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ANBU Reports: Operative Wolf Empty ANBU Reports: Operative Wolf

Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:01 am
[This topic will be used to house Ashi's written accounts of those she encounters. Call it a journal or an action report it doesn't matter, but the reports within this topic are available to other ANBU operatives and, of course, the Hokage. I figured it would be a fun way to keep a running summary of thoughts and such of the characters or events Ashi witnesses.]

-----------------------------------------------Entry #354-----------------------------------------------
Person of Interest: Kiranomo Hyuuga
Known Aliases: Nomi Hyuuga, Kira
Home Village: Born in Amegakure, but claims Konohagakure citizenship
Titles: Supposed Head of the Nara clan

Known Bloodlines:
"Smoke Transformation": The ability to transform one's body parts into smoke of some sort.
Alternate Sharingan: Sharingan displayed a pattern unknown to me that I have not seen in the eyes of any Uchiha.
Nara shadow manipulation: Demonstrated supreme control of shadows.
Abilities:  Summoning scythe from thin air, Fuinjutsu marking and summoning of some sort, alleged transferring of Nara powers via seal
Connections: ???Youka Tau???, ???Maku???, Tatsuya Nara
Potential Threat Level: Low<--->Moderate
Kiranomo is not to be trusted. The woman originally hid behind the name of Nomi Hyuuga and interfered with village affairs. She clearly treasures her clan above most things too such an extent that she would openly defend a defector. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of her appears to be her fickle ways. One moment she was prepared to attack her clansman, but the next she was defending him and willing to vouch for his life. Furthermore, in looking back at previous reports, she had a violent run in at our village gates that resulted in an assault a shinobi of Kumogakure, ally at the time. She also reported the deaths of three Konoha shinobi while hinting at knowledge of the Fourth Hokage's children.

That being said, the woman has not shown any open hostility towards the village as of yet so my suspicions lie on a feeling and nothing more. In fact, she helped apprehend a defecting shinobi see reason. She also seemed easily swayed by a clansman's emotional appeal. The best way to look at the woman for now is as a low level threat. I believe she should be watched with a close eye before trust is given or her words are given weight. Trust but verify especially considering her apparent inclination towards gathering bloodlines of clans other than her own. Will update this file as I learn more.

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