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the epic of Hysterio pt 3 Empty the epic of Hysterio pt 3

Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:46 am
(Psst, Tatsuya, Hyuga don’t have blue eyes lul

As Draconis, no, the Hyena had been observing the crowd, he felt motion, air moving nearby and brushing his skin, as another who may or may not have been watching for a long time, was suddenly behind the Hyena, whose muscles tensed for battle. The new fellow spoke, to Draconis Hyuga it seemed. It seemed the newcomer was interested in the Hyena’s eyes, he would not have been the only one. There had been talk in the Hyuga clan before of “repossessing” so to speak, Draconis’ eyes, before he could develop as a ninja, the Byakugan from the inferior specimen, as they thought of him, would be destroyed, wasted, The Hyena left blind to the world, quite literally.
Draconis had whirled around as soon as he had heard and felt the air displacement from the other appearing behind him suddenly. As the other boy was finishing speaking, The Hyena was looking the newcomer up and down warily. “Well, you don’t appear to be one of the spineless cowards from my clan, otherwise I would have killed you on the spot for that comment. Also, you do not have the eyes of a true killer, I do not fear you no matter your strength.”

Not having anything else to speak with the newcomer about for the moment, The Hyena would turn back to the boy he had first been talking to. He would then begin his short diatribe “To give you the short version, I should not have had reason for any of these scars, like this one. I was forsaken by my accursed clan, the dojutsu users who have coasted on their reputation for hundreds of years without producing anyone capable of utilizing their jutsu in an effective manner. They might as well be doctors in hospitals, they see combat so little. Them in their white robes, and matching eyes… useless Hyuuga!” Draconis Hyuuga virtually spat out the last sentence as he replied to Kaito. From his tone, it was implied that, while it was not the most comfortable topic, it was not something the Hyena would mind getting off of his chest either.

“You are… Kaito. I call myself… the Hyena.” Said Hyena watched warily to see how the other boy might react.

If the other boy reacted as he might have without the brief interruption courtesy of the newcomer, The Hyena would listen quietly, noting the young boy’s rather apparent wisdom despite his seeming innocence and youth.

If the other boy was allowed to finish speaking, without interruption, The Hyena would consider both his next words, and those of his new acquantaince carefully. Then he would extend a hand to accept the gunplay, and say ”I once had a different name, but I have forsaken it as my clan forsook me, perhaps in time I shall reclaim it, but not before I cleanse my clan.” A shadow would cross his face, before he changed topics abruptly. “There are few people here with any amount of wisdom, especially at your age. Regardless of your lineage, as I can see you are not a fellow Hyuga, your family should be praised for your intelligence, nay, even if you were one of the Hyuga you would be truly exceptional. I think you are one of a small group of people I would want to have as a pack mate. What do you think?”

The Hyena would extend a hand towards Kaito, regardless of his lineage, this was a boy The Hyena was beginning to respect as a person. The simple act of extending his hand, exposing part of his body, was a huge sign of trust on the Hyena’s part, perhaps the other boy, Kaito, would realize this, perhaps not. In the meantime, the Hyena was finding it rather easy to see all around him within a limited range, able to keep some tabs on the fellow who had initially appeared behind The Hyena, even if he moved extremely quickly the Hyena would have a little more warning this time perhaps...

(total word count: 2014 - these keep getting shorter o.o)
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the epic of Hysterio pt 3 Empty Re: the epic of Hysterio pt 3

Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:11 am
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