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Kaze Uchiha
Kaze Uchiha
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Just a Little Learning - Page 2 Empty Re: Just a Little Learning

Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:10 am
Based on a singular experience from the past Kaze had a general idea of what would follow now that Kouse had agreed to teach him. Upon seeing the small pieces of paper in the other Uchiha's hand a small smirk appeared on his face. "Yeah, I'm familiar with those. The last time I used them I got lucky on my first try." Taking the paper from Kouse's extended hand the boy slowly focused his chakra into it trying to keep it from burning up. As expected the paper burned up, but instead of being engulfed in fire the paper slowly burned. Kaze could only hope he got lucky again as he reached for the second piece of paper. Taking a deep breath the Uchiha focused on a calm stream of water, maybe if he pictured it in his head he could translate that to reality. 'Water, water, water.' It was the only thing on his mind.

He held a stoic expression as he felt the paper become wet, bending from the weight it now held. He had lucked out on his second try. Honestly he was relieved, Kaze would rather be lucky than have to sit here trying over and over until he was finally able to infuse the paper with water chakra. While the boy was happy he had completed the simple task he knew better than to get too excited. Being able to wet paper with chakra and actually performing a jutsu were two different things, and one was much harder than the other. "That didn't take as long as I thought it would." 

Figuring the two of them would probably be here for a while Kaze figured he might as well get comfortable. Reaching behind him the boy removed the weapon pouch hanging from the back of his hip, before taking his jacket off as well. He tossed both of them on the bench next to him before turning back to the man across from him. "So what do we do next?" While genuinely curious, the Uchiha was also slightly skeptical. He believed fully that his request would be fulfilled, the only thing that he was worried about was the manner in which he would have to achieve it. The training could be normal or completely unorthodox, Kaze would not complain regardless but he did hope for something simple and sensible.

(My apologies as well some things came up)
Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Just a Little Learning - Page 2 Empty Re: Just a Little Learning

Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:11 am
As he expected, this wasn't the first time Kaze would use these papers. This was arguably the easiest way to learn a new element after all.
Kouse handed him the first paper and stepped back, watching what would happen next. He watched as Kaze got the peaper wet in just a few tries and he nodded at Kaze.
"Nice, nice" he would turn to drop the remaining pieces of paper back into his weapons pouch.
He would then motion for Kaze to follow him as he walked towards a nearby pond.
"Now you'll try to moving the water. Just concentrate,channel your chakra and visualise it. Since you got the paper wet. You should be able to this in a couple of tries".
With his hands folded kouse would watch as Kaze would try several times to make the water on the pond move.

As soon as he was successful, kouse would speak up. "good job...Alright, for the next step you'll have to try to use some jutsus with the water element".

He would take a step back and begin performing some hand seals whilst still talking.
"Now watch closely at my hand seals with your sharingan". He would then slowly perform the two needed hand seals for the water needles jutsu. Rat and bird.
He would then point towards a tree 15 meters away, hitting it with 10 needles.
"Now the amount of needles one can create at a time depends on your chakra and also since this is going to be your first water technique. Don't be disappointed by the results but keep trying until you get it".
He would watch closely as Kaze tried performing the jutsu and once he successfully performed the jutsu he would smile.

"Now we'll move on to the next jutsu. It's called the hidden mist technique. Although it's a rank d technique it would require you to be able to use the water element pretty well cause to perform this jutsu you'll need to either turn the water around you into mist or expelling it from your mouth".
Kouse would quickly perform the necessary hand seal, then transform the water in the air and nearby into mist, making it thicker until he couldn't see a thing.
"Since your still learning to properly use the water element it will be better to use the water around you to create the mist before trying to create it from your mouth".
Suddenly remembering he had meeting with a friend he would nod at Kaze. "That's it, once your comfortable using those two techniques, using the water element would be almost as Easy for you as using the fire element".

He would turn to leave after picking up his weapon pouch. "It's been nice meeting you Kaze, hope we meet again".
With that and without looking back once. Kouse would leave the training grounds. 

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