Ita entered the Training Grounds of the Leaf Village. It was early in the morning and the sun had just started to peak out over the mountains in the distance. Ita began his training by gathering chunks of logs that were scattered around the training grounds, some freshly cut and some containing the marks of other ninja training and victims of shuriken practice. A drop of sweat formed on Ita's brow as the sun now found its way higher in the sky. The young boy could feel the temperature of the air beginning to rise. The logs were now set up in a row ready for use. Ita was now ready to begin perfecting the use of the 'Body Replacement Technique'. By learning this jutsu, it would put Ita at the top of his class even at the young age of 9 years old. Ita pulled out a piece of parchment that had the hand signs in order written down in fine ink. Ita read the hand signs aloud, "Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake", said the young boy in a stern and serious voice so that he could remember; before returning the parchment to his black pants pocket and performing the hand signs. Ita quickly formed the hand signs, show casing his proficiency. Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake. Ita knew the trick to this jutsu was to replace his body with a nearby object to avoid an attempted attack. The jutsu creates an optical illusion that makes the replaced object appear to be the user of the jutsu, tricking the enemy during a lapse of time into thinking their attack was successful only to be surprised by the replacement. After forming the hand signs, Ita quickly used his enhanced speed from the jutsu to establish a piece of wood from the line in front of him to be disguised as himself in the place he once stood when he performed the hand signs, quickly moving out of sight where he could view his technique in progression. Ita then released the jutsu; there was a puff of white smoke and the replica of Ita reappeared as a log which fell to the floor making a ‘thud’ sound before rolling off for a few feet. Unsatisfied with the speed of which he performed this technique, once more, Ita continued to perform the jutsu until exhaustion started to really kick in from using up too much chakra. After performing the technique a few more times, Ita was now satisfied with the result and the speed of the new technique. He was also satisfied with his ability to be able to produce a perfect illusion that resembled him perfectly to effectively fool the enemy. In front of him now was a pile of logs that were neatly lined up prior to his training. He picked them up one by one and laid them against the outskirts of the training grounds where he had once found them.
Claiming: 500wc, 2 stat points, Body Replacement Technique