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Anri Uchiha
Anri Uchiha
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Working Hard (P/NK/Kyoto) Empty Working Hard (P/NK/Kyoto)

Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:50 pm
The Uchiha stood within the center of a simple training field. Lush, green grass consumed the entirety of the meadow, and the fresh scent of spring loomed about. With each soft breeze that passed by leaves would descend from the plethora of them bunched together on each tree that littered the area.

As for the woman standing in the center of it, she was wearing a pair of black shorts, in addition to a black, high-collared, short-sleeve shirt. A pair of black sandals covered up her feet, and a gray backpouch was latched onto the buttock of her shorts. She'd put up a notice on the bulletin board in front of the Hokage mansion. For now she was playing the waiting game, to see who would show up. It was just a simple offer for a training partner.

In the mean time, Anri strung through handseals, only she wasn't using both of her hands. Instead she was using a single-hand to contort the seals. She had been attempting this feat for quite awhile, but only now was she dedicating her freetime to trying to do this. After stringing about three of the many handseals she knew in succession, the female would do the only technique she could think of at the top of her head with said seals.

She added on two, however. Shortly after performing this the black-haired individual would spew out a mass of water from her maw, shaping and manipulating it in a manner that would manifest a large, vortex-like wall of it in front of her. She'd exhale softly, sitting down on the ground and facing away from the massive body of water that was currently shaped into a sufficient defense.

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