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Second barrier Empty Second barrier

Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:32 am
Mezurashii looked around and sighed in relief, it seemed as though the training ground was uninhabited. Which suited her just fine, she walked towards a tree and up it's trunk, continuing this until she reached one of the top branches.

Sitting down with crossed legs, her hands tangled off the edge of her knees like last time and took a deep, soothing, breath. Expanding and retreating her chakra with every breath.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

Soon she was within the confines of her mind once again, the grassy hills and flowers. The pond had grown substantially and her willow tree bore more flowers and was bigger then ever, her cabin of memories hadn't changed and that was good. Nodding to herself she turned around and walked to the forest.

She was greeted by the keepers of her first barrier, the monstrous apes gave her passage without any hassles of the tricks and traps she set here. Mezurashii soon reached the end and it was darkness that she tread on instead of the forest floor, she continued to walk until the forest was a great distance away.

She closed her eyes and imagined mountains, thick layers of snow resting on it's sides and caves littered them. Some hidden beneath the snow while others were filled with great mountain wolves the size of bears, Mezurashii chose that these creatures could speak.

The mountain range had a little ravine that led into the forest, but that was an obvious trick. If you went that way you would never reach the forest, you would continue to walk. One of the hidden caves were the entrance to the forest barrier, when you entered the cave you exited a giant hollow tree trunk on the forest floor.

Turning to the blue sky she huffed, the forest had perfect weather. That made it all the easier to pass through, she grabbed some snow and grinned when she felt the coldness bite her skin. Mezurashii threw the snow into the air and smiled as the snow fell in small specs of white, and continued to fall.

Clouds gathered and the wind picked up, the snow fell at a faster pace as it became heavier. One of the great wolves, the ruler of this realm in her mind, walked up to her and nodded.

"This will suffice, your chakra is lessening to an noticeable extent" He said, his jaw not moving but his voice rang clear through the howling winds. She nodded and passed through her barriers. Mezurashii added some strangling vines into her forest before entering her minds heart once again, a satisfied orange colour staining the flowers and she smiled.

Mezurashii checked her chakra pond to find it significantly depleted, so the wolf was right. She looked to the forest and saw over the treetops the cold mountains with the storm still raging. She smiled before closing her eyes and letting herself float into the real world.

She heaved a tired sigh and wiped the sweat from her brow, looking up it was nearing dinner time. She stood, a little shakily, and jumped from treetop to treetop until she reached home.

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