is a terrifying guy i tell you.” He said cowering in fear of the thought of the snake. “And the other one?” Atem would question. “Oh, right, the other one is around 75 meters or so, he is basically an ascended dragon.” Atem was surprised that such a small snake could sight something 75 times it’s size, but he decided he would have to go with the bigger ascended dragon in order to hear the story of his rival from him. “Okay, what is the name of this summon so I can prepare to summon him, of course I will head out to the forest again.” Atem said with a slight grin. “Are you sure about this, I think you should wait till you get a bit stronger because he is sort of a narcissistic, power whoring, mongrel. He is the best in combat losing to none other than Getsu.” Atem was fairly intrigued and could not wait to hear the story of how the two would fight.

With this in his mind he and the summoner would head to the forest, “H-his name is Shou, he is a fearsome dragon or snake, whatever you want to call him. I just know that their battles in the Ryuchi Caves always causes trouble that me and the other snakes have to clean up. I swear sometimes they only think about themselves. I don’t even know how the fights began, they just started one day.” The contractor said. “I see, well, we will ask him once he gets here.”  Atem said picking up his pace a bit a little too excited about meeting this all powerful ascended dragon. Once he and the contractor had finally made it to the forest he chose a relatively quiet spot for him and the dragon to fight at, he knew the summon wouldn’t come in and just pledge his allegiance, no, he was going to have to fight him full on. “Okay, let’s begin.” Atem said. Due to his massive chakra reserve Atem only had to bite his thumb and slam his hand down while imagining this summon. Although the summon was big Atem was able to summon him with relative ease. After doing the initiation for the summoning jutsu Atem would see a long line of smoke in the sky as if it were some sort of cloud, it covered the sun as if it were an eclipse. “Who dare to summon me in the middle of a fight, i will kill you here and now De!” The dragon roared floating in the sky as if it were defying physics. “Ah, I’m not Den, I’m Atem. And I am the one who summoned you!” Atem shouted as he wanted himself to be known. “Oh no, I’ll be over there.” The contractor said as he ran away. “Well then, someone other than Den has summoned me, you know I killed my last summoner. What makes you think i can’t do the same to you.” Shou said. “Well, you can’t I would like for you to try though.” Atem said in a confident manner. The snake laughed  “HA, it’s good to be young, but naive is also counted as insolence in my book. I will try you out, but don’t be mad if you die.” The snake said lunging at Atem at the speed of 100. “You can’t be mad if you die.” Atem says while grinning. Seeing as though the snake was around 30 meters in the air it would take some time to get to Atem, and Atem having a high reaction time makes it so the creature is moving relatively slow. With this being said Atem would then hold the seal of confrontation and awaited Shou to reign down upon him. Right before Shou was about to his Atem with his snout Atem would back away at the speed of 95 making it so that Shou was touching the ground and within 2 meters of Atem.

Having done this Atem would activate his barrier confining seal which would stop the dragon in place, “It seems I have gotten you.” Atem would say confidently. “Ha, you think you really have me you idiot.” Shou would laugh at Atem and him being so naive. After saying this Shou would open his mouth at the speed of 50 to roar a strong wind knocking Atem and some of the trees back, Atem being quick on his feet would be be able to regain his composure by grappling onto a tree that was flying by and then using the surface climbing technique to stick to it. While he was on the tree he would use it as cover while inside of the forest to conceal himself from Shou. “Whew, I almost died right there.” Atem said rubbing his forehead. “He is a snake so concealing myself really isn’t doing much, I know he can smell me through his tongue so I need to come up with a plan while he thinks I’m dead.” Atem did just that, he sat down and began to think. “I told him he would die, i wonder what his body looks like.” Shou would say as he floated back up and began to head towards the scent of Atem. Atem thinking of a way would decide to use doton, but he had no clue on how to use it. He knew he had plenty of earth to use, but how would he make use of it. The reason for him wanting to use earth was simply for the fact of trying to use hide like a mole technique but he knew that wasn’t possible so he went on to another plan. “I guess I will have to use it, i will take a lot of damage from this but it must be done. I can’t die yet after all.” Atem said to himself as he stood up and brushed himself off. “Come on out Shou.” Atem yelled. “Ha, you are still alive I see, well here I come.” Shou would say as he began to pillage the trees in front of him heading right towards Atem at the speed of 100. Atem had a lot of time to react since Shou was so far away so with this in mind he would begin to form his chakra into his hand creating a pinkish purple flame glow from his fingers. “Here is where the fight ends.” Atem says as he reaches out to the Shou's snout at the speed of 95. Atem would be hit by the dragon at full force causing a few fractures in his bones and Shou would not be able to resist the five element seal causing him to pass out and desummon bringing the cloud of smoke to arrive only the sky once more.

After the dust settled the contractor snake would be so surprised about the outcome of the fight, “You, defeated Shou, one of the strongest summons, how did you even begin to do something like that. I was sure you was going to die since you had  hard time against Kuka, but you actually did it. You have been proven to be a worthy summoner.” The contract snake would say as Atem was lying there unconscious. A few minutes later Atem would finally awake from his unconscious state and as he looked around he could see that the big snake otherwise know as the ascended dragon had disappeared, he forgot that when his summons become incapacitated they automatically desummoned themselves to safety. “So, it was a draw aye?” Atem said to himself. “It sure was! An exciting one to be exact, it seems you were holding back against that B rank summon Kuka huh?” The snake contract summoner would say. “Well, it is all for the sake of their pride, I don’t want any of my snakes feeling bad about themselves regardless of whether they are my summons or not so I appease each one of their desires to make sure they stay on top. No matter how arrogant they may be.” Atem says looking into the sky to see the white puffy clouds had turned to dark grey clouds roaming the sky. “I will summon him back here, i need to see what he says about the match we had.” Atem says as he stood up using his knees as support to get up. “Alright here we go, i think i have enough chakra for this.” Atem bit his thumb once more and then placed his chakra in his hand which he slapped on the ground to release the symbol for summoning, once he did this he imagined Shou which was followed by a large puff of smoke that would traverse the sky covering the body of the giant snake that was to come out. “Welcome back.” Atem would say with a smug grin. “Hm, I have never lost to anyone other than the white snake sage and Getsu, how could you be so strong human.” Shou said. “I’m not that strong at all, it was just the jutsu that I had worked at the time, I don’t know if you know it but it allows me to seal anyone's chakra or incapacitate them if they are weaker than it. It is called the Five Element Seal.” Atem said teaching the summon. “Ah, I have heard of such a just when I was fighting the nine tails once.” Shou said with a painful reminder being etched from deep within the past. “Nine Tails? What is that exactly? I think I may have heard of some variations from our Kage, but I am not too sure on the subject. Would you care to enlighten me?” Atem asked a series of questions that Shou would quickly answer. “Yes, The Nine Tails is a bijuu, a fox to be exact, one of the strongest summons to grace this earth or whatever realm it comes from. Right now I think he might be sealed in someone as he was before, but whatever it is he has been quite dormant for some time.” Shou said revealing how deep his past was. “Now that I have you on the subject of your past, go ahead and tell me the rest of it, i want to get to know you as my summon meaning you should tell me your past and of course I will do the same. “Ahh, okay. It began when I was conceived, I don’t know by what means I was created but I know I entered the Ryuchi Caves as an infant. After that I grew and was taught by the white snake sage, when I got stronger I was summoned by many ninja and shinobi who wanted to use me as a pawn for battle which is what gave me the personality I have now. They were all weak and died in battle while using me as means to escape, they are far different from you which is good. Anyhow, in a my first life or death fight with the Nine Tails I had ascended into a dragon where I gained this form and I was able to push him back in which my summoner finished him off. Then a while pasted until I met Denkiteki, your Hoshikage. He has possibly been the best summoner I have met to date. He doesn’t use me that much, but I know when he does it is serious and I should get it into high gear. As for my fights with Getsu, it all started when we sparred with each other and when I ascended he grew enraged and tried to kill me inside of the spar. He is a very vindictive snake so when you summon him be careful. We fought many times, but when I lost for the first and only time against him he didn’t kill me, he just stared at me and then he slithered away as if he had found some resolve. Ever since then we have been fighting and it has been a tie.” Shou said concluding his past.

“Ah, I see. That is a very interesting past you have there, my past isn’t really nothing to gloat about or be dramatic over, but I will tell you nonetheless. I was conceived, but it was from my mother who died shortly after. My father then took me under his wing in which he would teach me the ways of our distant clan making me be silent as if it were something that would get me killed. I was forced to hunt animals for food, we never lived in a house at all either. At the age of 13 I was sent off for two years to journey by myself along the borders of each country, i fought missing ninja and things of that nature to gain some sort of physical strength. After that I came back to the designated spot my father told me to, but he wasn’t there. I can’t really say I’m looking for him, but I do wonder where he is at times. Anyhow, I am trying to become the strongest rank in Hoshi. I’m not quite sure what that is just yet, but I will find out when I become a Jounin.” Atem looking into Shou’s eyes. “Queensgaurd is what you mean, that is like the ANBU of Hoshi and they are very secretive, the only reason I know is because Den is one of my summoners.” Shou chuckled as his body wiggles through the sky. “Ah, I see. Well I wonder why you told me.” Atem would laugh. “Well, you are my summoner of course, I have taken a liking to you. Also, I would like to fight in combat with you because you seem to be strong and I won’t have to be doing a lot of the heavy pulling as I did in the past. That is what i long for the most.” Shou said. “I will be sure to become as strong as possible, i don’t want to put you in any danger, and if you feel as though you are about to die then feel free to leave me. No matter whether I am dying or about to die. I’m just a ninja that can be replaced, but you a majestic ascended dragon. That takes awhile to come you know.” Atem said to Shou looking as serious as possible. “I don’t know if I can follow those order, Atem, but I will be sure to give it my all in battle no matter what. I’m quite sure I will become stronger as well as long as I continue to fight Getsu, that bastard.” Shou said seeming as though he had a painful reminder of him.

Soon, two strong looking ninja appear out of the woods, “You think you can just summon this giant reptile without any repercussions. We want him and your head now.” The two of them would say with weird looking masks over their faces. “Hm, I won’t give you my head as I promised my friend up there that I would not die anytime soon.” Atem said as he looked up at Shou. “Shou do that thing you did to me.” Atem would laugh. “Got it.” Shou would say as he opened his mouth wide at the speed of 50 and the blowing at strong gust of wind that would knock the two shinobi back, one of them would erect a barrier which Shou would see them making three large tornadoes from the wind and heading for their direction. “You think this is enough to DEFEAT.” One of the masked men said as they continued to hold on through the barrier that seemed to be breaking. Atem would then follow up by running in front of both of the masked men en meters from the barrier, they would look at him as he raised his palm in order to see what type of attack he would do and that is when he noticed that he had one. They stood their with the barrier disappearing, “Shou, release the tornadoes because I want you to see this.” Atem said as the tornadoes stopped at once. “What do you want to show me? Don’t tell me you are scared to kill these fodder ninja, they weren’t afraid to kill you.” Shou said a little annoyed. “No , they will still die for trying the both of us, but I want you to look ino their eyes, what do you see. “ Atem said pointing at them. “Ah, genjutsu eh? Well then I didn’t even see you employ the genjutsu at all. So how’d you do it. Well, I waved my palm which is the trigger for my genjutsu. Once they looked at it it was all over for them. Well, you can go ahead and kill them now because there is no need for them to be alive anymore. Trying to kill people for such stupid reasons,our fight didn’t even cause any casualties because I could sense no chakra signatures from 100 meter radius.” Atem said as he looked at Shou in the sky. “Okay, I’ll eat them.” Shou said as he used his 35 meter arm to pick them up and as he did so he ushered them into his mouth. Without even a single clash of the teeth they were down his throat being digested. “Some people should know that it is best to mind your business unless you can actually back yourself up.” Atem said a bit annoyed that those two shinobi were as weak as they were. “You are correct.” Shou said. All of the sudden the snake contractor appeared out of nowhere, “So you guys are buddy buddy now. Oh and one thing I realised is that I never told you my name. It is Kanto, I know it has been quite some time between us too but I have a bad habit of not revealing my name for some odd reason.” Kanto would chuckle. “Finally, I got tired of calling you snake contractor.” Atem said. “Well Kanto, it seems that me and Shou are buddies now, and we will only grow tighter as we battle with each other. The first one we just ha didn’t count because they were not worthy of being in our presence.” Atem said with a smile as he looked up at Shou.

“He is correct, they were measly and shouldn’t have shown their faces or they wouldn’t be dead and in my stomach right about now. But it has been quite some time since I last ate a human.” Shou said rubbing his stomach as he was etching for more. “Ha, I bet. Anyhow, what will you be doing now Shou.” Atem asked Shou. “Nothing really, I usually meditate and things of that nature if I’m not fighting Getsu but I guess I will just go back to Ryuchi Cave to sleep as I am tired.” Shou said looking weary in the eyes. “Same here, I have used too much chakra for today and I don’t even think I can make it home.” Atem said as he looked for a tee to go to sleep in. “Ah, it is okay, it’s fairly dark and no one from Hoshigakure will see you.” Shou said as he offered Atem a ride. “Cool, I’ll hop on.” Atem said climbing the arm of Shou and hopping on his back. Moving at the speed of 10 through the air causing a shockwave to ring throughout the village Atem would finally be home. “Well, I’ll see you again some time.” Atem told Shou. “Same here.” Shou said as he desummoned himself. “Ah, today was fairly scary. I could have died against Shou, but it all worked out so i’m not really worried about it. I need to rest though, but first I need to choose my next summon which might be a C rank or an A rank.” Atem said as he realised that he had already skipped so many ranks of summons. “I might just get an E rank for the hell of it.” He said to himself as he entered his house and went into his room that was pitch black. Finally inside he would lay down and summon Kanto. “Hey can i see a list of your snakes again. I need to see what E rankI ant to summon tomorrow.” Atem said to Kanto. “Ah, we have Esui, Ichimura, Synapsus, and Hiroko.” Kanto said. “I’ll summon them all tomorrow. Atem said laughing as he drifted away. “Well, I'll see ya tomorrow amazing ninja.” Kanto said to Atem as he puffed away into smoke. Atem then woke back up being too excited hta he had made friends with his S rank summon he had elevated his ninja cam in such a way that would shock most. “Ah, it feels good to be getting stronger, but I wonder what else should be on my list.” Atem said as he looked at his pale white ceiling that had ridges in it. At this time it was hard for him to go to sleep so he figured he would just meditate like Shou until he was able to do so.
[WC 3752]

[Exit, claiming S-Rank Summon Shou, 36 AP gained]

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Shou The Mighty[P] Empty Re: Shou The Mighty[P]

Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:41 pm
Approved of everything except that last AP, you only get 36 because it's 2 AP for every 200 words

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