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Atem <3
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Gifted Palm of The Wind Empty Gifted Palm of The Wind

Wed May 04, 2016 7:10 pm
Understanding the basics of chakra control Atem was ready to begin learning ninjutsu, he found that B-ranks were too hard for him to complete so he went a rank below which was C. Knowing his affinity was wind he knew that is what his jutsu had to revolve around, having something that propelled projectiles and deflected projectiles coming his way would be the best way to go and easily accessible when having wind as an attribute. Now, turning the thought into reality is something that would be channeled through his chakra and will power.

“Gale? Gale!” Atem exclaimed. He realized that it would be best to create a gale of sorts that will deflect multiple weapons at once which can give him some sort of defense. In one of his academy student classes they were learning about Konohagakure history and they were being taught about the three dojutsus from their which were all potent, the one that stuck out the most to Atem was the Hyuuga due to them having the wind attribute and their fighting style which embodied that. His favorite attack was heavenly wind rotation which was a 360 degree wind ball that deflected anything that came their way, maybe he could create something similar. Due to him not having as much proficiency in the matter he decided to make it 180 degrees instead of the full 180. After figuring this portion of the jutsu out he then figured it would be best make give it a dramatic effect which would be done with a clap of the hands. When this is done then it will create the 180 degree gale.

“Now, time to materialize this jutsu.” Atem thought to himself while heading to his favorite forest clearing. Directly in the center of the lush green grass he began to control his chakra in both of his hands where it would be expelled and create the gust of wind. A balance of the yin and yang elements would be needed in order to manipulate the chakra into a wind like nature and then causing an explosion by letting it release at a rapid pace. Atem did just that, he slapped his hands together and let the blue substance known as chakra flow to his hands and well up in order to create a gust of wind. The only thing that happened was a small poof of wind that was a disappointment to Atem at the time, he looked at his hands and knew he had to find what the problem was in his technique. Maybe there was more to completing this jutsu then he had originally thought. That's when it snapped, something came to Atem’s mind. Just releasing the chakra in any ordinary old fashion wasn’t going to make this jutsu work It had to be something spectacular since this would rival a C-rank technique.

“Okay, let's do this, this, and that.” Atem said not making any actual sense to anyone that would be watching him at the time. Knowing that the Hyuuga had to spin their bodies when they used the 36o degree gale of wind Atem thought that if he used certain actions to trigger the actual jutsu then he would be able to learn it much faster. Moving his hands in a  weird fashion he then clapped his hands together while expelling his chakra once more, but this time nothing came out. “That ideology is working so I have to come up with something else, this is all just trial and error.” Atem said to himself. He kept trying different gestures to see if it would help him gain some sort of leeway on the jutsu. Nothing worked so he was stuck in a rut, he sat there and contemplated. He didn’t want to continue to waste his chakra on meaningless attempts that made no sense. It was obvious that his mental state was slacking at the moment so he knew he needed to calm himself, his mental state is one of the most important things when trying to do a jutsu.

Thinking about how he should complete this actua jutsu he thought of just doing it conventionally and learning through repetition. Hopefully he would get close every time, but then that would contradict what he said earlier about wasting his chakra. “Ah, this is truly harder than training weaponry skills.” Atem said scratching. Usually being a philosophical person being stumped on this really frustrated him. He decided to attack this jutsu as any other ninja would, repetition. He cared not for the lack of chakra he would have, but it is the simplest plan that would eventually help him gain a theory about this justu. All of a sudden sense was knocked into his by a falling acorn that was abnormally large, “Ouch, maybe I shouldn’t go through with that it would be better if I could verbally explain this jutsu to a T and then try to recreate all of the things I have brainstormed about.” Atem said. Deciding to do that he delved into his mind, a steel trap if you would. “Okay, so the jutsu itself is only in a 180 degree manner, that is common knowledge for me. The wind gust will be so powerful that it can deflect multiple projectiles and possibly knock the opponent off of their feet if they don’t have the strength for it. Even if they did if I could find a way to possibly catch them off guard the opponent will not see what's coming and will be overtaken by the wind gale. With that being said this jutsu can be used as a defensive and an offensive technique at the same time. Hm, even depending on the way I place the wind gake I can even reflect projectiles directly at the person who threw them, or a position that will benefit me later. Also, being able to speed up attacks by using this jutsu can mean devastating effects. Fire must be something I decide to learn in the future for it will be an incredible increase to my ability.”

Atem thought about the inner working of the jutsu itself and how it could be used in all aspects, the jutsu was truly flexible and could be used to discern anything. After going through it verbally he would then  use his imagination before wasting his chakra on repetition. “There are no real hand seals for this jutsu other than the clap which initiates the jutsu, that gives me less time to get the jutsu ready, but it can also take the enemy by surprise which will be good for me as mentioned before, Now expelling the chakra while turning the chakra into wind  will be quite difficult as I am not adept in ninjutsu, but I should be able to do it nonetheless. The chakra changes at the rate of your mental stability in a direct correlation meaning if the mental state goes down then the slower the jutsu and the higher the mental rate is the faster the rate of conversion for the chakra. With that being said, if I were to be in an ideal situation this jutsu could be prepared far faster than the enemy can expect. Okay, imagine myself in a battle. The enemy has just thrown something at me, two shurikens. At the speed of 70 and I can dodge it or one of my limbs will possibly be at risk. I stay calm and convert my chakra to wind while expelling it in an explosion knocking the projectiles away. Even though the horizontal axis is limited to 180 degrees the vertical axis is unlimited and can be done in any direction.” Atem rambled in his mind.

“This being mentioned he could see that the angle of the wind gust would heavily diversify the route of the projectiles, if he were to lower the wind blast it would have a higher chance of going directly to the enemy I am battling. The higher the angle of the initial blast the higher the projectile will go in turn I could body flicker and grab to projectiles throwing them back at the enemy. I like that combo. I could also use the shadow shuriken jutsu to confuse the enemy with thinking that it is one shuriken and not two.” Atem continuously brainstormed more combos he could use with the jutsu. He liked this far better than just wasting his chakra over and over again, he could mentally prepare himself for many situations since he didn't have the same problems most did when it came to recreating what they think in battle. Having realized he had the basic premise of the jutsu down he began to open his eyes slowly, seeing that he had been standing out in the sun for about 30 minutes planning the jutsu had disturbed him a bit. He was in his complete zone and anyone could have taken advantage of him at any moment. Anyhow, back to reality Atem quickly and swiftly clapped his hands together both of them being as symmetrical as possible made the sound anyone would hear at a good performance, a clap. With that noise ringing out of his hand a blast of wind would explode from his position as if the clap itself had done it. Essentially that was true.

Now thinking he had the jutsu down he knew he had to use it in more advanced ways than just sitting there doing the basic motions. With that being said Atem grabbed two kunai from his ninja pouch and threw both of them at a tree in which they reflected back towards his direction, when this was done Atem made up his mind that he would not dodge at any cost. He had complete faith himself being able to execute this jutsu and not be struck by the kunai coming his way. With all confidence Atem clapped his hand and controlled his chakra to the most perfect extent he could possibly manage at his current skill level. Soon a perfect blast had erupted knocking away the kunai into the air. Atem was not done there yet, he soon weaved the signs for body flicker, with the kunai as his destination he teleported up there, grabbed the two kunai and threw them at an unsuspecting bird that was struck once. The only reason the second one missed is because the bird was forcefully pushed out of the direction with the first kunai. “Well done.” Atem said to himself and then going to pick up his metallic ninja tools. Putting them back in his ninja pouch he then had an idea. As his last trial he would jump off of a tree and see if the blast of air could possibly break his fall. He didn’t see why not so he hopped on a tree at it’s highest point. Doing this he jumped off and repeating the same steps he had done before in his successful trials he clapped his hands a meter from the ground. He suddenly felt his body jerk upwards as if he were in a car that instantly stopped. He then fell onto his feet, “Whew, that was also a test of my mental fortitude. Hat was a fairly dangerous situation and I was able to execute the just perfectly meaning I am combat ready for this jutsu.” Atem said to himself As he turned away though, with his enhanced ears he heard two shurikens et thrown at him, from his right side. After hearing this he instinctively turned to his right side to see two shurikens come his way forcing him to use the jutsu he had just learned. “Hmph, childsplay.” Atem said as he clapped his hands once more blasting the shurikens into the ground.

Atem wanted to find the person who had tried to assassinate him, but as soon as they threw the shurikens they dashed away, as if they had no intentions of following up right afterwards. “Weird, but I’ll be ready.” Atem thought.

[WC 2008]

[Exit, claiming 10 stats, Wind Release: Gale Palm Acquired]
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Gifted Palm of The Wind Empty Re: Gifted Palm of The Wind

Thu May 05, 2016 1:25 am

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