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Atem <3
Atem <3
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Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training Empty Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training

Sun May 01, 2016 7:22 pm
On Atem’s list today was to increase his long range battle tactic that would aid him in disrupting an enemy’s movement or pattern that they continue to use against Atem. in order to do that he realized that projectiles were the safest way to keep his distance and control the battle. Since shurikens being his favorite long range weapon that is what he chose to capitalize on and when he did so he automatically knew he needed a deceiving jutsu that could trick the opponent or at least have them take the time to try to discern the jutsu in fear of harming themselves.

One of the basic jutsus he remembered at the time was the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu which is where there are two shurikens that you throw and one overlaps the other one in order to give it the presence of one shuriken. This could also be a good combo with the wires he had just bought from the shop. Anyhow, he finally made up his mind on this jutsu so that is when he set up 1 target that he would practice hitting over and over again in different situations.

This time he had made a makeshift bullseye from a chopped up log and paint taken from the village that seemed to just be calling Atem’s name. “There we go, let's get this started.” Atem said to himself as he grabbed two shurikens out of his ninja pouch at the speed of 30 with his right hand and his eyes were locked on the target. Jumping backwards he would line the shurikens in a way that when he threw them they would be slightly above each other, totally forgetting about the fact that they need to be close in position horizontally he threw the shurikens.

They hit the target but the distance between the two of the shurikens was too noticeable to the eye, at the time he didn’t realize the fact that his eyes were more advanced than others so of course this would be hard to perfect against someone with eyes like him. Grabbing the shurikens from the makeshift target he would then start again, “Okay, remember the vertical and horizontal position of the shurikens need to be almost aligned. If I could get them on top of each other that would be perfect.” Atem said to himself as he readied himself for the second attempt. Again, stepping back and throwing the shurikens this time with an extra flick of the wrist he would let go of the two fingers that were gripping them. The horizontal aspect of the shurikens were still a little off, but it was clear that he was improving in a short amount of time.

Again, they hit the target, but they were a little off from the bullseye, the more he concentrated on one aspect of the jutsu the other began to lack. Just like he needed to even the distance between the two shurikens he also has to even the amount brainpower he distributes to each aspect of the jutsu. Realizing this he decided it would come to him through repetition of the jutsu so he decided to test himself by using the same backing up situation, this time he would grant himself a percentage by doing ten trials and seeing how many were acceptable out of ten. The first trial was a miss, the second a miss, the third a hit, the fourth was a bullseye, the fifth was a miss, the sixth was a miss, the seventh was a miss, eighth through tenth were all bullseyes. It was easy to see he was inconsistent, but in 9 out of ten of the test he was able to hit the target, but the shurikens were not aligned correctly which he considered misses all together.

He knew that being harder on himself now it would be easier when he would see himself in battle. Seeing as though he was fifty percent in that situation he then went off to various other scenarios that could occur in battle, 60%, 100%, 30%, 50%, etc. Taking in a census Atem figured it would be best to get the foundation down first which is just standing there throwing the shurikens at the target while mastering the hand movement capable of producing the right outcome. He would do this 100 times and then see where he is at in each scenario. An hour had passed and his shuriken were worn down, he finally made it to 100 trials and seen that towards the end he perfected the hand movement because he couldn’t sense any fault with the shuriken’s displacement from each other. With this being said while sharpening his shurikens against each other he used the same hand movement to sharpen them. He knew he was ready.

Atem then went through each scenario once more, 95%, 90%, 98%,100%,100% etc. Seeing that these were all A’s in the eyes of teachers he accepted this and went to make 4 more targets leaving him with five in total. They were placed in randomly assorted places which would be difficult to reach by just standing there. He needed to test his mobility with this technique to the utmost extent.starting off he then grabbed his shurikens once more performing various flips to gage the targets at their best position. While doing so he would launch all of his shuriken at each target even having to resort to kunai. With kunai it didn’t have that great of an effect, but it worked nonetheless. His accuracy was 100% which was exceptional for Atem.

Finally collapsing from exhaustion Atem found his right and left hand kept repeating that same motion ingraining it in his muscle memory and continuing to twitch it built those muscles. “The body is truly amazing, being able to learn anything from simple repetitiveness is amazing to me.” Atem said to himself as he stood up to gather his shurikens. “This technique was surely handy. The true aret of the ninja has surprised me more than once, the best thing about this is now I think I am impervious to this just being used against me.” Atme laughed.

[WC 1033]
[Exit, claiming, 5 stats and acquired Shadow Shuriken Jutsu]
Atem <3
Atem <3
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Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training Empty Re: Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training

Mon May 02, 2016 6:54 pm
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training Empty Re: Shadow Shuriken Illusion Training

Mon May 02, 2016 6:56 pm
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