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Chakra Barrier Armor? Empty Chakra Barrier Armor?

Fri May 13, 2016 8:58 pm
Atem was confused with how the days were passing him, it was as if night and day blended into one final being that would be called Nay or Dight, it was always silly thoughts like this that would come into his mind when he was bored. Wanting to learn another fuuinjutsu from Chronos he would head into the forest where he began to traverse the beautiful trees that stood tall as it’s life was being sucked away by the desertification of the area. “Ah, how saddening something so beautiful is leaving the earth as a natural selection of natural occurrences. How the world is a hypocrite.” Atem said to himself as he began to take step by step getting closer to the cave of question, well, it wasn’t really in question, but it was his destination. Anyhow, he had finally arrived and did a weird knock that consisted of 5 regular knocks 2 loud knocks and then a pause ending it with one more knock. Soon the rugged cave entrance would open up as if Chronos had some sort of remote which technically he did which was his chakra. Atem would walk in as if this was his second home and look for Chronos who was nowhere to be found, “Where are you Chronos, i need to learn a jutsu that even you can’t learn.” Atem said trying to taunt Chronos. It worked. Chronos would appear out of the shadows and run up to him shaking him, “What jutsu is this?’” He asked in a hurry.

“I’m just playing, but I want to learn a jutsu that serves as a defensive measure and I can still move freely.” Atem said acting out as he was saying it. “Well then, that means you want something such as the Chakra Barrier Seal. It Adds an extra layer of protection upon the user's skin, this barrier can absorb all damage up to the strength of the seal before it breaks.  If an attack bypasses the power of the seal, the seal will "tank" all damage up to the point of the seal, subtracting it from the remaining damage.” Chronos said easily and without stuttering showing that he knew the jutsu like the back of his hand. Atem was always amazed with the man and had to hide his bloodlust he had for him, one day he would end up fighting Chronos, but when that was he did not know. Anyhow, it was time to get cracking on the jutsu. “Okay, let’s get on it with the seal.” Atem said to Chronos. “Hold your horses, you need to get better at chakra control before you can even dream of trying to do this, it requires excellent control and high focus, you lack those although they aren’t too shabby.” Chronos said grabbing Atem by the collar stopping him from walking to the bookshelves. He then pulled him down to make him sit down in a meditative manner.

“Here, i will put a seal on you which will cause you to devote extra concentration upon it only, I want you to go against the will of the seal, it requires no amount of chakra or strength. Just pure will power that comes from within.” Chronos said slapping Atem in the chest. Atem then felt a surge of some unknown energy that wasn’t there to help him, it was as if he had been poisoned or many parasites were in his body sucking away his life force. His eyes then slowly closed fading into black as if it were a cinematic movie. Opening his eyes he seen a giant insignia in a sky that he couldn’t really tell the color of. It looked as if it were some sort of astral projection that made him appear to be in a different world. Now, it was time to get to work, how would he break out of this, it was like some sort of genjutsu that wasn’t really genjutsu because he knew where he was and he couldn’t use a surge of chakra to break out as stated by Chronos. He began to walk on what seemed to be space, a void in which he should have been struggling to breathe, but it was more or less as if he were underwater without the struggle of not being able to breathe of course. As he floated towards the insignia he could see that he began to become mesmerized with the insignia drawing him closer to it as if it were some sort of siren in the deep blue ocean trapping sailors and navy men alike. He then began to feel determination overcome his body, visions of him being on ANBU missions with his future comrades pulled him farther away from insignia as if this were some odd astral game of tug of war.

He felt his body being split in two as the insignia was getting more clingy than it already was, the pull towards the insignia was getting harder and harder, but Atem’s determination hadn’t let up one bit. It seemed as though the insignia’s power knew no end, but how long would Atem’s determination and will last? How bad did he want to be an ANBU? He had no clue but he had better find out soon or he would be done for. Is what he was thinking in his mind as he began to go back towards the insignia, soon the insignia began to glow dark red as the power become something fierce, overwhelming him in no time. Atem soon began to have memories of his father which then manifested into words. And a ghostly figure who would appear in front of Atem. ‘Are you going to let thing take you in or will you rise on top of this, this is nothing, you better not be outdone by this thing or you will get two hundred switch hits to the heels.” Atem’s father said as his tall stature made Atem felt as though he were a midget. Atem always wondered how his father was so fast yet so big. “I bet it took all of his enemies by surprise.” Atem said as he determination began to grow at an alarming rate. Soon a greenish blue glow appeared over Atem as if he were going super saiyan and he pulled himself away from the insignia completely. He now had free range of motion, he could move as he pleased and he wanted to end the insignia hear and now. With his fist balled up he flew towards the insignia with all of his strength, this time he was not being pulled towards it, but of his own free will he moved. He punched the insignia shattering it breaking the whole reality.

He then awoke seeing a rocky ceiling signalling Atem that he was back in the real world, or at least somewhere that looked pretty similar to it. “Oh, so you made it out I see, it took you 38 minutes to get out which is not bad for a first timer, but at least your determination and focus has been proven through this. Alright, you have to get passed two more tasks before you can learn the jutsu. The next one is fighting me with a leaf stuck to your forehead by your chakra.” Chronos said as he backed up fighter meters with his hand up. “I will hold no bars against you, but look in your lap. “ Chronos said pointing. Atem did as he was told and looked into his lap which held a golden leaf that had several spines on it, it resembled something off of a fairy tale that would be held as a memento, but anyhow, with this in his lap he got up and placed in on his forehead sticking it there with his chakra. “Are you ready?” Chronos asked Atem. “Yes, I’m ready, come at me.” Atem said with his hands balled up and over his face. This is when the match had begun, Chronos launched himself in a bullet like manner that took Atem off of his guard due to the sheer speed he had possessed, it reminded him of his father. How would he beat someone such as that he thought, but he cared not, he decided to attack him with all of his might. There was no use just standing there quaking in his boots while getting beat around. Rushing Chronos as well they clashed with their right fist and Atem’s mind still on the leaf so it didn’t fall. “I trained this, I should be better, I am barely managing against his attacks.” Atem said as he began to dodge and block some of Chronos’ attacks that seemed to be as fast as lightning. The boxing match continued until the leaf finally fell from Atem’s head as he received a blow to the nose which caused him to bleed. “Are you okay? Can you still fight?’ Chronos asked Atem with his hands still up. Atem got up. “Of course, I’m no sap.” He said wiping the leaking blood off of his upper lip and continued the fight as planned picking up the leaf as well. The fight continued for what seemed like hours with fist flying in every direction, it was exceptionally hard to tell what was going on at the speed at which these two were fighting at, until Atem began to pick up his pattern and forgot all about the leaf with it stuck to his forehead like super glue. “Ah, I see you are starting to get it down. I am proud, you have 15 more minutes and if you last till then you can make it on to the next task.” Chronos told Atem as they continued to throw punches. Atem shook his head too tired to say a word, he was trying to conserve his energy as much as possible.

Chronos would then throw in a kick which took Atem, by surprise but do to his natural reaction time h was able to jump into the air evading the kick, but then there was a flurry of punches coming after his face which he had to block with both of his arms. “Very good! The fifteen minutes are up, you can relax.” He told Atem. Atem was still in battle mode and could not hear anything as of now he continued to fight as if he were a cornered animal. Chronos then got serious for a bit and teleported behind him knocking him in the back of the neck jolting his brain around to knock some sense into him. “Are you better now? Maybe I pushed you a bit too hard.” Chronos said as he looked at Atem crouching in front of him. “I’m fine, that happens when I feel as though I am fighting for my life, it is something I learned as a kid to help me survive which came in handy quite a bit.” Atem said pulling himself up. “Okay the last task is reading the book and gathering the information for the jutsu in order to do it, you can have a couple of minutes to rest your body because you will need it for the actual jutsu training.” Chronos said as he walked to the bookshelves as though he hadn't’ been fighting for at least an hour straight. “What an amazing guy.” Atem said as he pulled himself to walk to the bookshelves. “I won’t get to his level if I just sit here and rest, it isn’t like I used chakra so I won’t die, my body is just weak.” Atem said to himself as he hobbled to the book shelves and began his research. He knew that this jutsu was a barrier type and that he needed to learn it for the sake of being able to defend himself against attacks at which he wouldn’t usually be able to defend. He looked at the book named Barriers and Fuuinjutsu in order to try to get an idea of barrier jutsus. When he opened the book and began to read he could see that barrier came in all different shapes and sizes and had different types of chakra that could be outputted to create the different type of chakra barrier. They all had different effects as well, with some paralyzing foes and other’s sensing foes. All in All it seemed that fuuinjutsu was very useful in every way possible, and there was no evidence against it.

Atem looking in the book found that thi s particular jutsu required four and the palm contact, he got what the palm contact meant but what exactly was four. Was it the number four or was it four palm contacts? He assumed that it was the former and signed the number four and then palm contacted himself in the chest to see if he could ingrain it into his mind. He then seen that the amount of chakra needed was fairly excessive, he just barely met the requirement as the test described in the test. It could have been due to the training he had just gone through but who could tell. Maybe Chronos he laughed. There were a few rules that went along with the jutsu he was trying to learn which didn’t seem as if it broke anything he wa against doing. Nor did it seemed to slow him down. “• Only one can be on the body at a time, Can only activate 1 per topic, Barrier does not block Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu placed upon the barrier can break it if their power surpasses the barrier, Barrier acts as a filtration system for poisons, defending upto the power of the poison, and leaving the residual to pass through the barrier if any.” Atem was amazed. “It can even defend against poison like the kind I have in my sickles, how amazing is this.” Atem said with his eyes widening. He then seen that there were other things he must learn in order to do such a thing, but he payed it no attention because Chronos was sure to guide him on the right path. It seemed as though this jutsu could also be used as much as was needed until the chakra was used up or it was broken. That would be fairly useful and it had a lot of AP cost go along with it as well meaning it sucked stamina out of the user, he might have to build his stamina some in order not to die while using the jutsu.

“Have you found everything you need for the jutsu.” Chronos asked Atem from where he did not know. “Yeah, for the most part I have everything I need. Can we begin now.” Atem asked Chronos as he closed the dusty brown book and put the book back where it was supposed to be. “Yes, let’s go outside so I can test some things against you after you learn the jutsu.” Chronos laughed as the cave door opened in it’s vertical manner as slow as ever this time. Once outside Chronos would begin to speak, “Alright, go ahead and try to do the jutsu by yourself for the first time and then I will critique you.” Chronos said staring at Atem carefully and intently as if he was a worried teacher. Atem would shake his hand and begin the jutsu. He held out the sign four and made palm contact with himself, as he did so he placed a thin layer of chakra around his body that seemed as though it mimicked the wind nature chakra that made it easier for him to do such a thing. He did exert all of his chakra into this one barrier though so it was pretty taxing. He felt as though he could manage due to the training he had been through with Chronos only a moment ago. “Nicely done, but let’s see the durability of the jutsu.” Chronos snickered. He then punched the barrier and it shattered instantly, “That was about 65% of my strength and it shattered pretty easily, see if you could put more chakra into it if you can.” Chronos said as he backed up to his original spot on the green grass that had been indented due to his steps. “Will do.” Atem said as he then did the same two seals that would allow him to do the jutsu. “Okay, I felt as though I was about to die last time I did it, but I can do this, let’s continue.” Atem said to himself in order to give him extra motivation.
He then created the thin layer of chakra once more covering his body snuggly as he began to move around a little lightly to see if it really followed all of his movements. “Okay, another round this time with ninety percent, if you can’t block this with your current barrier you might die, so don’t panic and focus as much as possible. How could anyone not panic with them being told something like that but he stood there waiting for the punch to hit him or break the barrier one or the two was possible.

Chronos then pulled back his punch this time all the way and planted it deeply into the barrier which sent Atem flying into the cave causing smoke to rumble through out the space. Chronos stood there waiting to see whether Atem would be able to get up or not. “Yo, you okay over there or did I kill you, I wouldn’t be this hard on you if I didn’t think you could take it so get up and prove me right.” Chronos said with a serious expression. In the smoke he could see a figure coming out of the dent in the cave made by the two boys, it was Atem in one piece and he didn’t seem to be that damaged at all. “I swear I didn’t have the high strength I have now I might have died, but you knew that already didn’t you.” Atem said smiling as he walked to Chronos. “ I see, so you made it through the punch, now I want you to make it through one of my jutsus, it’s very powerful and is capable of killing a ninja just like any other jutsus so be prepared for it.” Chronos said as he backed away 20 meters. He then held his hands out in front of his mouth not even giving Atem enough to make another chakra barrier to protect himself. He was expected to create one in the amount of time to see if his reflexes were upt par. Atem sprung into action doing the two hand seals as if they were nothing and then creating the chakra barrier to withstand the attack. The fire would stream out in a radius that seemed to be undodgeable from any angle, how could any ninja get out of this without a jutsu such as this one. Anyhow, Atem was now in the middle of the fire, he could still feel the heat, it felt as though he were in the core of the sun he once saw when he had that heatstroke in the desert. He began to sweat profusely but his barrier did not give in one bit, it was as if he couldn’t falter to anything Chronos threw at him, but he knew that wasn’t the case, Chronos was far stronger than this and could kill Atem in no time. “For now that is.’ Atem said as the thought passed his mind.

The flames had finally stopped and Atem could finally get rid of his barrier, he then collapsed on the ground from pure exhaustion and began to think about his life as he faded away. This time it wasn’t due to the insignia that had been slapped on him earlier, but he felt as though the ground was trying to suckk him in when it was really him sinking into the soft grass. “Ah, so you made it through that, you are one genius I tell you, i am proud to have you as my protege, you can never fail me it seems which is a good trait to have.” Chronos smiled as he bended over Atem to see if he were alive. As he could see Atem move his lips he back away from a moment and mysteriously appeared with water, he pressed the cup on Atem’s lips and the water slowly slid through the throat of Atem. As the cold clear liquid went down the throat of Atem he felt as though he could actually live. His body had began to feel better, what type of liquid this was he had no idea, but he felt as though he was a brand new person. “When you get home you will be dead to the world.” Chronos laughed as he pulled the cup from Atem. “Dead?” Atm said. “I mean you will go straight to sleep, you aren’t tired now, but you will be soon, so get a good night’s rest.” Chronos said in a caring manner. “But I feel as though there is something I need to learn what is it. I need something to add onto that jutsu some kind of-” Atem was interrupted by Chronos. “Hush, you need to rest if anything, it will take the rest of your strength that you have now to get home, now go on and make your way to the bed in order to actually live.” Chronos said pulling Atem up and moving him along. Atem felt as though his body was ten times heavier but what Chronos said was true, he really needed all of his strength just to move, this was ridiculous, but he figured it was apart of training. As the night began to fall upon him he felt as though he was drunk running or something along the lines of that.

“Man, I really did the jutsu, my first A-rank will be sure to help me in the ninja world some things just fall into your hand due to destiny.” Atem said although he didn’t believe in destiny. He finally made it to the Hoshi gates and showed his headband to the guards to make sure they weren’t suspicious of him, “I am a genin here going for chuunin I’m sure you seen me take place in the chuunin exams in which I lost to that master puppet user.” He told the guards as he walked past them. “We was rooting for you, we knew the outcome though, we could see the threads, but knock em dead next time.” The guards said complimenting Atem. Atem was walking throughout the city of Hoshi now to see what was going on and make his way home, it seemed a lively as ever as he walked back home taking his strength in account he figured he could go see what the commotion was about. He passed by the arena he had fought in to see that all the people were coming from there, “It seems I have just missed the event, but it matter's not, I will be the main event soon enough.” Atem said as he carried himself home. Finally returning home it seems Lucien was still gone, Atem wondered if it had to go on a mission or something because he was usually home and was there when Atem got there. “If anything were to happen Lucien would be okay so there is nothing to worry about.” Atem yawned as he plummeted into the bed. He then kicked off his shoes and slid under the sheets using his heavy arms to cover himself, “Ah, today was eventful, Lucien will be surprised next time we fight.” Atem said as he began to doze off into the night careless of the world around him. Chronos on the other hand seemed to be hard at work about something that had plans of Atem in it, did it have to do with Kozai or him, who knew?

[WC 4011]

[Exit, claiming 20 Stat Points, Chakra Barrier Seal acquired]
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Fri May 13, 2016 9:10 pm

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