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Hiroyushi Senju
Hiroyushi Senju
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Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:28 pm
Hiroyushi senju would begin walking down the now crowded market place, weaving through the people not fast enough to keep a distance away from himself. Many people would be busy at the stalls, buying and selling goods, mostly food; Filling the air with chatter and laughter. The sound of people talking made Hiroyushi smile, he enjoyed watching people enjoy themselves; especially those people who where younger than him. Though, he would have a few unwanted glares from people jealous of his glistening headband that Hiroyushi had just shined, wrapped tightly around his head. He would take the usual path towards the training ground; To the crossroads that where usually barron, But today not so much. He saw a younger kid on the ground, clearly terrified of the larger boy standing overtop of him. Hiro couldn't see the boy on the ground too well, but he could clearly see the boy standing overtop of him. Jet black hair and deep brown eyes, the boy's skin fairly tanned which stood out from his white T-shirt. "That'll teach the punk." The black haired boy would say to seemingly no one; before Hiro came over to the boy. Hiro himself had decided that this boy needed to be stopped before he hurt anyone else. He would quickly walk over, Hiro had always hated people who thought they where above everyone else; now he was strong enough to do something about it. He would walk up to the boy, confident in himself and say " Hey, Thats enough!" In the most forceful voice he could, coming out relatively threatening. Hiro had surprised the boy, though he thought he had surprised himself more. The boy would turn around, taking a step off the boys abdomin and turn to face Hiro. "Mind your own business." He would say, clearly not respecting his authority. Hiro would actually feel glee at the boys response, he had never got the opportunity to test his actual training. He would walk over to the boy and say "If you dont stop i'll have to force you to." Hiro felt confident in his ability to overpower the boy should the need arise. Though, before he got a proper response he had a fist heading his way, increadibly fast... for someone who wasn't a ninja anyway. Hiro would tilt his head to the right in order to avoid the jab from this kid. In what would seem like a blink of the dark haired boys eye Hiro would have grabbed his wrist and pulled his own hand backwards in order to get some momentum for what he had planned. Hiro would quickly slide his foot over towards the boy and throw out a punch of his own, the punch would come into the boys chest at blinding speed, making hiro remember the amount of training he had to put in to get to this point. The boys chest would concave as his eyes widened to the pain he had felt, Hiro didn't hold back. The boy would tramble for a moment, before taking three steps back and collapsing into a heep on the ground. " Huh, I hit him harder than I had expected." Hiro would say, giving a sadistic smile as he walked over to the other boy. " You alright there buddy?" He would state, Looking at the kids light blonde hair, He was clearly unconsious. "Wow, Can't believe you lost to someone like this guy." He would say looking over at the Teen he had just folded like a lawn chair. "Welp. Time to give you a hand." He would say as he reached his hand out and grabbed the boy - who weighed around eighty pounds - and dragged him over to the fence. He would begin to walk off towards the training ground after a few minutes of jogging and stretches. Hiro was quite proud of himself for dealing with the bully, but he also felt some kind of sick joy in watching the boy in pain. Hiro would contemplate on this for a while while he finished his jog to the training ground.

When Hiro reached the training ground he would head to his usual spot beside the pool of water in training ground 11. He would walk over to the bench he now often sat upon and put down his bag and water bottle, before taking off his T-shirt, leaving only his pure white long sleve underneath; though the white had started to fade to grey over multiple days of use, Perhaps it could use a wash? That didn't matter right now though. He had a plan to use a consealing jutsu he had heard about. one that created a dense mist around the user so they could remain outside the view of those whom he didn't want to see. He would walk the small distance over towards the pool before looking at the crystaline water he had so often trained to use. His reflection staring him back as he looked towards the bottom of the pool. He would outstretch his hands to shoulder level and practice the water manipulation he had before. Making sure he had the feel of the changing water levels and the density and weight of the water before moving on, this process usually took a few minutes to get down as he was till new to the water style maipulation he had becomed attuned to over the course of his studies at the academy. He would lower his arms and place his hands in the Tiger seal. He would manipulate the chakra around the pool of water into a thin yet dense version of its previous self, spreading it around through the air, making any of hiro's surroundings increadibly hard to see. He would wander around for a bit, getting lost in the numb sensation of not being able to see anything before placing his hands in Tiger position and imagining the water conjoining into droplets of water, causing the mist to turn into a light rain as Hiro began to walk over to the bench, grabing his bag and heading back to his home.

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Hidden Mist Empty Re: Hidden Mist

Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:41 pm

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