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Atem <3
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Seal of Blood Empty Seal of Blood

Sun May 29, 2016 1:16 pm
Atem decided to create a seal of his own or at least improve a seal that he had heard of from Chronos, he was tired of having seals that were relatively weak when it came to the stronger people and wanted even them to be apprehended by the power of his seals. “You can’t have it your way all of the time but in this case I will make something that allows me to do such a thing, I will have it so it is extremely difficult to break my seal and if you do then you will be worthy of my time.” Atem chuckled nefariously as if he were some sort of evil villain. Sitting in his room that was locked and a whole bunch of paper and pens that he had taken from Chronos’ cave he began to get to work. The first thing he wanted to do was come up with the symbol that would represent the jutsu, this is what the person would see when it is placed on a seal and how Atem would be able to distinguish from other fuuinjutsu he had already used the seal on. It was always a weird thought when it popped into Atem’s mind, ‘A seal on a seal, who would of thought.’ The phrase that would pop up every once in awhile making Atem laugh a bit, something he was doing quite often. Then he remembered that a blood tribute is always stronger than any other type of fuuinjutsu so he thought that making the jutsu revolve around blood itself and causing the seals to glow red instead of the color they were before hand. This would be the indicator and how he would tell them apart. Anyhow, now that he had found the basis for the jutsu he figured that he should be able to take blood from anyone causing them to be bound to the seal. “No, that’s too risky, I need to wait for my skills to increase in this fuuinjutsu business before I could even think of doing something such as that.” Atem said making a rational decision of whether or not he would use the jutsu in that manner.

Atem then grabbed one of the manilla papers off the floor that when rolled up would form a scroll of sorts and once he did this he would grab a pen as well that he could infuse his chakra with. Now that he was squared away he would begin to write formations in different ways to see what he could come up with, he remembered seeing specific signs meaning specific things so he wrote them in such a way as if he were coding something. “This means that and that means this, I’ll put this here and put that over there and it should mean that.” Is what Atem sounded like as he did this. Anyone who was standing on the other side of the door would be fairly confused about what Atem would be talking about, but that was no matter to him. He then got the idea of making the blood tribute the same as doing the summoning jutsu where you just bite your thumb to strike blood and then wipe it on the seal in order to power it up after the other seal has been laid on it. It was clear to see that that would shave a lot of time off of the maneuvers that he would have to do so that was a great idea in his opinion. Back to the writing and formula making Atem would continue to put down the calligraphy-type text on the paper going from right to left. He had used all of the paper front and back with diagrams of how he would bite his thumb and place the seal down so that he would not make any unnecessary movements. One thing he loved about fuuinjutsu was the fact that you could train it anywhere, there was no specific place that you had to be in order to train it in fear of breaking things just to see how strong the jutsu is. At that moment a bird would appear at the window sill, it was a pure white dove that looked as though it symbolized everything angelic pushing away evil just from its appearance. “Ah, I need you to come here for a bit, I need to test something.” Atem said getting up from his position and then opening up the window. It seemed the bird was not scared of Atem as it did not fly away from the window as Atem got closer and opened it. It just stood there as if it were waiting to be taken by Atem, maybe Atem had a good reason to be making this jutsu or maybe he was just over thinking the situation and the bird was just tired.

With the bird finally in his hands he would mark the bird with the seal and then bite his thumb placing the seal on the bird with the hand that has been bitten. Then he would wipe blood on the bird, at this point he thought the bird would freak out and try to fly away, but it stayed in place not moving anything, but it’s neck in it’s sharp jerky motions. “There we go, let’s see if we can get this off.” Atem began to use his chakra to try to break the seal, but it was fairly hard. The black dot on the top of the bird’s head was still there which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it showed he wasn’t strong enough or he wasn’t using all of his chakra. Atem then began to pour out all of his chakra into his hand where he would then place it over the head of the dove until he seen the mark seal fade away as if it had never been there or it was a smudge of dirt. “Ah, that was harder than I thought, I boosted that seal a lot more than I had expected and it actually made me break a sweat.” Atem said as he wiped some sweat from his head with the dove still in his hand. He would then walk to the window and begin to throw the bird up in which he would begin to instinctively flap its wings taking it’s body into flight. “Hm, I feel as though there should be something else I need to rework.” Atem said as he went back to the paper and pens lying on the floor, he sat back in the position he was in before and began to write again taking out unnecessary  things that were not needed in the formula, it was a training of trial and error. He would take somethings out that he thought wasn’t needed, but really was and would place it back in while taking other things out. He was beginning to feel as though the jutsu was really coming along and wondered if there was anything else he could do to the jutsu in order to make it better than it already was, but he was stumped. He really didn’t feel like there was much to do so he just went with it and began to internalize the information. Sitting in his room for hours on end he would read the formula over and over again realizing the symbols and patterns that they came in and they had certain effects with each pattern. He discovered a lot of things about fuinjutsu so he began read deeper into the formula that was like a script to a movie.

Atem then stood up and realized that he hand seals to go with this jutsu in order to perform it, he figure d that the best seals of action would be ram, horse, and then a clap which would be inspired from the summoning jutsu that he thought of earlier. “Ah, this is really coming along, now I don’t have to use that paper as I already have the jutsu formed in my mind and visualized.” He said as he opened his room door and wanted to test his ability. Atem went to the ninja academy to see if he could find a willing training partner and that he did, it was a jounin, the one that spoke of his genjutsu. Walking up to him he would say, “Hello, would you like to spar with me really quickly, I just formulated something and I wanted to battle test it.” Atem said with a polite smile not trying to run off the man. “Sure thing kid, I guess I could also show you a thing or two.” Atem could obviously see that the man was full of hubris and underestimated Atem which didn’t put him in a bad position. They went inside the academy’s many training rooms and stood ten meters from each other, the jounin feeling confident in his ability rushed him which is what a lot of people seemed to do for some reason, it was probably because Atem didn’t see that strong, but he digressed. Atem decided to rush things along and rush the man as well, as they ran at each other Atem would then hold up the seal of confrontation erecting the barrier once the jounin got into two meters of Atem. “Gotcha.” Atem would say completely stopping the man’s movements. “Is this what you wanted to show me?” The man smiled. The jounin began to move a little bit from the seal seemingly breaking it a little. This is when Atem would place another seal on the barrier confining technique and then bit his thumb so it would activate the effect of powering up the jutsu, the man then went back to being stuck and couldn’t move. “What was that?” The man asked, “It’s just something I created.” Atem said as he chuckled a bit. “Do you look down on me?” The man asked as veins began to pop from underneath his skin as he struggle to try to get out. “Try using your chakra, pure strength won’t do a thing.” Atem said giving the jounin some advice.

The man then exerted his chakra at maximum potential just barely getting out of the seal, “Whew, how could I forget about fuinjutsu, I should be ashamed.” The junin said not living up to his rank. “You should Atem said. “I wasn’t even using all of the power of the jutsu, would you like to try it again, this time you must willingly be put in the jutsu so I can do it. Atem said looking into the man’s eyes. “Sure thing, I will show you what a jounin is really about.” He said with a snicker finally realizing that his chakra was what needed to be used against this jutsu. “Okay.” Atem said as he began to prepare the barrier confining technique and then constricting the jounin’s movements. With this being done he then set the blood seal down and then placed his blood from the thumb that was still bleeding down on the seal giving the seal a faint red glow. “Here you go. Try to break through this.” Atem said looking at the man. He could even move an inch, let alone speak. Atem let him out after a couple of more seconds of struggling and then waited for his reply. “What rank are you?” The man asked. “I am again, but I’ll be a chuunin soon enough.” Atem said honestly. “A genin? That’s it?” He asked again. “Yes, but you might as well call me a chuunin because I am being shipped off to Iwagakure soon and when i return I will become a chuunin.” Atem told the man boastfully. “Now that you have been defeated by my jutsu I will return back to my house, I am quite tired from using that jutsu in rapid succession. Atem then headed back to his house where he could just lay down and recover his chakra which was something he seriously needed. “Self Releasing Blood Seal” Atem said to himself dubbing the jutsu.
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Seal of Blood Empty Re: Seal of Blood

Sun May 29, 2016 1:25 pm

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