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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
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Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:14 pm
Standing in the leader's office which for a time belonged to him and previously belonged to his predecessors, Naoki was looking out the window. Because of the mist that now covered the village day and night there was little to be seen. No more sunny beaches, at least not in this island. But he could see movement, there were people out there, his people. As expected most of them were returning after they were told that no harm will be done to them and that the village was not destroyed. Carrying their luggage the people were walking through the sandy streets, which had began to grow grass because of all the moisture, and finding their way into their homes.

The Uchiha's eyes would turn to spot the guest as he heard the doors open. He partially expected Caithe, but it was one of his other Jounins. The former leader had already got word that Caithe with a small group of others led the civilians who chose not to return. He could certainly respect that choice, if their roles were reversed he would most likely have done the same. Looking at the Jounin Naoki made a gesture for him to speak. While these ninja now served Xyxer, they had not yet forgotten that a few days ago he was their leader and the sacrifice he has made for their future. Not to mention that with Xyxer gone he was temporarily still in charge. The Jounin would report that some citizen of the Sky Country are finding their way on the shores and it looks like they are mounting boats. The scouts report that many more are coming to Shimagakure. The Uchiha would sigh, he had no idea what his new master had planned as the guy never told him, but he guess that the intent was to recover Shimagakure's population after some of them had left.

Whatever the plan was, it mattered little at this point, as Naoki had little choice but to leave it for the men to handle as he had an errand to run. When the Jounin left and Naoki had finished preparing he would conjure two wood clones, then make a hand seal and an orb of chakra would surround them before teleporting the Uchiha and his escort to his Exemplar.

[Exit, teleporting to Kumogakure]
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