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Bijuu Buddy training part 3  Empty Bijuu Buddy training part 3

Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:30 am
(what will be part 2 is currently sitting as an open word document at my house)

Denkiteki and Shou flew far above the mountains of Kumogakure, the young sage glancing down from his perch atop the dragons head to admire the country below. It was amazing, being above the clouds and mountains, easily passing over them as though they weren’t even there. It was Den’s first personal visit to the lands guarded by Kumogakure, he had never really had a reason to go there seeing as Tomoya had volunteered to check it out for him. Den wondered if he should visit the village, but he didn’t want to risk it in case the people there that were involved in Min’s death had some way of finding out he was the new Gobi jin. He’d just go pick up Maku and what seemed to be the 9 tails and they’d be on their way.
Den and Shou had not been traveling on land long, they had only just passed over the ocean from the island Den had initially teleported to. He could have teleported somewhere within the country’s borders if he really wanted to, but had preferred to enter it through what Den saw as safer means. If he teleported he could have ended up near some people that meant ill towards him, but on Shou he was far above everyone, they’d need to fly or use long range techniques to get to the giant dragon and Den would see them coming from a mile away.
Being somewhat bored seeing as he was just sitting atop Shou’s head as they traveled, Den decided that he would work on developing a new jutsu while he sat on the giant beast. Being that he was in the lightning country, Den decided he’d work on a jutsu for that element seeing as he had bothered to learn how the element worked some time ago but hadn’t really picked up that many techniques for it.
Laying down on the dragon’s head, using his chakra to anchor him in place as the dragons very movements caused the wind to shift and try and carry Den’s small body from atop it and off into the wind, Den began to ponder what sort of jutsu he needed. He had the lightning clone jutsu and that was really it, maybe he just needed a simple offensive lightning jutsu? One that he could use for offense purposes, probably some sort of projectile attack.
Focusing his raiton chakra, Den began to play around with the shape and element manipulation of his chakra. He wanted something simple, but also effective, probably not to powerful as Den didn’t want to spend too much time working on the jutsu, so probably a technique that would be ranked ‘C’, where it had combat potential but by itself wasn’t that powerful of a technique. With his amplifying stone and his above exceptional chakra control, he could take a low power jutsu and make it powerful enough to kill most shinobi, so rather than focus on raw power he would just make sure that the jutsu had a decent number of applicable uses.
Dens first thought was to allow himself to shoot lightning from his hand, and he decided to roll with the idea. It was a simple enough idea, and electrocuting people with his hands would be a fairly useful skill to have, especially if he could make it useful in melee and ranged combat.
Den outstretched his left hand, and channeled the ration chakra he had been playing with through the chakra points in his arm. The lightning exited out from his left hand, before traveling only half a meter and then sputtering out.
Damn, alright that one didn’t really work. Den hadn’t used hand seals so he hadn’t expected things to go well, but he was hoping for something a little more impressive. He’d work on the jutsu later though, he was starting to get close to Maku’s location.
So, how long has it been since you’ve seen Kurama? Kokou had informed Den that it was the 9 tails name after they had discovered Maku with the beast in the Sanctuary Pond.
The beast chuckled loudly, before speaking, do youremember the man? With the oddly shaped sharingan, who read our minds and promised you aid?
Den did, it had been in Takigakure, after meeting the leader of the village he had met the leaders ‘boss’, a powerful being that had somehow known Minorin. Yeah I remember him, I was thinking about trying to find him next, why?
The beast laughed again, there seemed to be some joke that Den didn’t get. The beast quieted itself, but speaking once more, though he seemed to be trying to suppress a laugh, I probably shouldn’t laugh, it’s just funny that you think yourself so knowledgeable but you didn’t realize it, there’s no point in trying to find that man after Maku.
Den was still laying atop Shou, with his left knee raised up as his left foot was still touching the beasts head, anchoring Den in place. In the real world, he looked up at the sky with a confused look on his face, remembering the encounter with the man image by image, then he got at the end and his eyes widened as he realized….
He’s dead. that man had created the image of a beast withhis display of power, and piecing that together with the Gobi’s comments he had realized that..
Yes, he was Kurama’s jinchuuriki. So he must be dead, and Maku either killed him or retrieved Kurama afterwards somehow.
Den wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, he hadn’t had any affiliation with the former jin other than them bothing knowing Minorin and his promise of aid. Normally that would mean Maku was his enemy, but Maku had promised him aid as well and as it turned out was actually Den’s brother, and unlike his other former ally Maku was still alive and could assist him. Even though the situation was now more complex, Den didn’t find it hard to decide that there was no reason to change his plans with the new knowledge, even if the former jin had seemed like a good man Den had only met him briefly, and unless he found out the man died protecting a bunch of innocents from Maku Den didn’t see any reason why he should try and avenge the mans death based on just being acquaintances.
Well, at least you don’t try and avenge everyone. Just those closest to you?
No, it’s just… as far as I know Maku killed the man in a simple fight, which happens all the time. They’re both powerful shinobi, they’ve both most likely killed people, and neither of them is under my protection so it’s not my business who kills who. Of course, now that he knew Maku was his brother den felt sort of protective of him, he wondered if he would end up having to treat Maku like an actual younger sibling, hell how old were they even? Chronologically Den was a few years older he knew that, but Maku had obviously changed his biological age somehow as well, perhaps he had taken those aging pills that shinobi could buy, or had some space time power similar to Den’s.
The bijuu could pick up on Den’s thoughts, even as he got side tracked on his and Maku’s age, I suppose that kind of makes sense. So if someone killed Maku, would you try to avenge him as well?
Den took a breath before responding to that one, I mean, he’s my brother, but it’s not like we grew up together. I feel like once we get to know each other it’ll end up being a situation like that, from how he was at Naoki’s village he seemed to be an alright guy.
This will be interesting, while I saw him while you were my jin and also for a bit while I was Minorin’s, it has been awhile since I’ve talked to Kurama. I wonder how our reunions will go.
Hopefully well, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. Den wasn’t sure of Kokou’s and Kurama’s relationship, but as acquaintances Den and Maku had gotten along fairly well, so he figured that unless Maku didn’t accept Dens word that they were brothers and somehow got angry over the claim, things would go fairly well once they had a chance to meet and talk.

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Bijuu Buddy training part 3  Empty Re: Bijuu Buddy training part 3

Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:26 pm
I only see 5 lines of the bijuu talking, denied. I don't see this as a real friendship yet.

jk approved
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