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Ryugia Uchiha
Ryugia Uchiha
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A new way to train! (open) - Page 11 Empty Re: A new way to train! (open)

Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:07 pm
Ryugia stared into Yen's eyes. Was he serious? But the chidori could very we'll be fatal.

 "I do not want to cause pain to my comrades, and everyone in the leaf is my comrade. I only want the power to protect this village and the people I hold dear. I am trying to get stronger and yet.... I feel like I have barely moved an inch. All I have are clever tactics, but that isn't going to work against people who are stronger. I can't out wit everyone."

 Ryugia let his sharingan deactivate, as yen had clearly stopped fighting. He let his gaze fall. 

"One day I want to be hokage, and lead this village. I want to help make us the he beacon of light we once were. Thank you for testing me. I guess I'm having dinner alone tonight."
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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A new way to train! (open) - Page 11 Empty Re: A new way to train! (open)

Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:03 pm

yen nodded at the boy and smiled. "you were tested not for your values but also for the fact that i am impressed that you took down someone that i doubt i could handle with ease. your tactics are a key to who you are just like my skills are for me, yet you look down on them and think its not enough sometimes tactics are just the thing to get things done. you have a good quick step but i never focused on speed for my usage as a shinobi. but my body is a sheild for the village. dont look down on your tactics but don't rely too heavily on your gifts there is a use for every skill you have at your disposal. as for dinner i shall cook something up, you need company and a nice guidance at this time ryuggia and i can see you have a chance for kage well..: yen smirked and laughed to himself a little, "if you can get by me my good freind then you perhaps have a grand chance, but growth and prosperity in yourself before aiming to shoulder the burden of others. which means that you gotta take your game to the next level."

yen stared at the biy ryuggia and smiled as he considered the next option and chuckled. "perhaps i could show you the technique i have worked on lately since i am curious to how well you can handle yourself. ah i wont kill ya my freind its going to be quiet a trip though plus you can train within it as well i am curious to see your full potential so lets see how well you can handle the technique eh ryuggia?" yens yellow eyes glowed a bit as he smiled eager to test the boy some more. adding in the additional details. "well in the simplicity you shall be fine in the end but mind your sorroundings are you ready for an out of this world experience?" yen asked the boy curious to his response.

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