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Needle Turnabout [solo,nk] Empty Needle Turnabout [solo,nk]

Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:21 pm
While pondering the mysteries of the gentle fist, Koz was rudely interrupted by some other sect member who wanted to pick a fight with him. He stood up from the meditation position that he had been in, and saw that this was one of those crazy guys with no talent. How did a guy like this make it into the sect anyway? There must be something that the elders and protectors saw in him that Koz simply did not. The elders were wise, and he clearly was not, so his insights into the matter were very limited indeed. Still, he felt resentment toward this guy. What a jerk!
This boy's name was Han Man, and he had 5th Xing envoy potential, which wasn't so bad... for a loser. Truly, he thought he was one of the best cultivators around, and Koz grudgingly admitted that he had been able to cultivate extremely quickly. It was to the point that some of the cultivators with much higher potential had become jealous and envious. Koz had no such feelings though, as he knew that things like that would probably not do very well for his own foundation. It was better to focus on his own strength, then laugh at others afterward. 
However, Han Man really was interrupting his meditation. This was a crime against the laws of the sect, and as such, Koz had to punish him for it. Was this not how the Ban Hui sect worked? He knew that from the moment the guy had decided to pick on him, Koz had the full authority to counter with force. But, being the gentle boy that he was, Koz was a little hesitant about it. After all, hurting someone was not nice. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. But then, he realized that by that logic, Han Man was asking for his own cultivation to be set back. Fine, then. Koz would show him the power of the gentle fist. 

"Koz, you ugly brat, are you tired of living? Get your ass over here and fight me! Or are you scared?!" Hah, fuck his grandmother. Scared? Koz wasn't scared at all. Still, he knew that Han Man had at least enough sense to call him out in a traditional way. Things like "are you tired of living" were commonly heard when challenges happened in the sect, which they did a lot. People were always looking to fight other people in order to grow their power. However, Koz had not really fought anyone recently, so he took this as a chance to test out the things he had learned. He would try to beat Han Man within three moves. However, he set a restriction on himself. This was a handicap, something to prove to himself that he was far, far better than Han Man in every possible way. This was that he would not use the earth element on him, nor the fire element. He would actually try not to use advanced ninjutsu and elemental spellcasting at all, instead relying on his martial arts skills to speak for him.

"Okay, Han Man, it seems that you are the one who is tired of living. You have tried to make me, Koz, lose face in front of you. However, I will not allow you that. Instead, I will fight you and set your cultivation back. Then you will know something... that I have broken through to the 2nd Hui layer!" This was true. Only yesterday, Koz had gained an insight and broken through yet again. It was amazing, was it not? Because he had spent so many years growing his foundation, he found that now, he could cultivate well and quickly at the same time. This meant that he should be superior to Han Man in every way.

Han Man, however, seemed to have different ideas. He was clearly confident that he would win whatever fight was about to happen.

"2nd Hui Layer? You lie, Koz! I will set back YOUR cultivation and make you lose face in front of the entire sect!! Now, witness the power of my new technique! Fire stream!" Wow, what a cringe factor. He actually yelled out the name physically? Koz had been told to call forth the name of the technique inwardly (as in his soul), but out loud? Now he was just losing face, even if he didn't realize it. Still, the fire stream was a technique that Koz also knew, and he knew just how weak it was. This was not a technique to be used for combat, but rather, one that needed to be used as a foundation for developing other fire style techniques. In this way, one could have a large foundation. Huh, so it looked like beating Han Man would be easy indeed.

Koz merely had to twist his body to the left in order that the fire stream might not hit him. After doing that, with a smile on his face, he rushed toward Han Man. His opponent seemed shocked that he had missed his amazing technique. Ah, poor Han Man. He was about to be defeated by a handicapped Koz. Well, at any rate, there he was, rushing towards Han Man. As he did, he had an insight. What if he applied the same concept he had used with his ninjutsu to the palm bottom technique? 

"Hah!" With a shout, his palm would seem to gently tap Han Man's dantian, but it was actually with great force and conviction.

Wielding something violent as if it were gentle!

The profound mysteries of the universe!

Fold, fold, then fold again. The force of his chakra-enhanced palm slammed into Han Man's dantian, damaging his cultivation. Huh... the chakra that had entered Han Man's body had taken the form of a needle. So this was the gentle fist, only a mere level above the foundation. Imagine how strong it would be at higher ranks! He must cultivate more, as such.

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Needle Turnabout [solo,nk] Empty Re: Needle Turnabout [solo,nk]

Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:53 am
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Needle Turnabout [solo,nk] Empty Re: Needle Turnabout [solo,nk]

Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:09 pm
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Needle Turnabout [solo,nk] Empty Re: Needle Turnabout [solo,nk]

Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:38 pm
Wow, bump
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Needle Turnabout [solo,nk] Empty Re: Needle Turnabout [solo,nk]

Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:43 pm
Really Kozai? Denied. <3

Trial approved.
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