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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:46 pm
Mako walked down the flight of steps in front of his studio apartment.  He had already showered and ate a decently sized breakfast.  Usually the mornings prior to a training day Mako would not hastily leave this early, opting instead to smoke a half a pack of cigarettes and contemplate the upcoming training.  However, several things had changed.  First he had been contemplating this training for quite some time and although he was somewhat frightened to undertake it he also was excited.  Secondly, he had been invited on a "mission" of sorts with a fellow chuunin and would be away from town for quite some time. And Lastly, which was really the most important reason for his early rising, he only had one cigarette left in the entire apartment and needex to get more on his way to the training grounds.

As he walked the throufh the streets this early in the morning he saw most of the shops opening getting prepared for first light.  He knew he had a 10 min walk and figured if he lit up now he could reach the convenience store and have another in his mouth just as this one burnt out.  So he lit up his last cigarette and continued his journey.   With a heavy heart and high biting knowing one of the greatest trials of his life was before him.  

He made it to the store just as the cherry of the cigarette had made its way to the butt.  He flashed his I'd and handed over the ryo for 3 packs of Manitoba Red Apples, he hated menthol and he found that when he smoked menthol his ash jutsu always had a wintergreen smell to it and that wasn't very intimidating.  He took the packs and placed them into the belt pouch on his right side behind him.  He would then turn and walk in the direction of the training grounds.  He did not know what today had in store but if it was anything overly spectacular he needed to be in a place limiting collateral damage.

Mako was worried, because today he would summon the Monkey King Genma, leader of the monkey sages and king of the Jungles of Naya.  Now Mako had been warned by his summons, Sushma, Jenumba, and Garumpa that the Monkey King was quite powerful, and very wise.  The king did not suffer fools and did not tolerate weakness. The king was stern and quiet, but very loyal to those who could earn his trust and respect.   

It had been 6 months since Mako signed the Monkey scroll sealing his contract with the monkey summons and in that time he had impressed many of the Monkeys, he had no doubt that his skill and good deeds had reverberated back to the Monkey King high atop his throne, and he knew that if he put off the fight for mu h longer he would seem cowardly.  And as it was on this day he had chosen to face the monkey king in combat, if he succeeded he would form an alliance with a powerful ally but if he failed he would lose the contract all together and no longer be able to summon his friends to him.  It was because of this that Mako hardened his heart, and told himself that defeat was not an option.


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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:25 pm
Mako made his way out of the village passing both the Hyuuga and Uchiha district on his way out, he wondered what form if antisocial hermitage might have inspired a whole clan to live seperation from the rest of the village and thought about how that action did not support his belief in the will of fire.   Mako continued down into a forested pathway that was between the edge of town and the training grounds.  He considered climbing through the trees as he was most comfortable with traveling however today he preferred a calm pace so as to save every ounce of energy for the upcoming battle he would soon face against what he imagined would be one of the toughest opponents he ever faced.  

He continued at a slow walk with one hand occasionally reaching up to remove the cigarette and evacuate the ash from the end of it.  He ended up having to relight a new one about three times, that was how slow he walked.  He was getting mentally prepared for the challenge he sooner face.  The nicotine helped calm his nerves.  This was when he finally made it across the lines of the training ground and out into a large opening, one that would likely make for the battlefield that would ensue not too long from now.

He went out to the middle and dropped on the grass putting his muscled arms under his head and looking up into the sky through sunglasses. And allowed himself to drift off into a small sleep. However if only for a moment because he was quickly awoken by a familiar voice and a sharp pain in his chest.  He opened his eyes and saw the little red spider monkey sage leaping up and down on his chest goading him to wake up.


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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:11 am
The voice Mako heard was singing quite loudly in a very thick slang, and it was almost squeaky in sound.  

"Maaaaaak-oh is guuuunnnnaa dieeeeee! He has no chance agaiiiiiinnssst the King!"  The small red monkey in a white cloth bandana just sang over and over again leaping up and down on his chest with fury.  It hurt but not too bad. Mako would move fast and grab the rat around its throat and hold him suspended in the air.  The Monkey countered by shrieking and biting his index finger and chomping down forcing Mako to let go, then Sushma would bolt off of Mako's prostrate body and into a nearby tree.  

"What are you doing here Sushma?" Mako would ask leaning forward on his elbows and taking another drag off if his cigarette in an attempt to relight it.  "I'm fairly certain I didn't summon you..." He then stated.

Sushma sat in a low hanging branch on the tree, fiddling with the pack of cigarettes he had stealthily stolen prior to jumping up and down on him.  He shoved one in his mouth and chomped down lighting it with some fireproduced from its tail.  And breathing in with a large drag making him almost double in size and exhaling a massive cloud of smoke.  "Well  how exactly were you planning on fighting tha King laying down in a training field ? " Sushma would ask condescendingly. "Ya can't even summon him yet, you gotta come to the jungle, and I'm here to make ya come."

Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:28 pm
"How do you intend to do that though," Mako asked reluctantly thinking this plan was fool hardy.  He wanted to fight but he was truly banking on using the terrain in the training grounds to his advantage. In addition he knew that in their home land these monkeys had a huge advantage of being able to use the high nature chakra to manipulate and create jutsus, and this was an advantage that Mako wanted to remove from the monkey king.  Thoufh apparently the king had different plans.

Mako would sit up from where he was laying to hear what the small red spider monkey had to say on this matter.
"Well, you know how you have a summoning contract with us which let's ypu summon us to your side anytime ypu want.  Yea, that contract works both ways.  We can summon ypu to us anytime we want, which is why you fought uncle in the jungle when tha two of ya first met.  And also why you'll be fighting pops right now in the jungle."   

Mako's stomach churned he didn't know if he was ready for that undertaking. He had calculated the entire battle and how it might go here in his terrain but there he was at a major disadvantage.  He couldn't afford to lose the fight, this was the king of his summons.  If he lost now his name would be stricken from the contract like so many other names before him and he would be without his friends.  The monkey sages who had helped guide him to this point.

Sushma could see Mako's outward reluctance and climbed down the tree to his shoulder, "It's ok Mah-ko mah buddy, you can handle it.  I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't thin you could."  The little monkey said.  It was a reassurance that he desperately needed and made him feel much more confident. However he still held his doubt. ako would stand and toss aside the butt in his mouth lighting a new fresh cigarette.When he would hear the monkey speak again, "Plus if you die I would be sad, since you're the only way I get me some smokes.  But don't be thinking it will be easy cuz the king will kill you if you underestimate him."  

That didn't help in the slightest. Though the last thing Mako would be doing is underestimating the King of the monkey summons.  He knew this would be dangerous but it was a risk that he had to take, and one that he couldn't avoid.  It was now or never.
Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:01 am
Mako would stand around thinking about the upcoming battle awaiting the possibiity of the fight at hand.  To Mako this was a final plateau to surpass, one that separated him from the elite Ninja of the world and himself, if he managed to overcome the fight with the Monkey King Genma he would be amongst the strongest ninja in the village and this was his motivation.  He had long since refused to be weak, his days of slacking having ended.  First step summoning the king of the mighty Monkey sages second step Hokage.   He walked around in a small circle with the spider monkey puffing away on his shoulder.  He stared at the grund the entire time.  Mako had no idea what he would do or where he would go from here.  He knew that the Monkey Sage was here to take him to the land of Monkey summons which in and of itself was a major honor, but what if he lost?

He took a big drag of his cigarette, and sighed the smoke out.  He could not afford to feel that way.  Now was not a time for fear it was a time for action.  He looked at thesmall Monkey sage and with a stern , prepared and determined look in his eye, Mako would say, "I am ready Sushma, take it away,"  Sushma did the hand signs and leapt off of his shoulder and placed his small monkey hands on the ground which would instantly disappear and reappear in the land of the Monkey sages.  

The land itself was a massive jungle atop a mountain.  The jungle itself contained trees of a very foreign land to one he had grown up in and were massively sized.  As he looked around he could faintly make out a large number of monkeys walking around the trees hopping back and forth making a variety of noises.  The chatter and echo's from this part of the forest seeming very ominous.

Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:44 pm
Mako would scan the area taking in the scope of the trees, they were absolutely massive in comparison to the trees at the village. However he gauged they had many low hanging branches making moving through them much simpler then his movement through the trees in the Land of Fire.  The amount of monkeys in the trees was vast, and they all remained extremely quiet much like how the guests at a funeral acted as the pall bearers brought the corpse up to where it would be buried. That is exactly how he felt in this moment, his guide sat upon his shoulder smiling. Having retrieved one of his whole packs of smokes and began chain smoking them.  He walked several meters forward and was quickly stopped as he was affronted by a large orangutan.  His hair as orange as the sky at dusk and fists the size of small boulders.

"Oi, boyo, ya aint plannin' on facin' tha king ta-day arrrya'" The orangutan, who Mako knew as Jenumba the great axe, would gruffly ask him.  The ape sitting in the path before him blocking his walk to the temple of the Monkeys. Of course thats what Mako was here to do, he had already befriended the remaining family, and only had one more goal left ahead of him.  The great ape must obviously know that.  Just as he was about to speak a great stick launched out and smacked the orangutan across the back of his head. "Of course thats what he is here today, you great ape, you already knew that. If you were gonna try and stop him you already had your chance and blew it.  The boy beat you already."  The wise voice of the greatest monkey sage would say leaping down from a low hanging branch. The old wise baboon with white fur now stood before him.  Mako had not even seen him up there.  The orangutan would rub the back of his head at the point of impact while mouthing an ouch.  Sushma the smallest sage sat on his shoulder laughing maniacally at all that just happened.  The small monkey laughed so hard that the cigarette fell from his mouth and landed in the dirt, quickly followed by the monkey himself thumping against the soft ground never stopping his laughing.  In a blinding flash the stick would streak across in front of Mako's face and collide against the back of the poor spider monkey's head, instantly halting the little monkeys laughing as he now sat there rubbing the back of his head.  The orangutan would proceed to make a face appearing like he would soon laugh, but was halted by a sharp glance from the older wiser baboon.

Mako would watch the antics unravel before him and appreciated the levity as it did serve to calm his nerves a bit but not enough to actually make him feel at ease.  he had a hell of a battle coming up before him and he couldn't shake the fear.  He reached into his belt pouch that was lined with packs of cigarettes, pulling one out and opening it.  Then shaking it until a cigarette popped out.  He would grab it with his mouth and strike a match lighting it.  He took a large drag off of it, which would help calm his nerves and ready him for what he had to ask.

" So he knows I'm coming I take it?" Mako would ask still standing with his arms crossed in front of him. 
"Yes he has been told of your arrival, the monkeys are his eyes and he knew the moment you transported here,"  Garumpa the wise old sage would say.
"I take it in these lands he will be able to access nature chakra to fight me with just like Jenumba did?"  Mako would then as inquisitively.  The baboon would simply respond with just a nod.
"He is quite honored to be fighting you." Garumpa would state. "It has been some time since a Sarutobi has made claim to the scroll of summoning us.  His grandfather's grandfather being the last to fight alongside a Konohagakure Sarutobi.  The last being the third Hokage.  He hopes that he can find you worthy by our code and that one day he can help you when you ascend to the role of Hokage within your own village.  Though I must say we all find it quite surprising that you have come, you are quite young.  Hiruzen was a jounin, with a wife and child before he braved this land to fight the then King Enma.  Is there some reason you are choosing to fight with him this early in life, knowing that if you lose you will not get another chance, and that your name will be wiped from the scroll?"  The monkey sage would ask, in a very ominous tone.  All three sages lined up on the path blocking his way. 

Hearing the words out loud made him cringe, he knew what was riding on this fight but he did not care.  Many issues had been occuring in the village and he had to be prepared for whatever may come.  If it meant gambling all he worked for away in a fight with the king then that is to him what it took.  He felt ready for whatever he would face.  It was then that he felt a great gust of energy and confidence flowing through him.  Mako would take another drag from his cigarette and blow it out. 

"I do it now because I must, for myself, for my family, for my village..." and with those words he would trudge forward deftly leaping over the three monkeys blocking his path and would walk forward with great pride.  The three monkeys deciding to accompany him on his walk truly taking up the role of Pall bearers.  They now walked on the small jungle path through the massive jungle, while being watched by the Monkey's ahead.  Mako knew that his response to that question was a test of his character, and that the words he spoke would reach the king before his arrival. Though that is not why he said it. For he meant every bit of it.
2699 TWC to be continued
Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:02 am
Mako walked down a beaten path seemingly heavily used until he reached the edge of the temple.  He had never seen the temple this close, for brfore he was never allowed, knowing that any human who walked on the expansive stairs risked the wrath of the monkey king at the top.  However on this day that is exactly what he plans to accomplish.  Mako took a big drag from the cigarette which would run it to the end he would the pinch off the cherry and place it in his pocket so as not to litter the area.  He would take his first step upward and walk toward the top of the temple taking in all of the sights that the elevation would offer.  He could see the waterfall that came from the massive sculpting of a Monkeys head and watched as it poured out two hundred feet below into a river.  He did not know that he would eventually spend countless days beneath that waterfall training to unlock sage mode and drawing in nature chakra.

MAko continued walking as he finally made it to the top of the temple and would look about.  That would be where his monkey escorts would cease their accompaniment and stop. "We can go no further you are now on your own Mako, please be careful."

 The temple was placed into the edge of the mountain and Mako would note all of the terrain that currently surrounded him not wanting to be caught unawre.  Noting the trees that over hang nearby as well as the mountain faces steepness.  The he saw sitting below a large leaf using it as an umbrella the visage of the notorious Monkey king himself.

Mako would drop his sack that he carried and would then reach into his pouch and withdraw another cigarette, place it calmly in his mouth and strike a match against his belt.  He would then walk forward.  Mako would proceed to remove the olive green flak jacket that he wore and drop it to the ground before him. 

The monkey king sat with his legs crossed and Mako could gauge that he would stand nearly five foot talll with a strong muscular build wearing a leopard hide vest and a belt with a land of fire symbol upon it.  This was the first time he realized that this jungle was within the land of fire somewhere.  The monkey had black fur except there was white on his face and in other places.  Around his head he wore a crown over a headband with the crown being made of foliage, it looked ancient.  Mako would walk up to the great Macqau and would bow in reverence.  The king would wave its hand and say "Sit" in a gruff voice.  Mako would proceed to sit before the king and cross his legs in a similar fashion. 

"so you have come to claim me as a summon, and wish to fight alongside me in combat?" The king would ask, his voice rang with the sound of a powerful youth despite his position, though also wisdom that belied his age.   "Yes," Mako would reply. 

Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:56 pm
The monkey king would stand from where he sat rising up to almost 5 feet in the air, a powerful towering individual.  Causing a shutter to run along Mako's spine.  Mako would as well follow suit standing to match up alongside the powerful monkey.  Mako stood a whole foot taller, though Genma easily had 50 more pounds on Mako.  The Monkey King would proceed to pop his neck which would echo through the dense forest.  Mako dropped his vest and placed his hand on his sword.  Watching the Monkey's every movement. 

The monkey bent his hands together cupping each finger together and would begin humming.  Mako could sense the Monkey's chakra growing though Mako refused to be the first to attack and much less attack a "defenseless" opponent.  He let the monkey finish his meditation, for whatever purpose that would serve, MAko knew it would put him at a disadvantage in this fight but he could not compromise his Sarutobi honor in the situation no matter how bleak it appeared.  The Monkey Kings arms grew wider and Mako could see the strength and determination grow within him. 

At that moment Genma shot toward him at insane speeds, raising his fist and striking downward attempting to pulverize Mako into a pile of blood and bone.  Though Mako's reflexes were far too fast, as he safely strafed to the side dodging the punch, though the temple was not so lucky as a massive hole was cratered into it.  Mako in his quick movement would produce the sword on his back and ignite it with chakra from flying swallow, as he continued backpedaling.  The monkey would gracefully move from his first attack releasing a barrage of punches.  Though Mako found he had little difficulty dodging and deflecting this hits, it was getting more and more difficult, and he knew that if he ever took one of these high powered strikes directly the fight would be over.  Mako continued backpedaling, he had a plan.  The Monkey king chased him to the edge of the temple ledge.   He would then wait until the last strike came which would throw the monkey over the edge and Mako would leap to an area of ground directly behind Genma.  Mako's gambit had worked, sort of, the monkey went over the ledge with Mako safely behind, though there was one thing Mako had forgotten.  The tail.  Genma's tail lashed out wrapping around Mako's leg and yanking him with the falling monkey.  Despite Mako's strength he could not hold on and would fall, failing to find any hand holds.  They both tumbled down the side of the massive temple rolling on the way.  He felt the tail release from his leg and would watch as the monkey regained focus and he continued falling.  Mako would then stap the sword into the side of the temple slicing half way in and slowing his fall. He would proceed to activate surfave walking and stand facing the monkey king.  There was only 5 meters separating them.

Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:34 pm
Mako would find himself standing on the side of the temple facing a monstrous monkey.  The Monkey King was many times stronger than he, however Mako was much quicker.  MAko's speed was his pride having trained so determinedly to be one of the quickest ninja in Konoha.  Mako would watch as the enhanced buff of the Monkey King would wear off and his muscles would move back into a very normal and average size.  Mako would burst forward leading with his right leg moving his sword across his body to make an upward slash from the bottom left to the top right hoping to sting through the thick skin.  His speed was in the numbers of 125 and his quickness would be difficult to contend with for the King of the Monkey summons.  However Just as Mako got within slashing distance the monkey moved both hadns with lightning quickness and took a  deep breath.  Mako knew what was coming and would abandon the attack leaping backwards letting himself roll down the side of the temple even further, letting the fireball fly harmlessly into the trees,  It would scorch many of the trees surrounding the temple and Mako would realize he could not underestimate the Monkey King.
Mako would stand from his tumble just in time to see the King pursuing him repeating the massive barrage of powerful punches that he had tried to berate him with before.  MAko swifly leapt out of the way of the punches with light strafes and small movements though he could not manage to find a proper footing to make a counter attack.  Mako then thought maybe he could use his shadow.  He looked down and saw that their shadows would occasionally cross paths during the process of the kings body slam followed by a charge. 
Just as Mako began to cast his shadow imitation Jutsu he noticed that he was almost trapped with the ground coming up on them very quickly, In order to keep dodging Mako would need to wait to cast the jutsu amd find another route of attack.  The monkey King would charge forward and slam both fists downward crushing the ground beneath, however instead of dodging Mako would just leap backwards, doing a backflip pointinf his feet toward a convenient tree in the area.  While Midair Mako would channel his chakra inot his blade launching a sharp beam of chakra toward the monkey.  Of course the monkey would have ample time to dodge the slach but it would provide Mako the time he needed to land safely on the tree. 
The Monkey would remain on the side of the temple and dodge left as the slash would carve a massive chunk out of the temple, briefly informing Genma of Mako's capabilities in combat.  Mako would hit the tree and run down several meters in an attempt to make it to the ground.  Just as he was about to finish his run Mako saw another great fireball land at the base of the tree. SHit, Mako thought to himself, He was going to be put in a really lousy position.  He would stop his run and slam his tanto on his left leg into the side of the tree using his free hand, to both slow his descent and to offer himself an additional handhold.  This would stop him instantly allowing the explosion to go off without encompassing him within it, though he could feel the heat blow off of the fireball.
Instantly Mako would go to work putting his katana into the tree as well and forming hands signs so as to perform the vast Ash cloud jutsu.  AS he brethed around him and a dense cloud of ash would form covering 15 meters of the area.  The moment the jutsu was completed Mako would withdraw the Katana from the tree and leap to another tree within the thick cloud of ash using it for cover.  He could no longer see the monkey king any longer, but neither could the monkey king see him.
The King in a different location would laugh and jump into another tree just outside the range of the ash.  Genma was not worried about finding Mako, as his spies were in nearly every tree in the forest waiting to help him in this battle.  Genma had no issues following Mako through the trees.
Mako would continue swinging through the trees like a veritable Tarzan trying to form some battle plan.  One would come to mind as he scaled up the side of a tree as quickly as he could, almost one hundred meters until he broke through into a canopy over looking all of the forest.  The sight was splendid and he felt quite at home up here viewing out onto the world.  He would likely come back here before he left just to enjoy the sight.  At this point little did he know how much time he would indeed spend up here after the battle ended, learning how to channel nature chakra energy and activate the sage mode jutsu.
Mako could hear the chatter of the smaller monkeys below betraying his position to their King, he would have to think fast.  Mako would quickly make two shadow clones and have them rush through the canopy to the other end of where he anticipated the King coming out from.  Just as expected the King broke the canopy where he expected it, though there were now three of him, and just as the massive king burst through he launched 3 simultaneous fireballs each pointed at one version of Mako as to make sure the right one was hit.  Of course all three Mako's would dodge instead of taking it and revealing the correct one.  Diving to the right and landing on the tree tops.  Then all three Mako's would launch a rupture attack directly at the king remaining, since it seemed the fireball caused his clones to disappear.  Much like the rupture would do with his clones, though it would not matter as the way the ruptures were moving and facing there was almost no way to dodge the incoming onslaught.  Mako smiled assuming the battle to be over.
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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished) Empty Re: Hail to the King! (p,nk,solo)(finished)

Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:17 pm
Following the onslaught the monkey would leap directly upwards as nimbly as he possibly could dodging each of the slices as they came in toward him.  The monkey's agility was absolutely astounding he showed Mako that he would not overcome him with an easy gambit. However one slash did catch The Monkey kings right arm placing a small gash.  Mako's two clones had disappeared though, and he now faced the Monkey King once again with a slight advantage.
" Hohohohoo it has been quite some time since someone has challenged me like this, young pup.  It seems that you have the intelligence of a ninja, knowing how to create your battlefield and how to set up a capable ambush.  You are fast and skilled with your blade.  There is however one test of skill that I have yet to see..."  The Monkey King Genma would say to the man whilst balancing on the canopy tops, needing no use for chakra aid as he was a monkey and they now fought in his environment.
"And that is," Mako would reply quizzically readying himself for whatever the monkey king would decide to do.  He did not in any way let down his guard in preparation for what might come next.
"It is time to test your strength of heart and your ability to show conviction,  I will not work with a monster who is incapable of putting the well being of others above his own.  So a test for you.  You have beat me in the fight, now show me you are worthy."  Genma would announce forming 4 hand signs on each his hands and feet using his tail to balance himself.  Mako would scan the are looking around.  He saw a group of small monkeys about 20 meters to the east.  When the monkey king finished his technique he fired a spiral of fire from his mouth directly at the monkeys.  Shit Mako thought to himself how the hell am I supposed to stop that.
MAko would take off forward using his hoho to try and beat the flame thrower to the monkeys sitting in a pile.  He knew he wouldn't make it in time, and even if he did how would he stop that huge burst of fire, Mako possessed no water element.  Mako decided it may turn out best if he just went for it, he would form the hand sign for a ram.  Mako hated using the Body Flicker because that technique usually put him in lousy positioning every time, though as it was he was intentionally putting himself in a bad position anyway so using the flicker for a speed advantage wasn't a bad idea, or any worse of anidea than one he was already enacting.
Mako would rush over right in front of the blast of fire, no normal shinobi would even dare to do what he was planning, and he had to admit it was a horrible decision.  Mako would grab they two monkeys and launch them outward, of course didn't worry about their safety they were monkeys after all, if they didn't grab a tree or something after being tossed that was their own choice, but Mako did all in his power to keep them away from the blast.
Mako felt the heat upon his back, though it wasn't nearly hot enough to burn him, feeling more like a warm breeze than an actual fire jutsu.  MAko could tell at that very moment he had been tricked, as a test of his nature.  The Monkey King would never have put his own kind into any type of Mortal danger.  It was simply  a test to see if Mako would be willing to risk his own life to save another despite not even sharing the species with them.  As the warm wind swept past him he could hear the King laughing.  The Monkey King was laughing so hard that he fell over and had to catch himself with his tail to keep from falling down through the trees and crashing.
"Hahahahaha, OH you should have seen your face!"  The Monkey King yelled.  Mako was both pleased and displeased to learn that this monkey had a similar sense of humor to all of the other monkeys he could summon.  Of course Mako was not happy to have been made a fool of, but had he believed it to be fake he may have not shown his capability of heroism.  Mako would walk over to the laughing monkey king who was gripped to the tree tops with his tail.  Mako would then stomp down fairly hard on the kings tail.
The monkey king's laughing would cease as he started to yell,  "WHat the hell did you do that for Mako muh-boy, you passed."  He watched the monkey tumble about 20 feet and grab onto a limb to catch himself from falling.
"Good, now because of that I'm going to summon you to cut the onions for Ichiraku's noodle shop."  Mako would reply.
"You wouldn't you hairless little beast, if you dare...." The monkey king would begin rambling on about what he might do to Mako, but was interrupted when Sushma came bursting through the trees to climb up Mako's back and sit on his shoulder.  Grabbing two cigarettes on his way up and handing one to Mako and keeping one for himself.  Mako would strike the match and would light up both smokes.  Mako would take a large drag and feel the smoke calming his nerves.
"Well, ya did it big guy, congrats, the easy part is out of the way," Sushma would state.  Mako was taken aback, what did the monkey mean the  "easier" part.  He just fought the king of the monkeys.  Thats when the rest of the summoning crew would break through the tree lines and making Mako aware of themselves. 
"Best bunker down and get used to forest living for a while Boy-o, cause you aint goin back til youre dead or a sage, thems tha rules,"  The large orangutan would state. "You are only welcome here while you're training to show the Monkey's you're one of them, once that happens you can come and go freely, but if you don't learn it you can't come back.  You know anything about senjutsu boy-o?"
No, Mako knew very little of the sage mode senjutsu, but what he did know is that it was difficult and could result in death.
"Can you tell me more at the temple, or are we gonna stay up on this canopy all day long."  Mako would respond wanting to get down from the massive height they were at.  All of the monkeys nodded in agreement and they all walked down the tree, with many normal monkeys giving Mako a mixed reaction of cheering and booing.  They finally made it back to the temple where several larger monkeys were fixing the holes left with large bricks and clay.  Once they reached the top they all sat down and Sushma began fixing up some food. 
"Now I hear you are pretty good at chakra manipulation and meditation, which will help.  You are going to have to learn how to draw in Nature energy and store it for future uses.  There are many ways to go about doing this, using your summons to help being the most popular though with us working as weapons it may be more difficult.  We will go into that more later for now you need to manage the transformation on your own."
Mako would spend six months in the land, and over the course of that time he came to near death many times.  Then on his last week there he was sitting atop the canopy looking out over the setting sun, after making huge strides prior to that he would close his eyes and concentrate on the nature chakra surrounding him and drawing it in.  He could feel it penetrate deep within him coursing through him.  He held onto it maintaining it within himself.  He would then continue drawing more, he knew he had enough to activate the ability but not hold it for very long, he would continue drawing more and more in until he had reached his maximum amount at four stacks of nature energy he would then execute the Sage mode transformation perfectly, feeling the physical enhancements flow through him.  His senses heightened his speed and strength at a who other level.  He stood now with thick fur having grown on his back and arms, his beard grown out somewhat and his feet appearing somewhat more hand like, he then felt a flicker and pain in his pants and reached back and ripped a hole in them letting his newly grown tail flick about and it came to rest wrapped around his waist.  Mako had completed the transition to Sage Mode and with that he would head back home to Konoha.  Having formed a new alliance and found a great skill to use along his way to become a great ninja and possibly Hokage.
 TWC 6271
Claiming Genma S rank 3750/3750
Claiming Incomplete Sage Mode 2521/4500 Using the 2000wc credited from Haki to finish.
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