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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Is it possible to create mist? (p) Empty Is it possible to create mist? (p)

Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:21 pm
Rikaro eye were low as bags hung under them. He was up all night watching over the village for obw of the missions was assigned. Morning was breaking as he could feel it as well see the slight glow in the fog above Kumogakure. He stood in the inner district of Kumogakure where the Raikage office was on top of the wall ofof watchful eyes. Rikaro frowned he knew the Raikage wanted to see his village protected however this was to extreme. He understood the diseases surrounding the village and unstable ground. But a wall of eyes was just weird. Rikaro continued to stand watching over the village as he heard the sound of one of the Jounin to his right say " Yo Genin your time is up I am surprised to did not fall asleep ". Rikaro turned towards the man way and said " Yeah I was on the verge of falling over the wall in a couple more minutes ". Rikaro walked along the wall not bothering to free run off of it. This time he decided to act like a civilized person going down the stairs of the wall and arriving in the inner city. Hrm he remembered a day ago when the crazed female was talking about teaching him lighting. As if he would be believe that out of the blue someone would say that. He told no one that he wanted to learn the lighting element. He only told him of water. Then what made it even more suspicious the girl came at the exact moment he was going to find a teacher. He remembered her attempting to cut his hand off. As if he would be stupid enough not to be on gaurd even if it was a villager. Rikaro learned to be cautious during the time of the reign of Lord Mortarion. He continued his walk home to the middle district where he stay. The thing about the districts were that they were separated by class and loyalty. The first district was the lowest of the low. That was where the disease ridden civilians and ninja were. Those were the people who chose to follow Mortarion but not without a fight. The middle district was where he lived. The wealthy stayed there. Whoever lived in the middle district were the ones who chose to follow Mortarion without a second thought. However the inner district were nothing but ass kissers they were the richest of the village as well as total snob. If he could he would kill them all. He continued to walk seeing the pale skinned people of the middle district smiling happily talking among themselves. As he walked some even smiled and nodded his way which earned them a death glare. As he arrived at home he saw that the door was locked which meaned his father was gone." Damn I should get a key " said Rikaro out loud." You do remember that you locked your bedroom window do you " said Mei. Rikaro sighed and nodded then said " What should I do now Mei ". Like always there was a pause before she said " You are tired which means you should train. By training you can also raise your stamina greatly which will be very helpful in battle. " said Mei. Rikaro nodded and turned away from his home and headed towards the training grounds.

There was this one particular move he wanted to learn. It was a Water Ninjutsu. It was passed down through the ninja of Kirigakure The Village of Bloody Mist. However somehow it got out of the village allowing multiple people to learn it. Fortently Rikaro would be one of those people. Mei did not have any Bloodline Jutsu to teach him at the moment because apparently he was not ready yet. As he arrived at the training grounds Rikaro had tooken a seat on the ground. He had memorized the handseals for the technique so he did not need the scroll which was locked in his bedroom where the other many scrolls of the jutsu he were learning was. When he arrived at the training grounds he found that it was booming with other ninja. From Academy Students to Jounin." Hey Rikaro whatcha doing " said a male's voice. Rikaro looked in front of him and saw his bestfriend Zaku." Oh nothing just going to train this new technique " said Rikar . The male nodded and continued walking. Rikaro passed the male and went to the part of the training grounds that was not filled to the brim with ninja. Rikaro sat on the ground Indian style and began to clear his mind. This process was needed for the skill. He could use the jutsu two ways by releasing the mist from his mouth or by using the water particles in the air to make it. Rikaro figured that he would try to the the harder part first which was usi g the water particles in the air. Rikaro stood from the ground and began concentrating. He began imagining that the particles in the air were slowly turning to a thick white mist. He knew it would not work because he did not perform the handsdald that would course his chakra through the air." OK I think I have gotten the hang of it " said Rikaro out aloud as he began to performing the handseals at a accelerated speed." Hidden Mist no Jutsu " screamed Rikaro as he released the last handseal. Like before but I stead of imagining the water particles in the air. They actually formed in reality. He kept his hand in the same position as the land handseal as the fog began getting denser making the naked eye unable to see through it. Rikaro activated his Meigan and saw that he could see the cjakra within the air. The chakra of the mist was blue while everything else was a assortment of different colors.

Rikaro let go of the seal he was holding then dispelled the Hidden Mist by using Dark Pulse." Now I just have to perfect the jutsu by releasing the mist from my mouth " said Rikaro as he thought on how he would form mist inside of his body then release it." Rikaro you were wrong using the water particles in the air is easier than releasing the mist from your mouth. The best way to use the jutsu with your mouth is by forming chakra in your lungs after breathing in a lot of air " said Mei out of nowhere. Rikaro nodded then said " How do you know so much "." Yuumei were created when the Great Volcano destroyed the world a thousand years ago. We have have seen many wars and great ninjas rise. One jutsu isn't unknown to me unless it was created in this generation as I have been in your body since you were born " said Mei. Rikaro nodded that was right. In the Shinkou history books it was said the first Shinkou rose a thousand years ago when he absorbed darkness itself. Rikaro cleared his mind and began doing the process Mei told him to create the mist from his mouth." Breath in air and turn it into chakra " said Rikaro as he closed his eyes and begun to take in loads of air more than his lungs could hold. While holding in the air in his mouth he began to form chakra within his lungs as well fusing both the air and chakra as one. He opened his mouth and eyes simultaneously releasing a wave of deep gray mist from his mouth. As before the mist covered the area." Good now I can coat my weapons in poison " said Rikaro as he cleared the mist with dark pulse.

He pulled the poison he bought from a ninja shop out his weapon pouch and pulled out 5 kunai. He put all 5 kunai on a tree stump and poured the poison in both sides of the Kunaj. He made sure not to touch the blade of the Kunai only grabbing the handles then putting then securely in his weapon pouch. Replacing the poison back into his bag he walked off smiling from learning another jutsu. He began to walk home his mind on what he would learn next." Maybe you should focus on learning Water Element Ninjutsu since it is your main element " said Mei. Rikaro nodded knowing that he needed to focus on his water element. He was to busy focusing only learning bloodline jutsu and mastering his Neigan.

1421 WC

7 stats and hidden mist

Putting 421 WC towards Water Clone
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Is it possible to create mist? (p) Empty Re: Is it possible to create mist? (p)

Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:26 pm
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