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Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Teh Epic Peace. Empty Teh Epic Peace.

Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:53 pm
Kino was in his office, located in Kumogakure. He was ready to make peace, he had decided earlier, he would make peace with one of the five major villages. An alliance, most likely he was going to make it, to where if they get attacked Kumogakure would arrive to help shortly. Kino didn't want anything in exchange for that really, maybe something but Kumogakure and him didn't seem to need anything, but now it was a good time for allies, and he had decided, Sunagakure. Sunagakure would be his, and Kumogakure's first ally village, in Kino's Raikage time at least. He would summon his ANBU members, four of them. Three to escort, one to make sure Kino's absence was unknown to the village.

He and his ANBU would make their way out the village, why the other, single ANBU tried to cover up Kino's absence.
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Teh Epic Peace. Empty Re: Teh Epic Peace.

Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:03 pm
Amane stood at the window, looking over the beautiful sand village known as Sunagakure. She had never seen it from this high up before, and had never truly taken in it's beauty. She hadn't long been elected Kazekage, but was already getting into the swing of things. The best part was being respected, loved, and feeling closer to Suna. Amane had always loved her home village, but had never seen it like this before. She felt she had to protect it. She couldn't imagine Suna in war, she didn't want to. She had decided that being an allied village would help that, she wished to make peace with as many villages and shinobi forces as possible. It wasn't all for Sunagakure's benefit though. Amane was a great believer in returning favors, and wanted to help other villages too.

The wind blew in from the desert, and the sweet smell of Sunagakure wafted into the Kazekage office. Amane's hair flowed gently in the breeze, taking the blue ribbon she wore with it. She sighed and walked away from the window towards her desk. Odin lay on the floor playing with a ball one of the shinobi had given him when he had first arrived here, it hadn't left his paws since. Amane sat down behind her desk and began dealing with paperwork.
Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Teh Epic Peace. Empty Re: Teh Epic Peace.

Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:33 am
Kino was out of the village, making his way past the borders of Kumogakure, making his way for Sunagakure. His three ANBU followed behind him, and to his sides. He had his Raikage outfit on. He had a sword, hidden under the robes in it's holder. He had it for pure defensive reasons, he had no plans on attacking anyone unless he, or his allies were attacked. He would continue to walk, along with his ANBU. They were quiet, not really chatting at all. It was quiet as they advanced towards Sunagakure, clouds were moving slowly through the sky as the wind calmly pushed it along. A cloud was covering the sun, and the sun's rays blasted down, down onto an area where Kino and his ANBU were currently traveling.

Kino and the ANBU nin continued, soon passing through Konohagakure's borders. He and his ANBU nin jumped through the forest, heading rather rapidly towards Sunagakure's borders, this being quicker than just walking towards Sunagakure.

After a while, they would soon arrive in the desert, which was very close to Sunagakure. They continued. Kino kicking up some sand as he walked rather tiredly. He would soon see Sunagakure, they would begin to run towards it. They had soon entered the village gates, and Kino made his way for Kazekage's office.
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