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Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:49 am
A flash of white light up the room, followed by a shaking boom that shook the foundation of the classroom. The constant beating of heavy rain pelted the window, dulling out the voice of the instructor at the head of the class as he taught his lesson. Another flash of white lighting rippled through the sky, seconds later letting lose a thunderous roar as the storm outside showed no signs of relenting. Kisuke sat at the very back of his class, to the far left right beside the window where he had a clear view of the devastatingly powerful storm taking full effect outside. Sitting hunched forward on his chair, with his left elbow resting on the table and holding up his head Kisuke gazed outside, paying absolutely no attention to the instructor up front. Despite the weather outside, there was something wrong. Kisuke could not pin point it but there was something off. He could not explain it or put his finger on the problem but he felt it. There was a weird taste in his mouth and he simply felt weird. Something was off. 
"Kisuke!" Exclaimed the instructor at the head of the class. Slowly, Kisuke would adjust his gaze, shifting his head on top of his hands to look right at the instructor who was looking right back at him. "Is there something outside thats more important than what I'm teaching you?" Kisuke was seconds away from giving a smart ass response but held in the urge and lazily responded "No." "Good!" Yelled back the instructor. "Listening when I'm teaching about the bingo book and rogue shinobi is definitely more important than you day dreaming Kisuke. This could actually save your life, now listen up!" The instructor went on explaining how it was a shinobi's job to hunt down the rogue shinobi from their village but after his second sentence Kisuke's train of though already began to wonder off. That feeling that something was off was still in the air and it was bothering the Uchiha boy. 
It was now noon and the session was almost over. Soon it would be the academy lunch break and instead of going to eat or mingle with his class mates Kisuke was going to the hospital to spend time with his ill mother. She had been gravely poisoned a couple of years ago during a mission that dulled down her senses and slightly paralysed her, making her movements sluggish and making it quite difficult to move around. The poison could not be cured, only sustained and therefore she has been bed ridden every since. Kisuke loved his mother very much and because after class he had to go home and take care of his younger brother he was going to visit hit mother during his lunch break instead.  
Finally, the schools bell went off and all classes were dismissed for their lunch break, Standing up and pushing his chair away from him, Kisuke zipped up his leather jacket and put his hands into his jacket pockets as he began making his way towards the front of the class to the exit. "Kisuuuuuke!" came a squeaky yell from behind the Uchiha boy. Sighing and not bothering to turn around, knowing full well who it was, the girl ran up beside him and wrapped her arms around his right arm. Another Uchiha girl who was crazy for Kisuke but he cared not much for her. "So Kisuke, are your staying to have lunch with me?" "No." He responded bluntly. Making his way towards the exit doors to the academy, Kisuke explained "I'm visiting my mother since im sitting my younger brother tonight." With that he stepped right through the exit doors and out into the rain, leaving the female Uchiha behind.
The rain was pounding and heavy, with quite strong gusts of wind blowing the droplets right into his face. Pulling up his fur trimmed hood, Kisuke hunched forward and quickly began down the road towards the hospital. The going would have been easy since there was no one outside but no one was outside because of the storm and the heavy winds of the storm was blowing Kisuke off balance.
Moment later, the Uchiha stepped into the hospital, drenched from head to toe. However he heavy wet clothes did not bother him because he was glad that he was about to see his mother. Transferring the contents of his jacket pockets into his pant pockets, Kisuke took off his jacket and made his way to his mothers room. 
When Kisuke walked in and saw his mothers smile, it light up the room. "Kisuke." She said happily said with a tired voice. Hanging his jacket on a peg beside the door, Kisuke pulled up a chair beside her bed and sat down. "Hey mom, hows it going?" "Ah, you know. Better now that your here. Shouldnt you.." She coughed a couple of times and then went on "Shouldnt you be eating lunch now." "Im skipping lunch break to come see you since I have to go home and take care of Akira after class." The mother chuckled a little which quickly turned into sever coughing. "You could have came tomorrow. You need to keep up your strength Kisuke." Rolling his eyes, Kisuke replied "I'll me fine mom." Stretching out her right arm she grabbed a hold of Kisuke's hand with her frail, weak fingers. "Take care of your younger brother alright." Kisuke grinned slightly. He rarely every showed his emotions but when he was with him mother he could not help but smile. "Promise me you'll take care of your brother, always." "I will mom, you know I will." "Good." She replied with a smile, almost as if relieved. Slowly looking away she whispered "Good." again. Too low for Kisuke to here he was about to ask what when suddenly a low pitched "beeeeeeeeeeeee." sound went of and buzzed through his ears. Feeling the strength going out of her fingers, Kisuke rapidly looked to the machine that kept track of her heart rate which was now beeping. "Mom!" He frantically said as he looked back towards his now motionless mother. Standing up and violently kicking the chair out from under him he yelled again "Mom!"
Immediately staff came into the room and started fumbling around with the equipment. Kisuke paid no mind to them, focused only on his motionless mother. Before he knew it he was being dragged out of the room by two security guards. Not fully remembering why, it appeared he refused to leave and had to be taken out by force. "Let the doctors do their work and wait out here son." Said a security guard as he went and stood guard in front of the door. What felt like years later but was actually only a few moments, the doctors finally stepped out of the room with sullen looks on their faces. Having been pacing around the waiting room, Kisuke was already standing and went right up to them. "Were sorry, but your mother has passed away." Slowly backing away as tears started welling in his eyes, Kisuke kept mumbling to himself "no, no, no, no." Before an actually tear made its way out from his eyes and right as his uncle Hiroshi stepped into the waiting room, Kisuke turned around and bolted past his uncle. "Kisuke wait!" shouted Hiroshi, but Kisuke didnt want to show any of them that he was crying and couldnt accept that his mother was actually dead so he continued running away to find some solitude. Running back out into the storm, he swiftly turned and alley to make sure he lost anyone who planned on following him. 
Hours later, when the storm had ceased and night had fallen over the village, Hiroshi had finally managed to find Kisuke. He was on top of the roof of a building, sitting at the edge with his armed wrapped around his curled up knees and his head planted in between them.  Hiroshi could hear him crying from across the roof as he slowly approached his nephew. Kisuke had sat there during the entire storm, crying alone. "Kisuke?" Hiroshi said as he slowly approached. Kneeling down beside Kisuke, he put his hand on his shoulder and asked "Son, are you alright." Both swiftly and unexpectedly Kisuke pushed his uncles arm off of him and shouted back "Your not my parent! My father is gone and now my mothers dead!" Tears were still rolling down his face, mingling with the water from the rain. Hiroshi was shocked by Kisuke's reaction and didnt say anything. However he did not say anything because he was more shocked by Kisuke's eyes. They had evolved into the first comma sharingan but in Kisukes fit of rage and anger he did not realize himself. "Kisuke..." Hiroshi began but Kisuke interrupted "Shut up and leave me alone!" Sliding forward, Kisuke pushed himself off of the roof and fell all the way down to the ground bellow. 
Sprinting away, Kisuke ran towards the training grounds with his uncle following fast on his tail. "Kisuke wait!" Hiroshi shouted as he grabbed a hold of Kisuke's right arm. "Leave me alone." Yelled Kisuke as he turned around with tears falling off his face and went to punch his uncle in the gut. Hiroshi deflected in the incoming attack in such a way that the two of them ended up in an embrace and this time Kisuke did not try pushing himself away. Rather he tightened his grip around his uncle, the two of them now hugging fiercely. Kisuke began sobbing again and whimpered "I feel so alone... she can't be gone. She cant." Emotions started welling up in Hiroshi as he uttered "It's going to be alright Kisuke." "I miss here." Kisuke continued. "I miss her so much." Grabbing Kisuke by the shoulders, Hiroshi looked right into his still activated eyes, which Kisuke still had not realized were activated. "So do I. But you have to be strong, strong for your little brother." Remembering what his mother had told him seconds before passing away, Kisuke nodded and began rubbing the tears away from his eyes and nodding. "Akira is back home and were going to have to break the news to him and your going to have to be there for him. He looks up to you, your the father figure in his life. He's going to need you to be strong Kisuke. Can you do that for me?" Rubbing his eyes once more, Kisuke looked up at his slightly taller uncle, eyes not back to normal and said still with a whimper on his voice "Yeah, I can. I guess I should go tell Akira now. Its late, he's probably wondering where I am."  "Ill come with you." Replied Hiroshi as they strode along side by side.
By the time the two of them got back home, Akira was already fast asleep seeing as how it was late at night. "Ill go wake him up." Kisuke said as he slowly walked down the hallway towards Akira's room. Slipping into the darkness of the room, Kisuke knelt beside the bed and gently shook hit brother awake. The younger Uchiha, drowsy from dreaming slowly sat up and said "Oniisan, is that you?" Asked Akira as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Yeah, its me." "What time is it?" He asked. "I went to bed because you never came home after school." Kisuke slowly nodded and finally said "I know, I know. Listen Akira, theres something I have to tell you."
Out in the hall standing beside the door, Hiroshi stood listening to the conversation of the two brothers. Suddenly he herd Akira burst out into tears. He never looked inside the room as he could picture what was happening by what was being said and the sound of Akira crying went strait to his heart and he almost started crying as well. The last thing he herd Kisuke say was "I promise I'll protect you, no matter what."

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Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:34 am
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