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Hail the King of Dirt: The Prequel Empty Hail the King of Dirt: The Prequel

Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:50 am
Simply running across the borders, uncaring for whether he was actually being followed or not with the stake of his land on the line, he now realised that he had possibly had his friends and his second home put under the Executioner's Axe. That was not fair, no, not in the slightest. It was supposed to be held by his chain.. HIS chain, not some coward's axe, not some usurpers threads.. It was his village, not theirs. Adding some extra burst to his step, his sprinting was now explosive as he traveled across the wastelands, devoid of human life. Sure, Xyxer could have took the more scenic route, but he did not have time to dilly dally with the animals in their little formed covens, the werewolves that lurked in the forests.. No. If he ran across the wastelands, he would reach home much quicker and be able to inform the right people, of course, of his departure, since well, if he didn't he could just be declared a Missing Shinobi and then be hunted.. Hell, he'd be just like Youka since he was traveling along with the male and his undressed equivalent, perhaps he was destined to be a missing shinobi as he was one before.. Alas, philosophy was not the strong suit of the male as he now reached the dreaded b-b-b-borderlands. But, in retrospect now that the male had begun to go into thought on the subject, he was actually heading back towards a village which, not only had granted him life as it had allowed him and his small crew back when Kirigakure No Sato had been destroyed to hide there as a means of safe haven from the people whom had sought to erase Kirigakure No Sato from the face of the ninja world. It was weird as, even though Xyxer Gyojin had now been made a Master of the village, he still did not truly care for it's preservation nor it's people, only those whom he considered his friends inside of the small village. He had considered the previous Tenkage's his friends, excluding Zachariah as he had of course never met the fellow, only heard of him and read documents about him in the office which had used to be his. He had been quite an interesting figure he thought, although Xyxer did not truly like the male as he was the one in charge of the 'power' which had been given to another member of Kirigakure No Sato, not him.. He had been one of the highest ranks and yet he had still been refused power. He did not know what the power had been, but if a Kage themself was going to hand it down to somebody it must have been quite astounding, especially the leader of the former Sky Nation.
As these thoughts flurried through the mind of Xyxer, he also recalled how he had always called himself a member of the Gyojin clan, the family.. even though he had found out not too long ago that that had been a lie to him, and that his true heritage was not of Gyojin descent, but rather, he was a Hozuki. The two clans were extremely similiar except well, Hozuki allowed Xyxer to literally become one with the water, essentially turning him into a god of water, or well, you know, a puddle. Although his bloodline was of a Hozuki, he still could not see fit to change his actual name to Xyxer Hozuki, no, he felt like a Gyojin deep down. They were the clan that had protected him and nursed him ever since he was a wee shark, eating his other brethren as sharks do. Not literally of course, or well, it could have been literal, most people tend to forget what they did in the past after all of the events Xyxer has been through it would be reasonable for him to add cannibalism to that, so who knows what the little sadistic psycopath had done in his past. All that the boy could recall of his childhood in the village of Kirigakure No Sato is that it was a bloody one, as the past had told of Kirigakure. He had been very engaged in the bullying of other children, hell, he even murdered some when he got the chance. He used all kinds of methods such as drowning, he often did hold the heads of small animals, even larger animals when he himself had got large, under water. After a short period of that he had advanced onto holding the heads of small children under the water, or just children that got in his way and thought they would not kiss the dirt on which he trod, I mean, who would not kiss the dirt that Xyxer had walked on? He was a Hozuki in clan after all, and a Gyojin in name!
[815 words man that's like instant travel and entry to Tenga]
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