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Jason Senju
Jason Senju
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In the Shadows, Strength Grows - Page 3 Empty Re: In the Shadows, Strength Grows

Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:20 am
Jason watched as his arrows had hit the clone and dispersed it without any interference. He had been expecting them to be stopped somehow. Just then Jason could feel Hideyoshi's aura and chakra signature both changing, becoming more ominous. The chakra began to surround Hideyoshi in swirling black and blue. His eyes took on the color of red mixed with his usual yellow. There was a sharp gust of wind that knocked over Akiko. 

The instant the change had begun within Hideyoshi, Jason had sensed it and released his own burst of chakra and aura that would signify the activation of his technique. Time seemed to slow for him, not much, but enough so that it seemed that Akiko was now falling in slow motion from the gust of wind that came off of Hideyoshi. Without hesitation Jason would disappear in a flash of yellow light, reappearing in time to catch Akiko in his arms as she was falling before he disappeared again reappearing next to a kunai in front of a tree fifteen meters to Hideyoshi's left. Jason would gently sit Akiko down, leaning her so her back was against the tree before disappearing once more and reappearing in his original position ten meters in front of Hideyoshi. 

Jason would arrive back in his original position just in time to hear the words coming from Hideyoshi's body. The aura, the chakra signature, his eyes and even his voice told Jason that something was amiss. This was no longer Hideyoshi standing before him but something else entirely. Nami, the fox that had been standing by watching had darted to Jason's side the moment he had reappeared. Her fangs were bared and her ears were propped straight up. A growl could be heard coming from deep within her chest. 'Be careful. This one is dangerous.' Nami would say to Jason through their telepathic link. 

Jason's eyes narrowed as a smirk came across Hideyoshi's face. "Now let's see what my power can do after being dormant for so long" the male would say as he began to walk forward at Jason. Jason would let his chakra explode, the faint image of a dark green fox with deep red eyes would take form behind Jason, showing his strength and his intent to end this quickly. He did not know what had happened but clearly Hideyoshi was no longer himself. Jason would perform a single hand seal as he created one clone. The clone would immediately begin performing hand seals in preparation for a counter attack. Jason, the original, would dash forward at his maximum speed using the Hoho skill and crossed the length between himself and Hideyoshi nearly immediately. Jason's body was still completely covered by the hardened black substance that consisted of his Haki. Getting within one meter of Hideyoshi, Jason would aim a series of punches at the male with both hands using all his strength. Left jab to the face, right jab to the gut, left hook to the face. Immediately after the left hook, Jason would use the momentum and pivot on his left foot spinning clockwise and sending a heel kick aimed directly at the right side of Hideyoshi's head with enough force to hopefully send the male flying sideways into a nearby tree.

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exploding clone
senken no mei
Rokuro Masamune
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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In the Shadows, Strength Grows - Page 3 Empty Re: In the Shadows, Strength Grows

Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:44 pm
A display of power? Well that was very interesting seeing from the Hokage, it appeared that the takeover of Hideyoshi caused him to get serious something the entity wanted from the beginning. Smiling a flare of black chakra amassed form behind in the form of a snake with red eyes, these two chakra forms colliding as he made his stand here and now It had appeared that he had saved the girl that was so quickly thrown around by the sharp winds though she was of no consequence to him. Looking at the male he watched as he made another clone, figuring he would be trying something to distract Corbinek while he made his final adjustments to the body, but when he had charged towards him? He wondered if the man had finally wanted to give up and lay down at his feet.

Smiling he waited until the full body movement had ended before looking down to Jason and catching the first punch with his left hand, his body still encased with lightning as he smirked," Come now Lord Hokage surely you can do better than this? If you can't fight Hideyoshi what makes you think you can tangle with the likes of a relic lik-," his words stopped as his grip on Jason had been relinquished and his footing causing him to step back. On the outside it appeared to be nothing wrong, but on the inside a mental battle was being raged between the two, Hideyoshi now pissed that someone that he trusted decided to try and take him over.

Meanwhile on the surface small cracks and changes in the voice of the male could be heard as Hideyoshi roared at the entity," I TRUSTED YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME!," his anger apparent as the body dropped to the ground, the voice still fluctuating as was the chakra behind the body as well. Within seconds the connection between the two had been pulling and slamming right back together, but at this moment the kick that Jason would have thrown connected sending the male into a tree not far from them. The snapping of the tree itself was loud enough to be heard on the other side of the training grounds.

Though Hideyoshi wasn't harmed it was just enough for him to gain hold of his body and switch with Corbinek forcing him back into the depths of his mind with a groan," shit... Did that really just happen. Did i....Just lose myself to power," he slowly murmured to himself as he stood up slowly, looking at the damage from the fight and then back to himself. His weapons returned to his arm guards as he held his side checking to see for any bruises, nothing that wasn't already being fixed by his bloodline but now...he had to think over what had just happened. He could only look over towards Akiko wondering what he had done...The decision to trust someone who had essentially been locked within him for so long, the actions that he had taken...All were on him.

"What have I...Done," there was another sharp pulse of chakra from him as if Corbinek was trying to break free from his confines which caused Hideyoshi's body to drop to the ground, and if Jason tried to assist him, his right hand would have instantly moved out to stop him," No...don't come any closer," he didn't want this to overtake him again and put his friends in danger, and because of this he knew what he had to do. He needed to confront this on his own....and hope that when the fight was finished he was in full control of this. Because of that he simply looked at the Hokage giving his trademark smile before standing back up and looking towards the direction he needed to go.

Looking to Jason with confused yellow eyes, he began to walk out of the training grounds slowly unless stopped, heading towards the graveyard of Konoha it looked like. It was going to be a long night for him, with this and now the fact that he could permanently change if something went a amiss..there were a lot of factors to put into this. Because of this he turned to Jason to ask for one simple favor," If I have not returned to the village or to your office by the next night...Come looking for me and if i am raging about put me down alright?," those were his final words as he turned around and continued to walk out of the training grounds What did fate have for him? Not even he knew yet he was going to defy it one way....or another. With the darkness encroaching his body as he walked out of the training grounds, his chakra became suppressed knowing that tonight he needed as much privacy as he could get and for that he would return to the place where it all first started.

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Jason Senju
Jason Senju
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In the Shadows, Strength Grows - Page 3 Empty Re: In the Shadows, Strength Grows

Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:12 pm
Jason's attack looked like it had stopped for a moment as his initial punch was caught by Hideyoshi, or at least caught by whatever was inhabiting his body at the moment. That lasted less than a second before Jason's fist was released and he continued with his attack. Jason's kick connected and sent Hideyoshi flying into a nearby tree, cracking it and sending the tree toppling over with a resounding crack that echoed far across the fields. 

Jason stood up and looked at Hideyoshi ready to continue his assault if he needed to. Jason could sense Hideyoshi's chakra signature had returned to normal. He took a step forward to help up his friend but Hideyoshi held his hand up and told Jason not to come near him. Jason watched as Hideyoshi struggled a bit longer than left with a few words to Jason about coming to search for him if he doesn't return to see Jason in a few days. Jason wondered what that was all about but he was sure he would find out later on. Once Hideyoshi had left Jason would walk over to make sure Akiko was ok while releasing his clone. Once seeing that she was unharmed Jason would make sure to escort Akiko home safe before he returned to his own chambers.
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Akihana Akari
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In the Shadows, Strength Grows - Page 3 Empty Re: In the Shadows, Strength Grows

Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:16 pm
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