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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK)

Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:18 am
It is another hot day in the hidden Leaf Village. It is mid day and Izo has just finished up  his  morning training session with lee. The two men are now sitting next to a training dummy in Lee’s huge front yard. The yard is littered with different types of bladed weapons. The dummy that the two are sitting by  is missing it’s head from the two ninja taking repeated blows at it. Izo is completely winded from the combination of the heat and the intense training session he had just finished. He is  sweating a lot, his shirt is drenched. Lee is not winded at all, and looks as if he did not even do anything.

Finally catching his breath, Izo would take advantage of this break in the action, and starts up a conversation with lee. Izo begins to tell lee of all that has happened to him in recent times as it has been some time since the two men have spoken. Izo would begin with his meeting his group 12 squad members  mason kin and mako sensei atop hokage rock. Izo’s eyes would light up as he is explaining to lee, the way mako transformed into a monkey sage, fully  complete with the tail and everything. “and then he jumped off the side and got away before I could catch him!” Izo would finish his statement louder than when he began. Lee does not say anything, instead he nods his head in approval and watches  as Izo continues on, picking up where he left off. Izo would go on to talk about makos bell test. Izo sounds and looks visibly nervous as he is explaining the bell test to lee. “and I’ve been training night and day since mako sensei told us about the bell test. But I don’t know what other jutsu to learn.. and your no help as you don’t know any jutsu that you can teach me!” Izo would cross his arms and turn away from lee as he says the last part. With a chuckle and a smile lee would say in a very calm voice “well if you knew a second element wouldn’t that give you double the jutsu library  to learn from?” as if a light bulb went off, Izo would swiftly  turn back towards lee with a giant ear to ear smile “that’s a great idea! So then Can you teach me a new element?” now smiling even harder than before. Lee would smack Izo up side the back of his head as he replies saying “don’t you listen!  I barely know wind jutsu. How do you expect me to teach you another element!” taking a deep  breath Lee continues “But I do remember your father saying that your grandmother was quite good at using earth jutsu. And since you two are  related it shouldn’t be to hard for you to pick it up from she used to be a good academy teacher back in her day.” Hearing this sends waves of happiness flowing through Izo’s body. Izo would quickly jump up and gathering his things he would rush down Lee’s walkway and into the street. Izo would briefly stop to wave goodbye to lee before taking off in the direction of his home.

Izo is running through the streets of the leaf village like a mad man. Bumping into people even almost knocking over one of his former instructors from the academy. Normally Izo would have stopped to apologize and make small talk, but this time he was on a self given mission to seek out his granny and nothing was going to stop him from that task.. Finally arriving at his house, Izo barges through the front door and immediately  yells “granny!” at the top of his lungs. A few seconds pass before, from the living room Izo hears his grannies voice yell back; in a louder voice than the one Izo called with “quiet down I’m trying to shop for something online. What ya calling me for?” Izo would jump out of fear as he wasn’t expecting his granny to be home now ‘god I hate the Internet’ he would think quietly to him self before responding back out loud to his granny “ well you see, I was training over by Lee’s and he said that you could teach me the earth element.” Granny would come walking out of the living room to meet Izo in the hallway, her demeanor clearly changed. “Why didn’t you say so? It’s been ages since I used my earth jutsu last, I’d be happy to” granny would say with a mischievious smile on her face. Granny does not say another word, instead she would simply walk towards the back door to the back yard. Izo would follow her outside, not wanting to upset her.

When Izo gets outside, he can see that his granny was holding pieces of paper in her hand, curious Izo asks her what’s the paper for. Granny would turn to izo with a shocked look on her face and says “ you want to learn the earth element right?” she would ask Izo rhetorically before continuing on “the earth element is a very versatile element as it allows one to use a wealth of jutsu for both offensive and defensive purposes. In fact a lot of the ninja in our family use the earth release  as their main element ; actually I think everyone but you and your father have the earth element. “ Granny stops for a second to catch her breath and find a seat. After taking a seat in one of the lawn chairs granny would continue her speech “ this here is special paper made by feeding chakra directly to a tree. By doing so, it gives this here paper the added ability to sense out your chakra affinity. I’m surprised you didn’t go over this in school izo. What are they teaching you kids  these days?! Now since you use wind chakra, when you hold the paper it will split. Me on the other hand, when I hold it the paper turns to dust. Your goal is to turn this paper to dust by time we are done.”

Once she is done speaking Izo would quickly grab one of the slips of paper out of his grannies hand and places it between his thumb and pointer finger. Izo would turn the paper over in his fingers, examining both sides, looking for a difference between this and regular paper. After a few silent moments of examination, Izo gives up on his quest to find a visual difference. Izo would shift his focus back to learning the ground element. Unsure what to do, Izo assumes he should just vitalize his chakra into his hand, as if using one of his wind jutsus.  Standing there still holding the paper between his two finger , Izo would close his eyes and begin to vitalize his chakra, directing it towards his hand as if he was going to use his gale palm jutsu. Before he has a chance to open his eyes and watch, Izo can feel the piece of paper between his fingers rip in two. Now with his eyes open, Izo turns towards his granny and says “how do I make it turn to dust?” Izo would scratch his head and stare at the two slips of paper while asking his question.

Izo’s granny would look at him with a grin building on her face and say “normally one would have to be a chunin before they can learn a second element. That means you are going to have to work a lot harder than you have ever worked before if you want to learn this as a genin.” She would take a break before continuing “izo you probably don't realize it but when you use your wind element techniques, you are making the chakra inside of your body spin at super natural speeds and that’s what causes the wind chakra. So in order for you to be able to use the earth element and produce earth chakra, we have to get your body a tuned with the earth it self.” Izo is completely lost and does not know what she means by a tuned with the earth, but knowing that he will do what ever it takes to get stronger, Izo does not question the old lady’s teaching methods.

Izo would watch as granny walks over towards him. Once she is a few meters away, she would preform a few hand signs before taking a knee and touching her hand to the ground. At that moment, the area where the two nara are sanding would shoot up into the air. Stopping once it got twenty meters off the ground. Izo is completely shocked and taken aback as this happens. He nearly slips off when the ground first begins to lift off.

Now twenty meters in the air Izo would quickly take a seat so as to not fall off the side. Granny would also take a seat across from the young ninja. Izo stares across at his grandmother for a split second before asking “why in the world are we up here for?” he would look over the side quickly as he is asking his question. Granny would say back “you have to meditate and learn to channel your chakra into earth chakra. In order to do that quickly, you need total concentration, which you should be able to get up here. Now channel your inner earth element,  and I’ll let you know when dinner is ready!” once she was finished speaking granny would disappear in a cloud of smoke. Leaving young Izo alone twenty meters on top of a dirt mound with no clear instructions or direction.

Sitting there Izo beings to day dream about his looming bell test with mako sensei, he dreams of he and his teammates standing victorious holding the bells high in the air in his dream, Izo is using all different types of earth elements to help his teammates subdue mako sensei. This momentary thought helps to give Izo the motivation to push on. ‘whelp, here goes nothing’ izo would think to himself as he closes his eyes and begins to try clearing his mind of all the clutter. Pushing aside his worries over the bell test or the chunin exams that would surly follow the bell test. Once he is sure that he has cleared out his mind, he begins to vitalize his chakra, paying close attention to his thought as he does so. While vitalizing his chakra, Izo can almost feel and see the wind chakra flowing through his veins, spinning ever so violently waiting for him to cast it. ‘so now, how to get that to turn to earth’ izo thinks to himself before opening his eyes and tuning his attention to the ground right in front of him. Taking both hands Izo would scoop up some of the dirt and spread it over his head ‘if I focus and think about this dirt I should be able to get this earth element thing to work. And if I cover myself in dirt maybe it will make it easier.’ He would foolishly  think to himself before closing his eyes again. This time Izo would try his hardest to keep his chakra from spinning. Instead he is trying to get his chakra to turn and meld into the necessary earth that he needs. Completely covered in dirt, Izo strains his hardest to imagine the ground and dirt around and covering him moving and acting to his will.

Izo would be up on top of the dirt mound for a few hours before he is able to create a decent mental picture of the turning earth around him. Izo is still concentrating hard when he suddenly feels the ground beneath him shake and move a bit before it would recede back into the ground a couple of feet. Excited and curious, Izo wonders if he was the cause of the ground receding. Curious, Izo tries to do it again, replicating everything he had done just moments ago to make the mound shift. It would only take a few moments for izo to confirm that he in fact was making the mound recede, after feeling it happen a second time.

From the window granny calls out “come inside dinner is ready!” before slamming it back down closed. Izo is visibly saddened by the fact that he has to leave just when he was getting the hang of the earth element. He would stand up and slide half way down the mound before jumping off. He would land on the ground in front of the dirt mound taking a knee to brace his fall. Once on the ground, Izo would head for the door letting it slam as he goes through it.  Stopping momentarily before going in to brush the dirt off of himself.

Now inside, Izo walks over and has a seat at the table, where he can finally see that his granny has made his favorite spicy pork for dinner. With a big smile, Izo grabs his knife and fork and digs in; starving after a long day of training. Granny uses this time to inquire how Izo’s training has been coming along with the earth element. He would take a quick sip of water so as not to choke before he would begin to explain to her how he had made the dirt mound recede a bit, all before jumping back into his plate. With a smile, granny would congratulate Izo on the minor success and suggests that he call it a night so that he could start a new in the morning when he would be fresh after a good night’s sleep. Once she’s done speaking granny would bid Izo a good night and head off to her room, leaving Izo there alone in his thoughts. ‘hmph, I can’t afford to take a break if I want to catch up to mako sensei’ he would think quietly to himself as he sits there. ‘I’ll train all night if I have to, I will not let my squad mates down’ he would think to himself as he pushes his plate away and decides to head back out for some more training before calling it a night.

Once Izo is finally back outside he would see that it has begun to rain. A feat that rarely happens in the hidden leaf, but tonight it did, and a lot at that. Because of the rain, Izo would have a hard time climbing back up to the top of the dirt mound being that it  had begun to turn into mud and izo would slip down a few inches every time he made it a bit higher. Once Izo finally gets to the top, he can see that despite it raining, the dirt mound was still steady at the same height that it was when he left early ‘guess the rain won’t melt it away because of the chakra infused in the mud’ he would think to himself as he sets back down on the now 15 meter high dirt mound. ‘if I can get this mound of dirt to return to normal without using any of my wind element techniques, I should be able to get the feel for this earth element stuff!’ izo would think to himself before he closes his eyes and again begins to Envision the Earth around him. In his mind Izo begins to picture his chakra pushing back against the ground beneath him. Izo is struggling very hard to concentrate all of his energy into only using his affinity for the earth manifest his chakra. After about five minutes of straining and struggling, Izo can feel the ground under him give a bit and again the dirt mound would recede a few feet. This causes Izo to smile a little.

The rain is still coming down hard, causing the mound of dirt to become a mud pit. Sitting in the same spot for so long would cause Izo to sink a bit into the mud. He pays this no mind, choosing not to reposition himself or wipe the rain/sweat from his eyes. Izo would just sit there for hours not moving a single muscle, just concentrating and focusing all of his chakra into controlling and manipulating the earth around him. For all of his hard work, Izo would get the dirt/mud mound to recede a few inches to a few feet with every passing hour. The longer the night rain would beat on, the closer the mound would get to the ground.

Finally as the sun is about to rise on the hidden Leaf village, the rain begins to subside. Izo, completely drenched from the down pour, is still seated with mud covering his cloths and hair. The ground that Izo is sitting on that used to be 20 meters in the air was now only a meter of two above the ground. Izo is completely exhausted from staying up the whole night in the down pour. But he does not let this discourage him, and instead continues to press forward ‘only a little more to go’ izo would think to himself as he sat there now able to control his earth chakra with greater ease. Izo would give one last push of strain on his muscles, causing him to give off a loud “HMPH” as he does so. With that the ground beneath Izo would level off with the rest of the surrounding area of the backyard. Tired and completely exhausted, Izo opens his eyes for the first time in hours. He would raise his hands to his face to help shield his eyes from the sun that was now making its way into the morning sky. Looking around, Izo can finally see the fruits of his labors for the first time. Seeing that he has made the ground return to normal causes Izo to jump up and down in excitement, forgetting for a moment how tired he is. Once Izo is done celebrating, his expression would turn to a serious one, knowing that he must first make the chakra paper turn to dust before he can officially say that he has learned the earth element.

Izo would walk back towards the door to the house. As he is about to step food inside, he is stopped dead in his tracks by his granny “where do you think your going covered in dirt like that?” she would ask izo, while pointing at his dirt covered cloths. “go and rinse of with the hose on the side if the house. Once you are done go upstairs and get changed for the day, I can’t believe you stayed out all night in that terenchual rain storm!” she would say before disappearing back into the house.

“does that woman ever sleep” Izo mumbles under his breath in hopes of Granny not heading him. Once she has gone inside Izo would walk around to the side of the house and takes the hose and begins rinsing the dirt from his cloths and hair. Clumps of mud and dirt would fall from Izo’s cloths as they are hit by the jet stream from the hose.  It takes Izo roughly ten minutes to wash all of the dirt from his cloths. Now standing along the side of the house dripping wet, Izo would walk back towards the back yard and walks into the house and to his room. He would leave a track of water as he walks through the house.

Now in his room, Izo quickly changes from his soaking wet cloths, throwing them into the bathroom to dry. Izo walks over to his draw and pulls out a new pair of clean cargo pants and slips them on. Heading over to his shirt draw, Izo would see that he was all out of red long sleeve shirts. Izo decides to wear one of his undershirts with the nara clan symbol on the front of it. Looking in the mirror, Izo decides that this may be his new look as he is liking what he is seeing. Izo ties his leaf headband back around his arms before he would walk over to his bed. Izo is completely exhausted at this point , fro n having been up all night long, and is about to dive into bed. Just as he is about to jump into his bed, Izo realizes that he has yet to check to see if he is able to turn the chakra paper into dust  after spending the entire night on top of that mound of dirt, Izo is pretty confident in his chances. Izo would head back towards the kitchen where his granny was now seated at the table waiting for his return.

As Izo walks into the kitchen he can see a few chakra papers laying on the table. Upon seeing the papers, Izo instantly becomes nervous. ‘um granny I was wondering what happens if the paper doesn’t turn to dust again?” he would ask his granny, with a scared look on his face. Granny’s demeanor would be the total opposite of Izo’s. She was reclining in the chair, and seemed pretty cool calm and collect. “if u don’t get it, then I guess we will just have to spend the entire weekend on top of that dirt mound, but I’m confident you will get it . You just have to trust in yourself.”she would say to Izo as she grabs one of the chakra papers from the table and holds it out for Izo to grab.

While grannies words help strengthen Izo’s confidence, is is still a bit nervous and apprehensively takes the chakra paper from her hands. ‘please turn to dust!’ izo would think to himself as he takes the chakra paper between his pointer and middle finger. With the paper secured tightly between his finger, Izo would close his eyes and begins to focus on gathering his chakra. While vitalizing his chakra, Izo notices that his chakra is not wilding spinning like it normally would when he uses his wind jutsus. This feeling is new to izo, almost as if his chakra is more dense than usual. Izo would close his hand, making a fist around the now crumpled up chakra paper. Izo would squeeze at his fist as hard as possible. An instant later, Izo would feel the crumpled up paper give way, as if it had disappeared from his hand. In his hand Izo would feel a grainy substance, turning it around in his fingers trying to figure out what this is. ‘could it be’ izo thinks to himself as he begins to open his eyes. Once his eyes are fully open, Izo opens his hand and pours out the foreign substance that he was playing with a moment ago. As Izo turns his fist to the side, allowing the substance to pour out the bottom of his fist, he would notice that this substance that he had no idea what it was a minute ago was in fact dirt. Well a very refined form of this that looks a lot like dust as it falls from the ninjas hand.

“Granny look look, I did it!” Izo would yell as the last little bit of dust pours from his fist.
“I can’t wait to show every one, I wonder what jutsu I should learn first. But first I think I’ll get some sleep that took a lot.” Izo would say as he yawns rather loudly. From her seat across the table, granny would say to Izo “congratulations I knew you could do it all along. You are your father’s son.” With a smile on her face “you should get some sleep before you start worrying about what jutsu to learn. Granny would congratulate Izo once more before getting up and heading over to the computer for her daily shopping.

Izo is still excited that he has learned a new element, but he takes his grannies advise and decides to take a nap before going and telling everyone.

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Akihana Akari
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wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK)

Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:33 am

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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK)

Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:34 pm
It is mid afternoon in the hidden Leaf Village, and Izo is just waking up from a nap. With a loud yawn Izo would roll over and see that he has slept well into the afternoon and missed his morning training session with lee. Jumping out of bed Izo would immediately get changed into his cloths for the day and heads for the room door. Now in the hallway, Izo is just about to get to the front door when he is stopped dead in his tracks by his granny; who is now  standing in front of the door. “where are you headed off to so fast?” she would ask. “ I’m late for my morning training session with lee if I hurry I might can still make it before he leaves for work for the day” Izo would say back in response as he tries to rush past her. Granny would immediately cut Izo off using her shadow imitation jutsu, and offers to teach him some earth jutsu instead. Unable to move, and Having just recently learned the earth element, Izo happily agrees. ‘guess I’ll do a double tomorrow’ Izo thinks to himself as he follows his grandmother into the back yard once she has released the jutsu.

Now in the backyard, Izo stands and watches as his granny picks a small rock up from the ground. “hey granny, um what is that for?” Izo would curiously ask the old shinobi. His question is met with silence, as He would get his answer a few seconds later, as he would see his granny preform a one handed sign, all while still holding the rock in her hand. An instant later the small rock that was no bigger than granny’s hand a moment ago, was now growing until it is a full sized staff made out of the rock. Granny would smile a big smile while resting the cane against her right shoulder. Leaning a bit forward she would say “that jutsu I just used is called rock section cane. As the name implies it creates a cane out of rocks.” She would hold the cane out so that Izo can look at and examine it. While Izo is still looking at the cane in her hands, granny would continue on “ this is an E rank jutsu, so it should be easy for you to pick up. Find a rock, the size doesn’t matter, and after vitalizing your chakra make the tiger hand sign with the hand holding the rock. Give it at try” she would finish her statement and takes a seat in a lawn chair to watch as Izo attempts the jutsu.

Izo would watch as his granny takes a seat in the lawn chair,  than he would  walk over and pick up a rock up from the ground. The rock is rather small, only about the size of a walnut. Izo would than grip the rock tightly before gathering his chakra; drawing it to his left hand, which held the rock. ‘this isn’t to bad, I may have the hang of it already’ izo would think to himself as he makes the one handed tiger seal. In less that a second, Izo would begin to feel the changes to the rock that was in his hand. As the rock grew in his left hand, izo would be forced to loosen his grip. The rock cane would shoot from both ends of Izo’s fist, growing until it is finally just a few inches longer than izo. Izo would jump up and down, filled with joy.

Izo’s granny would get up from her seat and walk over to congratulate Izo on learning his first earth technique. She would pat Izo on the top of his head once she was next to him. Filled with excitement, izo is about to run out of the backyard, In hopes of meeting up with lee and showing him his new jutsu. Seeing as this jutsu did not take that much time to learn, Izo assumes he should be able to make it to Lee’s place in time.. granny would stop Izo again in his tracks using her shadow imitation technique  “hey what’s say we work on some more earth jutsu. How’s bout I teach you that technique from the other day.” Upset that he let her catch him again, Izo would nod his head in agreement. Seeing this granny would release her jutsu hold over the boy “well you see, the name of that jutsu from the other day is  moving earth core. As you saw the other day, after you gather the necessary amount of chakra, you will thn clap your hands together and touch them to the  ground. By doing this, it allows the user the ability to raise or lower the ground around them. You should know though, the ground can only be raised or lowered up to 20 meters, so keep that in mind when coming up with strategies.” she would say to izo, who is now listening rather intently, as he does not want her to use her shadow imitation technique on him again.

Intrigued by the new earth jutsu , Izo can not stand to wait  any longer, and as soon as granny is done explaining how the jutsu works, Izo would rush to an open area of the backyard to practice the technique. Once he is sure that he has enough space, Izo would shut his eyes tightly, in order to help him focus on gathering his earth chakra. ‘I think I almost got it’ izo would think to himself as he gathers the last little bit of chakra required for the jutsu. Now with the ample amount of chakra, Izo swings his arms open before slamming them together very fast. Izo s hands would give off a very loud CLAP! As they make contact with each other. Izo would then  immediately take a knee, and touch his hands to the ground under him. The first thing Izo notices is how hot the ground was to the touch ‘another hot day in the hidden leaf’ Izo would think to himself. As Izo is finishing his thought, the ground beneath him would begin to shake. The shaking would only last for a few moment, but it is nearly enough to break Izo’s focus. Izo would strain a bit harder in order to maintain his focus and not become scared by the movement that was happening around him. A few seconds would pass after the shaking stops, this short time allows Izo to refocus his attention on the jutsu. Another second would pass before, up from the ground, Izo and the surrounding area would go shooting up into the sky. When the ground finally does settle and stops moving, it would do so with a bit of a jerk. The jerk is enough to force Izo to open his eyes, as he does not want to fall off the side.

Now with his eyes open Izo begins to scan the area around him. The first thing he notices is that he is on eye level with the tree line. Not fully convinced and still needing proof , Izo would look over his right shoulder towards his house where he would find all the proof he needed. When he looks over his shoulder, Izo would see the top of his house ‘hey that’s the kick ball I lost when I was 4’ izo thinks aloud to himself.  Izo is still a bit apprehensive about standing up while being so high in the sky, so he decides to crawl over to the side to call out to his granny “hey granny look at me I’m on top of the world!” Izo would say as he cups his mouth in order to yell down to his grandmother. Granny would cup her hands around her mouth and replies to izo “great, now use the jutsu to return back down here!”.

‘oh yea that’s right’ izo would think to himself as he gathers his chakra into his hands, and again slaps the ground under his feet. Izo would have a much easier time returning the ground back to floor level as it was part of his training for the earth element. Once he is back on the ground, Izo would stand up from his kneeling position and faces his granny to see what she thought. Granny would take some time before gauging Izo’s performance. During this time she would stand quietly, only moving her hand to scratch her chin. “hmm, we’ll I must say I’m impressed that you are able to do both jutsus that I thought you today. And to learn them in the first try is simply amazing.” She would say as a smile begins to appear on her face. Izo would also sprout a smile as he hears his granny praise his success.

Izo is still filled with excitement an happiness as he is walking towards the door to go inside and get something to eat. Just as Izo is about to turn the doorknob, he is stopped by his granny’s voice calling out to him “ and hey just cause those two jutsu was easy doesn’t mean they all will be. . You have some skill with the earth element izo, keep at it and continue making me proud” she would toss a few scrolls at Izo as she finishes her statement.

Izo would tuck the scrolls into his weapons pouch, ‘I got to remember to return them when I’m done’ he would think to himself as he  heads inside.

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Akihana Akari
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wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: wind of the leaf (ongoing,P,NK)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:06 pm

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