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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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Loser Nears [Altar] Empty Re: Loser Nears [Altar]

Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:39 pm
Altar would appear in a blur aside Kozata. Well, that was...disorienting, to say the least. But fun. He'd have to learn to do that on his own. A nifty trick to say the least. He loved the concept of altering Space Time and creating your own pocket of reality.

On hearing that Kozata didn't know where to go, Altar would pause for a second, his body stuttering. Wait, how was he to know where it was? They were just outside the village, sure, but everything inside was foreign to him. And he was supposed to be the guide? This...wasn't gonna be goo-

"North. Follow the main route, then down the left side street. Keep going that direction until you see colored flames. The temple will be on that path." Kalamity spoke with assurance inside Altar's head. For a second, Altar doubted the voice. Kalamity was nothing but trouble. But there was absolutely a...pull in the direction Kalamity had stated.

"I believe it's...this way." Altar would say, turning to Kozata and heading through the gates and down the road, following Kalamity's instruction.

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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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Loser Nears [Altar] Empty Re: Loser Nears [Altar]

Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:40 pm
Altar was so ingrained in thought he didn't even notice the men coming from the alley they were supposed to turn down. Of course, he noticed them when they shouted.

Pulled from his mind and his internal dialogue with Kalamity, Altar was halfway to readying an attack, sparks flying from his hand, when he felt himself pulled. Momentarily blinking from existence, only to reappear in a large, circular chamber.

Alright, time to assess. The sparks gone from Altar's hand, there was little light in the room. The sources were mounted flames of three colors on the walls, and the throbbing, purple abyss in the center of the room.

A voice echoed in his head, and Altar sighed. Then, the voice spoke again.

"Welcome to the abyss worship chamber. You both seek greater power and grandeur, but you must be willing to go to any length to achieve it. Where are your sacrifices?"

Altar would look to Kozata quizically. The boy seemed to be walking incredibly slowly toward the center of the room. They were to bring sacrifices? Seeming to read his mind, the voice boomed in his mind again.

"You stand before the abyss, yet you bring nothing to feed it? If four enter the room, two lives are to be taken. If two enter the room, one life is to be taken. If you have nothing to offer the great abyss, then the abyss will offer unto you."

Then there was a blinding pain in Altar's head. It was like someone pushed a burning stake through his head and hammered it in. Nails in his eyes, experiencing lashes on his back, being thrown into an iron maiden...

And suddenly it stopped. The pain ceased. Altar looked to Kozata, only to see the boy with a blank stare ahead, one step away from falling into the abyss itself.  Altar would charge forward and tackle Kozata, bringing the boy a few meters from the center of the room. Now that he seemed to be unconscious, Altar could look him over. His eyes were...pure white. No iris, no pupil. His body seemed drained of color, the skin a stark white. Putting a hand to the boy's neck, Altar would wait a few seconds, then pull his fingers away and sigh. No heartbeat. Kozata Shinkou was dead.

Altar was about to pull himself to his feet, when he once again heard the voice in his head.

"Well done, child of the abyss. One life was to be taken so the other may gain great power. You withstood the might of the abyss itself, and may now claim your prize. But first, allow me to speak with your yuumei. Tell me, what is it that this child most desires?"

"To destroy any and everything that stands in his way. To achieve nothing short of total victory"

"To protect those he loves and holds dear to him. To achieve nothing short of perfection in the art of war."

Kalamity had spoken for the boy, but another voice spoke as his did. And it was a voice Altar recognized and sorely missed. Nekoda? She was gone, he had watched her slaughtered in his own head. How was this possible? Seemingly surprised itself, the voice of the abyss echoed in Altar's head.

"I see. Two yuumei. You are a special child, indeed, Altar. The voice of reason and love, Nekoda, and the voice of bitterness, anger and destruction, Kalamity. Both are powerful yuumei, and you, a powerful host. Stand now, and awaken your power."

As Altar stood, he could feel himself change. He felt himself grow stronger. And as this was happening, he felt a warm sensation spread across his back. A small black pinwheel filled with a variety of symbols appeared on Altar's back.

"This is the mark of the abyss, child. From now on, you will be recognized by this symbol. You are an elite among the Shinkou. This marks you as a Prince of the Abyss. In time, the mark will reveal it's use and power. When it does, return here, and you may find power beyond your wildest dreams. Until then, return to where you call home. Begone, child."

Altar was stunned. So much had happened so fast. But...all in all, he had gotten what he came for. So for now, he could remain emotionless. Altar would pick up the body of Kozata, and bring it along with him. He would have to organize a funeral for his fallen brother. Yet another family member dead at Altar's feet. How many more deaths could he cause?

~Exiting Abyss with Kozata's body & belongings~
~Claiming 3rd Stage of Meigan from the trip, now have Naien (Primary) and Mirage (Secondary). Training was completed beforehand and stocked for the trip~
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Loser Nears [Altar] Empty Re: Loser Nears [Altar]

Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:31 pm

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