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like learning how to walk again Empty like learning how to walk again

Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:35 am
Kira walked slowly into the training grounds, and as she gazed upon the large open space the hair rose on the back of her head and a shiver ran down her spine. " Still....A little on edge I suppose. " She knew it would take time to heal the wounds of her past, and longer still with them freshly opened. her hands slid into the bag at her side to grasp one of the bottles of cold water from her bag and opened the lid with a slight twist before bringing it to her lips. It tasted fresh and calmed her nerves slightly. Closing her eyes she turned the bottle in a slow circle in her hand. She knew her past experiences with the water jutsu were limited, having learned only a handful but the more she thought about it the more she felt the draw of her element. Her chakra flowed into the bottle as she sought to manipulate it with her chakra. In her mind she imagined the flow of water twisting and turning into a wave that would crash against this land. She could use it to cleanse the pain of her past, she thought to herself, and wash away the blood of hatred spilled in this place. Her eyes closed and as she concentrated on the memories of her pain, on the glowing red eyes. She could see them within the darkness and as she did she dropped the bottle, allowing it to crash against the ground. her mind was overtaken with the memories of her stormy blockade jutsu. The raw power of surging water over took her and as the water spilled out she could almost hear the surging wave crashing out around her. She allowed chakra to flow through her body quickly, churning  it in a circle formation within her chest. As it began to move faster she formed the ram hand sign out of instinct. her eyes slowly formed beads of liquid in the corner as the tears of her pain flowed like water from her body, cleansing her momentarily of the hatred and fear. It was always here that she felt safe. It was always here that she felt stronger then anything. 

      Her hands clenched tightly around each other, sure that if the seal broke it would allow the emotion flowing out of her like a storm to come crashing back. The chakra curned and spun quicker and quicker in her stomach, and she could feel the pressure of her power flowing with every moment she concentrated. She allowed the power of her element suiton to flow into the chakra, penetrating and merging with the pure power of her yin and yang chakra, the same used in her shadow jutsu. The feeling was sublime. It was like to the powerful calm of rain dancing softly off her face during a summer rain. The cool calming sensation flowed through her body as the chakra was fully fused and as it was she felt a strange sensation in her throat. Her stomach suddenly hurt, or she was certain the sensation should cause pain, though she couldn't put a descriptor on the strange pressure building up. All at once she felt sick and parted her lips to lean forward, fully prepared to expell her lunch of Ichiraku pork Miso soup. As the liquid flowed through her esophogas and past her lips the taste was not of bile and beef broth but more in kin to the water she had consumed only moments before. From her mouth flowed a small stream of water which arced only two feet to saturate the light brown dirt in front of her. 

    "What....What the....." She formed the chakra once more, molding it quickly before allowing Yin and yang to mix with her water element. once more the cold calm feeling flowed through her body, but different from the last, this time the flow from her lips was much more powerful. The blast that poured from her mouth was at least a foot thick in a perfect cylander that flew outward two feet to dig into the ground. The soft dirt of the training ground saturated for only a moment before the pressure began to push the dirt up, only a few grains at first, but quickly excalating until chunks of dark brown soil were pushed by the jutsu. After around a minute the flow of water began to slow, finally trickling to a stop. "Wow...That was........Really cool. " 

    "Kira....THis is the power of the element Suiton. There are a great many things you can do between the power of your water chakra and our Yin and yang. Try it again. See just how powerful you can make the technique. Her body moved with more purpose this time. WIth a loud clap her hands combined once more into the ram symbol. She drew a mighty pull of her chakra, flowing it into her stomach to pool in her body. As it began to swirl about the look in her eyes changed from intrigue to intense concentration. Faster and faster it swirled about, but still she waited. She was determined to see today the true power of her Suiton. Finally as the chakra spun and contorted about at what she assumed to be it's max speed and potency for non elemenetal yin and yang chakra she allowed the power of suiton to flow into the mass of chakra. She could feel the unnatured chakra change at her command and thanks to the power of her water. It was moulded further, and as the combination began to take she slowed the swirling down. She wanted to make sure that the energies of yin and yang and the power of her water element chakra mixed fully. It would only be when it was a perfect combination that she would allow the technique to flow again. It felt like hours passed twisting and turning the energies inside of herself to ensure the perfect mixture to allow for a platform for her jutsu. She wondered what the true power of her new technique could be. In her mind she imagined the power of the stormy blockade. She imagined the chakra being formed into a great flowing rain that fell from the sky. She thought of the feeling of the cold water hitting her face rapidly as the battle field was flooded. It excited her. To be honest it thrilled her more then any thing else in this world. She could see in her mind the water flowing past her ankle to make its way up her calf. The torrential rain would be cooling on her face, even as it pounded down upon her opponents with an almost painful pressure and repetition.She imagines the flow of he waves from around her as her hands touched the ground, an enormous flow of chakra pushing outward to wash away her enemy or drown them. 

     She finally felt ready. She could hear the spirit of her scythe whispering encouragement into her ear in a soft comforting tone. The chakra began to flow quickly once more. It came back up to speed incredibly quickly and in a matter of moments she was prepared. The chakra flowed from her belly up her chest. It slid into her esophagus and past to hit against the soft palet before finally forming completely into her jutsu. The result was both remarkable and slightly terrifying. It felt almost like the corners of her mouth would rip open or burst form the high pressured liquid that began to flow. She was unsure how, but the volume was indefinitely much more then she thought could actually be expelled from her tiny lips. The liquid expanded as it left her body to easily become much larger then her small form, pushing great chunks of dirt from in front of her to create enormous divots, and as the ground was saturated the flow seemed to increase further. The liquid came out in great waves that flowed across the battle field at around three foot in height, but even with this step the chakra was not expended.  wave after wave rose up in front of her to coat the plane with a remarkable force. As she moulded her chakra the pressure continued to grow. Inch after inch the waves seemed to grow taller until the force of water hitting the earth in front of her caused streams of water to rise up to the edge of her shoulder and flow foward in giant waves that went well past the edge of the dirt ring in the center of the training area to crash against trees and target dummies, knocking the smaller things over and washing them away in an instant. Cold liquid poured down her forehead, which at first she assumed to be just back lash from the water cascading upon her face but as she snapped out of her trance she realized it was sweat pouring down her face. the light salinity slid past her lips to meet her tongue, barely noticable due to the flowing water but just enough that it caused her eyebrows to raise in surprise. it had been a while, she thought to herself, since she had really broken a sweat in a spar especially by herself, and the feeling only drove her to continue. 

      WIth renewed vigor she poured more chakra into the technique which flowed as a heavier stream of water from her mouth. The waves that flowed before her now easily dwarfed her form, rising more then seven feet in height and flowing well past the tree line, kicking up mud and threes in their path. Water pooled about her as it dispersed in all directions, the flow around her quickly reaching up to her knee as it splashed backwards around fifteen meters at a heavy slant that slowed its incredibly rapid momentum. The water tore through the training area at a stifling speed of eighty five and power of seventy five with the waves growing higher still until the flow of water pushed the pooled water around her to raise up to ten feet in height and travel up to fifty meters before finally evening out to coat the ground about a foot high.  Finally the water stopped pouring from her body and her molded chakra was depleted, which she assumed ended the technique. SHe was wrong. She watched as the mass of water seemed to curl in upon itself. Slowly it rose upward to form a large wave of water which immediately floated downard towards her. SHe turned to run but was unable to get out in time, and as it cascaded upon her instead of being swept until the mass of water she was lifted up to ride on it, raising up twenty feet from the ground. 

    "" She realized quickly that the wave reacted to her chakra, most likely because it was in fact fully infused within the water, and at her call the wave whisked her off to circle around the training area. From her height she could see clearly the entire arena like dirt area and even further past to where the trees had been knocked down and washed away. It was exhilerating but also slightly scary so she used her manipulation of the water to have it slowly drop her height. She moved foward still fairly quickly riding atop the enormous mass of suiton and with each foot she got closer and closer to the ground until it dropped her off, or more so kind of spilled her out unprejudicedly at the entrance to the large training ground where she hit the ground, rolled twice, and then collided with a large kunai training dummy before coming to rest dizzy but safe. 

    "I.....WOW. That was incredible. I must work with this jutsu some more. " The water stayed even after she had released her control over the one large wave. She had little use for the technique right now but naturally she couldn't make the water magically disappear, even if it's appearance wasn't terribly dificult.  

(TWC 2022, requesting final training for great exploding colliding wave +1k ryo exit)

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Demetri Kaguya <3
Demetri Kaguya <3
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like learning how to walk again Empty Re: like learning how to walk again

Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:43 am
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like learning how to walk again Empty Re: like learning how to walk again

Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:43 am
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