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Kukla Nazar
Kukla Nazar
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Scum of the Leaf Empty Scum of the Leaf

Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:22 pm
mission specs:

Dang, as soon as Draconis, or Drac as he was commonly called by any one who was remotely connected to him, got back to report in from his last mission, he was called to do another mission. Looks like he was playing the trouble shooter of the village today, not that he minded but you know, it was a little un-nerving that other people were not there to do the missions too, especially like the current one he was being sent back out to do. That was some thing any old or young genin should be able to do but apparently, since he was finding this out when asking for additional details, the genin were in short supply since most of them were needed to help clean up the academy after the culprit’s last attack. As it was it seemed many of the ninjas were having trouble tracking down a single thief. Well, that would not be the case for long now would it? Draconis the Byakugan wielder was on the case now.

Being as a third of the mission time had elapsed, in terms of time limit, before Draconis had even set his foot out the door, he had to hurry just a teensy little bit. Scrambling to the favorite hunting grounds of the petty thief, he paused for just enough time to purchase his favorite snack. Just as he had bought it and was about to take a nice big bite, it was snatched from his hands, and the perpetrator fleeing into the crowd. Draconis though was able to pick out the thief from the look of his pastry, and track him using his lone Byakugan, using his attempts at the Gentle Fist: Abhorrent Amalgamation Aberration to try and enhance his speed. A glow surrounded his body, his muscles increasing in activity as a byproduct of the increased output of the Tenketsu. It was recognizable as a Gentle Fist Variant but not by much except the glow, as its very nature was significantly different from the other Hyuuga techniques. To be fair this could hardly be called a Hyuuga technique as Draconis had still forsworn the Hyuuga, and was developing this technique on his own, but it still used the Byakugan.

The boost in speed helped immensely, and soon he was catching up to the thief despite the massive lead the thief had gained while Draconis was distracted by pure astonishment, and the momentum built up by the thief. Eventually Draconis was boringly enough able to tackle the thief and drag him to justice! Well, by justice could be meant the next gathering of the vendors, at which the poor guy was insulted and demeaned verbally, before being hauled off to the local jail. Draconis, having left on his speed and power booster all this time was also impressed that he was able to maintain the technique for so long. However, he found the side effects nasty when he shut off the technique and could barely drag himself off to report back, much less to eat his snack.

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Scum of the Leaf Empty Re: Scum of the Leaf

Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:24 pm
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