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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:33 pm
This is Kyson's second day being in konoha. He thought it was nice seeing a change of scenery. Their mission to speak with the Hokage was a success even though the verdict for Salzem's safety isn't guaranteed. But his decision has nothing to do with them. Kyson was at Konoha's training ground with Royalty. Even though they are on vacation, they will always try to improve their skills. Konoha's training ground looked at bit nicer than Suna's. Mainly because it wasn't covered in sand. It was bright green grass that looked nice and fresh. On top of that, the weather was just perfect. Not too hot and not too col, just right. Kyson walked around the village yesterday after meeting with the Hokage, its a pretty peaceful environment. Kyson could imagine coming here for another visit sometime in the near future. But no matter how good it looked, nothing was better than his new home Suna. That was Kyson's first place he could really call home, so it was only right that he enjoyed that place more. Plus, Kyson doesn't like to make a lot of new friends, so he couldn't imagine getting to know people here. 

As Kyson was stretching out and getting ready for a little training session. He was wasn't sure what he was going to do. He felt as if he learned everything. But at the same time, he still has so much to learn. Kyson wasn't sure what to do, but just like any other training session; he'll figure out something. 

"One thing this place has over Suna, is the hot weather. Even though, the weather doesn't really bother me anymore." Kyson said to Royalty as he just finished stretching out. With his new Hydration skill, even in weathers as hot as Suna's won't effect Kyson. Suna's weather only feels like 70 degree whether due to that skill. It allows Kyson to always keep his body cool and Hydrated. So he wouldn't need to carry a water bottle around or have to stay hydrated to use his Hydrification.

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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:32 pm
The second day in the Leaf for the boys. It sure was different than what they were used to. From training in the humid and cloudy environment of the Cloud Village, to the scorching and dry desert. The two were well equipped for anything to be quite honest. Now they were surrounded by a rather mild and even terrain. No matter what the weather would be like, they would surely get whatever they needed to become the best of the best. Nothing has changed for them. 

Come to think of it, Royalty can't remember too many times where he was surrounded by a forest. They had trees in the Lightning Country but not to the magnitude of the Leaf Village. The air felt so clear and fresh. Royalty gave one huge inhale and he took a second to bask in the air around him. It felt good, but it wasn't home. Sure, it was always hot in the Sand Village, but so what? He would rather it be hot than ever changing and unpredictable weather. He could always prepare for his home's weather. Besides, all his clothing were especially made to combat against the dry climate. He felt cool basically all of the time. It did not affect him. 

"Yeah, that is only one thing though. I think the Hokage was just exaggerating. It almost seemed like he wanted us to move here."

Royalty looked up and around before commenting on his statement.

"Nah, I do not think I could do it. At least.... not now.."

Roy smiled a bit. It was a nice even setting. But you can't bring the bee out of the beehive and expect him to adapt right away. 

While looking around at his surroundings, Roy could not help but to think about the man in question; Salzem. Roy would hate for them to come all of the way out to the Leaf to clear his name and it does not get cleared. Koroshi seemed to have very great judgement with these sort of things. Even if he had not met the guy, if Koroshi trusted him, so did Roy. If he would still be imprisoned after all of their efforts, Roy would feel as if their mission was a failure. There was no middle ground. But now, on to other matters.

"When do you think we should return to the Sand?"

Royalty raised his left eyebrow as he looked at Kyson. He wanted to know what his friend wanted to do. 

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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:23 pm
Kyson agreed with Royalty's words. He too felt that the Hoakge exaggerated Konoha a bit. It was as if they were watching an advertisement about why they should come to Konoha. But Kyson did like the Hokage, it was good to see he wasn't an uptight person. He was like a normal person with a sense of humor. 

"It did seem that way.." Kyson said in reply to Royalty. Kyson couldn't imagine moving here. Not after all the things he did for Suna. He feels like there's a lot of debt he still hasn't paid back to the village. Not in the sense of money of course, but allowing someone of his background to become part of a village about peace. Saying you were born and raised in Kumo is enough to scare someone and cause a lot of concern. Royalty, was looking up at the sky for a bit. It looked as if he was thinking about what he said. He then stated he couldn't imagine living here as well. Kyson felt the same way. Its not a coincidence these two shinobi think the same way and act like brothers.

"Couldn't agree more.." Kyson said as he looked up the sky for a few seconds. But Konoha is still a nice village and a good place to visit. Royalty asked Kyson when they should get back to Suna. Kyson didn't really think about that at the time. But Kyson isn't the type of person to talk to others. So if he stayed here, he would most likely only talk to Royalty.

"Hmm.. I don't know. But probably soon. I know Lord Kazekage said this was a mission and a vacation. But it just doesn't sit with me well having too many days off. What if the village gets attacked and we're not there. Maybe I'm going a little overboard but I just feel we should get back soon and not stay too long here." Kyson said as he looked Royalty in the eye's. Kyson takes a seat on the soft grass with his hands on his knees.

"I don't know if its just me. But do you ever get a feeling that you want to fight someone and be able to go all out without holding back. I feel like I never been in a situation where I had to use everything I learned 'till this day. I just feel like... that's the only thing keeping me back from getting a lot stronger." Kyson says as he looks at Royalty after speaking. 

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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:07 pm
Royalty shared almost the exact same attitude as his friend, Kyson. It was almost unbelievable how similar their thoughts had been. Guess that is what really makes them the best of friends. The yuka did think the Hokage was a nice and cool person. Having a sense of humor of his own, he greatly appreciated the joking manner than the Hokage had presented to both of them. Even through the light of a serious situation, he still managed to get a laugh or two out to lighten the mood. That sounded just like Royalty. The similarities today just never ended.

At this point, Kyson was expressing his feelings towards staying in the Leaf for a bit. As it was true that the Kazekage wanted us to deliver the letter, he also wanted us to enjoy ourselves. It is their first time here after all. Koroshi obviously knew that the Leaf was a beautiful village. We could also meet new kinds of shinobi here. But Kyson was not too much into making new friends. It seemed that Royalty sufficed. As for him, it did not really matter if they encountered new people or not. After all, this was an allied village. The only thing that concerned him was the intention of others. Just because someone wants to be your friend, doesn't mean they will always be there for you. He had to be cautious about that. Sometimes he wished he could be a little bit more like Kyson. They are good just by themselves to be honest. 

Before being able to speak, Kyson went on about another manner. It seemed he thought something was holding him back; Not being able to use his full strength. Royalty could not say that he felt the same or different. He did not really have that thought cross his mind really. His full strength was not something you could just toss around to measure your progress. It would be nice to test his full strength on someone that could handle it however. Maybe the Kazekage? No, he would be too busy. Well, either way, he does not think it is necessarily holding them back. He just thought it was leaving them in the dark somewhat. After Kyson stopped speaking, Royalty was looking back at him and replied.

"Well, as for the vacation part... Remember the springs with that Jounin? What was her name.....? Coco? Yeah, when we were still genin. We took down those freakish bellhops. It was pretty fun ha ha. But we found time to relax after it was all said and done. But the Sand being attacked? I mean, come on now. Wouldn't you think the Leaf be the first to be notified? I am pretty sure Lord Kazekage can hold someone off until we have the time to jet back. We are pretty fast for a reason."

Royalty felt as if he should lighten the mood by throwing some humor in there. He did not want his partner feeling worried or guilty if something were to happen. What were the odds anyway? While letting that sink in, he spoke again on the other matter.

"And using our full strength isn't really something we should look forward to. That would mean that was have a foe that could potentially kill us if we do not be careful. I just think you are bored. Maybe that is the reason you are saying this. We know damn well what we are capable of. How many A Rank Missing Ninja have we taken down? 5? 6? Who knows what rank those Bellhops were. & we were Genin back then. I think we are fine for right now. Just push forward..."

Royalty started to think of an idea. It would sort of be a middle ground to both of their standpoints. Maybe even give them something to look forward to.

"I tell you what. When we get back, how about if we ask Lord Kazekage for a spar. I feel like that would be great to track how far we have come."

Roy was not sure how confident he was in those words. The Kazekage would be a strong opponent. But together, he felt like they could achieve anything.

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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:15 pm
After Kyson old Royalty about his thoughts about going back to Suna. Royalty began to bring back that time when we were on a mission with Coco. Kyson had forgotten all about that mission. He hasn't seen Coco since then, he wonders what she's up to now. And those bellhops that they fought, it was pretty fun and a bit suspenseful. Its been a while since Kyson been in a situation where he had to really use his head to come out on top. Its not that he only uses his head in a suspenseful situation, but he just seems like all his missions just been generic and boring. But it isn't like he doesn't like doing good deeds for his village. Kyson doesn't really know how to say it.

"Yeah I remember that. That was a fun mission and vacation spot. Maybe we should give there a visit one of these days. And yeah, maybe I'm just worrying too much." Kyson said in response to Royalty. He could tell Royalty was trying to cheer him up a bit. Kyson doesn't know why these thoughts came to his head all of a sudden. But its always good to let these thoughts out with a close friend. Royalty then began to explain his thoughts on Kyson not being able to reach his full potential. He was right, using his full potential wasn't something that he should look forward too. He just focus on building himself up one day at a time. Growing stronger isn't something that happens overnight, you must be patient and let yourself grow physically and mentally. 

But then Royalty hit the nail on the coffin. Kyson was indeed getting bored, even though being a ninja isn't about having fun. Kyson is young and is still looking for excitement. But what you expect from a kid who has been caged in a corrupted village and has finally been freed for the first time in his life. From traveling from Kumo to Suna and going to konoha. Kyson loves the taste of adventure. Royalty also brought up the foes they have faced in the past. The two of them have took down a lot of strong foes in the past and they were only genin at the moment. Just imagine what they would do if they were to fight the same foes now. So its true the two of them have grown stronger than they were not too long ago. It seems Kyson taste for power has grown a bit. That may sound like a bad thing, but he only wants power to protect and defend. Not to destroy. 

"Yeah your right. I don't know what's getting into me." Kyson said as he looked up into the sky. Royalty had an idea, he said they should spar with the Kazekage when they get back to the village. Kyson wanted to test his strength.. but to a kage. That may be too much even for even the two of them. And that's saying a lot.

"Ha ha, I don't know Roy. That seems like a bit much. Plus, Lord Kazekage always seems to be busy. He might not have the time for it. I think we should get a little stronger before then.. Anyway, you ready to get some training in?" Kyson said in response to Royalty. They could talk for hours but they are in the training grounds. So they might as well get something done while they're there.

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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:21 pm
Royalty heeded Kyson's words about the Kazekage being busy. He was probably right. He would not have time to sit their and spar with the two Chuunin. As much as he loved everyone in the village, he just would be slumped with work. Koroshi did not even have the time to deliver the letter. Which is the whole reason why they were here. When he first thought of it, it seemed like a good idea. Now that Kyson had shunned the thought, he had not known what to say after that. All he wanted to do was give his friend something to look forward to. Royalty gave his reply.

"Ahhhhh, you just had to shut down that thought. It would have been nice to actually do that though. Talk about excitement ha ha. I wonder how long we would last anyway..."

Royalty started to daydream a bit about how nice it would be to actually get to fight someone as great as the Kazekage. It would basically be an honor just to fit into his schedule. Imagining how much of a satisfaction it would be to be commended on how well they performed against him. That would just be the icing on the cake for how he would feel. But his daydreaming was interrupted when Kyson wanted to get to training. Royalty wanted to bring something up. 

"Ah, yeah. That reminds me. Look, I have been feeling this force inside of me the last time I trained. It feels like some new chakra. I can not really explain it, but I will just show you."

Royalty took his trench off and walked over to a tree with a short enough branch. After resting his coat onto the branch, he walked over to his initial position. Extending his left arm downwards at a 45 degree angle from his waist, he started to cringe his fingers together. It almost looked like he was trying to grab onto something. He looked down onto his hand and tried to focus the new chakra to that area. It was similar to the training he had down before they had left Suna. A few seconds later, a bright teal aura surrounded his left hand. It took his almost 3 tries to manifest it back in Suna. He now got it on the first try. It was true that he was making progress. After succeeding, he looked back at Kyson.

"It pure. I can not even explain it. I also feel like it is something totally new that I have never felt before. I do not even know what I should do with it."

Roy sounded a bit worried but determined at the same time. Usually, he would have Ashura to help him learn. Things were differently for a long while now. Thinking about Ashura, Royalty started to think about his parents. They were still stuck in that dreaded place. It was not even a village anymore to Royalty. It was a prison. He knew he would go back there one day to save them. He then brought it up.

"Hey, you think the Hokage would know anything about the Cloud Village? I mean, he is the leader of a village."

He wanted to hear what Kyson had to say about it. If he felt the same, Royalty would feel a little angry that he did not get a chance to ask. The Hokage dismissed them pretty quickly. Guess it was true that the leaders have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. 

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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:32 pm
When Royalty mentioned the Kazekage being busy, he told Kyson he shut down his suggestion. Kyson chuckled a little, he wasn't trying to be harsh but it was kind of the truth. Almost every Kage are too busy. Taking care of an entire village isn't an easy job. But nonetheless, it would be a great experience for them two. To go up against a Kage would be like the hugest honor ever. Getting a chance to fight someone that strong would be the best experience ever. 

"Hell yeah, that would be amazing. Even though that L would be waiting for us at the 5 minute mark. I think we'd put up an okay fight." Kyson said with a light laugh. Kyson was enjoying himself at the moment. Its always fun to joke around with Royalty. Royalty then began to speak about something new he learned. He mentioned a new type of chakra. Kyson was astounded, could it be a new element. But what other element could there be. Kyson knows of wood, by mixing water and earth with senju DNA. But what else could there be? Kyson thought to himself.

"Wow really? I gotta see this." Kyson said as he pays close attention to Royalty. As Kyson watched Royalty's procedure, he can't wait to see what type of chakra he's talking about. As Kyson watches him extend his hands. He feels an odd chakra coming from Royalty, Kyson never seen anything like this before. What could this be, it looks similar to the chakra medical shinobi's use to heal someone. This was really fascinating to Kyson. Royalty mentioned the chakra feeling so pure and he never witnessed anything like it.

"Wow! That's like amazing. Its similar to this kind of chakra." Kyson prepares to make three hand seals that go from boar to rat to snake. Kyson then extends his hands out as a teal chakra began to come from his hands. Kyson forgot to tell Royalty that he learned medical ninjutsu. Nothing serious, but he learned the basics of it. But Kyson still feels a big difference between his medical ninjutsu chakra and Royalty's chakra. It looks a bit similar but it feels completely different.

"But it still doesn't feel the same when I sense the two chakras. Like... your chakra feels completely different. I don't know how to say it... What is it?" Kyson said in curiosity. This was really a great found. Royalty could make some cool techniques with his new chakra. Kyson can't wait to see how he will use it. Royalty then began to ask about the cloud village and if the Hokage knew anything about. Kyson was a bit surprised since that was a bit off topic. But just a couple minutes ago, Kyson went off topic as well.

"Hmmm, I really don't know. Maybe he knows a little. But I doubt he knows more than Lord Kazekage. But I honestly have no clue. Besides, who knows what would happen if he found out I was living there all my life not too long ago. What if he looks at our village differently for letting people from Kumo into their village. Even people from Suna gave me a strange look when I first got there and some still do today. I don't know, I just felt bringing up a touchy subject like that might cause some problems." Kyson said in response to Royalty.

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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:04 pm
Kyson seemed fascinated by what they both were looking at. He seemed to be almost more curious than Royalty about the discovery. This is when Kyson had brought up something. He paid close attention to him. After he extended his arm out, chakra seemed to emanate around his hands too. Roy's eyes had gotten wider. He wondered when Kyson had taken a liking to medical ninjutsu. He recognized the technique almost instantly. 

Kyson had told him that he felt the two were different. In Royalty's eyes, they looked almost similar. As Royalty sensed to two chakra presences, he knew where Kyson had stood. He agreed with him now. The two chakra sources were different. They had similar properties but it definitely was not the same type of chakra. Royalty expressed his feelings towards the jutsu that Kyson had just done. 

"So I see my older sibling influence is starting to take affect on you, ha." 

Royalty kind of laughed it off. He then continued to speak.

"Nah but, it is nice to see that you thought Medical was useful enough to take the time to learn it. I have been around it my whole life. Plus, you know the eyes and all. I really did not have a choice. Ha ha."

Royalty laughed once again. Every time he was with Kyson, it was full of laughs and jokes. The two were meant to be friends. At this time, Kyson was asking Royalty what the chakra was. Royalty really did not have an answer for him. Of course he would try to explain it. It would not do either of them justice if he did not try to interpret the chakra. Kyson's medical ninjutsu gave him more of an idea though.

"Hm, I might need some time to think about it. If my hunch is right then I will be able to use it along with my medical techniques. I don't know. I just feel like that is the direction I should be taking this. I still have to trial and error. What you do not know, could hurt you. I am going to try and be as cautious as I can with this. Sooner or later, I will master this."

Royalty then dispersed the chakra from around his left hand. He felt that today he could experiment different things with the his new chakra. He just needed time. Now, Kyson was replying to Roy's comments about the Hokage's knowledge of the Cloud Village. It seemed Kyson was wary about asking the Hokage. He did not want to stir up any trouble. It would be weird to let the Hokage know that they came to the Sand Village from the Cloud Village. What would the Hokage think of Suna? First, they are harboring Missing Ninja from Konoha, and now they are taking in random strangers from corrupted villages. He was not sure how well this would sit with the Hokage. He then gave his insight on what Kyson had just said.

"Yeah, you are probably right. We would just look bad to be quite honest. What if the Leaf kicks us out and would not want to welcome us again. That would cause problems between the Leaf and the Sand. But I also thought about another thing. What if the Hokage already knows? I am sure if we are an allied village with the Leaf, then Lord Kazekage would have told the Hokage before hand....... Eh I don't know. It is a toss up. I just feel so eager to ask every village leader what they know. Maybe some know more than others. Others could have better advice.....I just don't know.."

Royalty got a little sad when he thought about everything. He just wanted more information to learn how to stop this Youka fellow. After all, he does have his parents and his uncle captive. Roy wondered why Ashura never brought up anything about it. Maybe it was because he was too young to know. Well surely Ashura knows now. It had been a while since the two had ran away from the Cloud Village. Ashura lived in the Sand Village but he has never seen him. Lately, he had been worried about him being killed by that Youka character. He was so anxious to find out. But this was not the time to worry. This was the time to discover the usage for his newly found chakra. He had an idea.

"Hey Kyson, this might sound weird. But I want you to cut me. I just want to see how this chakra works. Since it has the same properties as medical ninjutsu, maybe I can use it to heal. I don't really know how my theory will pan out but if it does not I can still just heal my cut ha ha. But anyway, just try and catch me. I am not gonna just stand here. Let us see how fast you have gotten."

With that, Royalty started leaping backwards at a speed of 62. As he put more distance between the two, he started to zigzag so that he was not moving in a straight line. He kept his eye on his friend, Kyson. Prepared for a Body Flicker, Royalty would be ready to activate his Kozo Sever: Y just in case Kyson would try some funny stuff. This was going to be like old times.

"Do not expect me to not fight back by the way!"

Royalty yelled at Kyson as he widened the gap between them. He grinned as he awaited Kyson's move.

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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:09 pm
Kyson laughed at Royalty's comments after he saw Kyson use a medical technique. Kyson felt it would be useful to learn a basic medical technique, so he wouldn't have to rely on Royalty if someone got injured. But Royalty was proud to see Kyson took his time to learn a medical technique. Even though Kyson wasn't around a family that revolved around medical jutsu. And on top of that, being part of a clan that possess a dojutsu called "Shining Medical Eye." It was only right that Royalty was gifted in Medical type techniques from the start.

"Ha ha, I felt like if we ever had to do a mission or something with other comrades. It would be useful and convenient." Kyson said in reply to Royalty. He mentioned he would use this new chakra to form new medical techniques. He wasn't sure how yet, but he was going to figure it our one way or another. But Kyson believed in Royalty's words. He knew he would find a way to master this new chakra. He is Kyson's best friend and rival after all. Royalty agreed with Kyson when he answered his question. He could tell how worried Royalty was about his family that still lived in Kumo. Kyson is worried as well. But they can't just go around asking questions about Kumo. Ask to the wrong person and it could get dangerous. But the two young shinobi were anxious to know more about that dreadful place. Kyson could tell he was getting a little too worried.

"Its alright, try not to think about it too much." Kyson said to Royalty. He didn't want him to think too much about it. Since the two of them were suppose to be training.Royalty began to speak. He wanted Kyson to cut him. Kyson wasn't sure how he would respond to this or if it really was a good idea. But Kyson learned a medical technique just encase something goes wrong. And on top of that, Royalty has plenty of medical ninjutsu to heal most wounds. So it shouldn't be that big of a problem.

"Well alright, if you say so." Kyson says as he begins to get ready to attack. They were standing 7 meters away from each other. He slowly pulls out a kunai from his weapon pouch with his left hand. As soon as the Kyson pulled out his kunai. With his right hand, Kyson crafted chakra between his fingers and shot three 2 inch wind blades at Royalty's chest. This was his blade of wind technique and it didn't need any handseals. The wind blades were in the shape of small crescents. They would be coming at Royalty at a speed and power of 75. If these were to hit Royalty, they would would leave him with a deep enough cut in Royalty's chest. But not life threatening of course. But it should be good enough to try out his new chakra. But Kyson knows how fast Royalty is, so he's already prepared for his counter. Kyson still had the kunai in his left hand after he used his blade of wind technique.

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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty) Empty Re: Never on Vacation (p, nk, io, Royalty)

Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:49 pm
Royalty could tell that Kyson was a bit confused when he told him to attack. He noticed when Kyson pulled out some Kunai slowly. Thinking ahead of time, he figured that Kyson would not try to use the kunai until he was close enough. So either Kyson needed to rush Roy or he would need to create a distraction so that he could get close. Roy knew off the back that Kyson's throwing speed would not make up for the increasing distance between the two. It was only right to make an assumption on his next move. 

Banking on the fact that Kyson did not start running towards Kyson, he went with prediction B. Now was the time to act on it. Preparing for any type of distraction, Roy paid close attention to Kyson's movements. He noticed him fiddling with his fingers a bit. It seemed like he was doing something with them. This is when Kyson flung his hand forward. Even though Royalty could not see, if figured it to be some sort of projectile. Paying it no mind, he stopped moving backwards and continued to zigzag from side to side. The distance between each jump was about 4 meters. Being that the projectiles could not change their course, they flew past Royalty when he was on the right side.

Roy waited about 4 seconds while still jumping from side to side. He figured he would wait out the projectile, wherever it may be. After so, he stopped his jump so that he was positioned in a linear manner with his counterpart, Kyson. The distance between them had been about 25 meters. After releasing a smile, Royalty then ran forward towards Kyson at a speed of 62. Once the distance had been about 15 meters, Royalty utilized Taijutsu Shunshin to jet in front of Kyson at a speed of 195. He stopped about 1 foot in between them and leaned forward smiling. His silky white hair had draped over most of the features on his face.

"To be honest, I just wanted to loosen my joints. I really have no desire to fight or nothing. I do not even feel like having you chase me ha ha. Just jab the kunai into my shoulder. Do not worry, I am fully prepared for him. You will not hurt me.........too badly. Ha"

Royalty's tone was nothing but comical. He enjoyed their time out. The little exercising he did had him revved up. One of the only reasons he ceased the little games was because he was so eager to find out what the new chakra would do to him. If it did not enhance his medical capabilities then he would surely be disappointed. This would mean his entire theory was incorrect and that he would have to start from square one. As he awaited Kyson's move, all of these thoughts raced across his mind. It was the time to find out 

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