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Snow Country Empty Snow Country

Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:32 pm
Today was a really really bad day Tenrai thought while saddened. He thought about what all had happened today, he got deafeated by a missing nin,got his kidney and eye stolen, and got banished from his villiage. Tenrai took off his headband and threw it on the ground. Most of all what the nin took was his pride he didn't know what to do now or where to go. One word came in his mind Yukigakure he had heard while living in Tenga thatbit recently got blown up maybe their were survivers he thought. Tenrai began walking north of Tenga trying to get to Yuki as fast as he could hoping he could seek refuge their if there were survivors. While he was walking upward north He pulled out a scroll that could help him learn a new jutsu. Tenrai remembered that the Tenkage said come find him when he was stronger. But Tenrai didnt know if he wanted to do that. Tenrai didn't wanted to do that he never wanted to go back to Tenga he will start a new life. He will train and become stronger and hopefully surpass alot of people he looked at the scroll and it said "

Name: Shadow Clone Element: N/A Rank: B-Rank Spec Type: Ninjutsu Backstory: N/A Appearance: The user weaves the seal only for a solid replica to be created from a puff of smoke. Handseals: Clone seal Duration: Indefinite Cooldown: N/A Range: 2 meters for creation, 1/2 mile for distance they can travel away from the creator. Power: N/A Speed: N/A Health: N/A Stat Boosts: N/A What it does: Allows the user to at maximum, make two Shadow Clones of themselves, the clones can be formed at maximum, two meters away from the user.

The jutsu sounded cool and he needed to learn it but first he had to get to Yuki and survive. While he was walking he saw alot of people no alot of men just men and when he walked up they all looked at him it was about 10 of them." Fresh meat for all of us to eat said one of them ". Tenrai smiled maybe it was time for him to go back to his old ways. He had learned how to activate Flash Stirke and that is what he did while activating his Golden Eye(no pun intended lol) when he stepped one foot down it was like a blur to every one because Flash Strike enhanced his speed tremendously and Golden Eye did the same. Here we go he thought with his sword in hand while activating Ultimate Lighting. He sped threw the crowd of men cutting arms heads and legs off in under 20 seconds. He smiled this is the missing nin life he thought while contiuning to north. Tenrai arrived at a large river.He sighed, as he looked at the river, its fast rapids would surely blow him away. He then thought. "That's it, that wil be my training. I will run up stream and I will be able to over come the rapids, and surpass it. I will become stronger, I will accomplish the feat and run through this river. I can do this." Tenrai shouted out loud, as he pointed at the river, as he punched his palms, as he started to stretch. 'Oh don't worry, you will be destroy soon enough." He said, as he sighed. "Soon enough, senor rivera. Soon enough" Tenrai finished stretching, as he stood up over the river, as he stomped the ground in front of the river. he put his hand in the water, feeling the rough current as he smiled, and jumped up and down and started to run in place. "Oh,I'm so excited. Let's go!" Tenrai said, as he jumped into the air, and sent a kick in front of him. "Alright, well, lt's get this started." Tenrai said, as e started to walk to the front of the river, even though it wasnt much of a start, but he went as far front as possible. Tenrai set down his bag, as he sighed, and started running in place some more. Tenrai looked down at the river, and took a step inside, and quickly turned into the river. He felt the current pushing him backward as he started to moves his legs forward. He smiled as he began to move forward. He felt as he was going forward how much more freer he felt as he was advancing forward. He continued to run at a faster pace, as he began to yell, as he kept going faster and faster. "I will not lose, I will not fail." Tenrau yelled into the air, as he continued moving. Tenrai while running, felt as if he was on a treadmill. Tenrai was incredibly focused, on running and keeping his footing. "Focus, one mess up and I'm gonna get a face full of river." Tenrai whispered, as he continued to run forward. At the moment he was slowing down and now he was just in place. If he kept this up he would be going so slow the river would be taking him backwards yet again. He sighed, as he began to feel himself fail already. He shrugged his head and he jumped out and landed on the ground to the side of the river. "I'm still not ready. I need to work harder. i need much more training." He punched forward, as he and sent forward a couple of kicks. Tenrai looked at the river, as he cracked his knuckles he started to stretch and began to take deep breathes. "Let's get this started. Take this river." Tenrai shouted as he ran forward, as soon as he made it into the river, he started to run across it. He felt as he instantly touched it, he extended each leg as soon as the other one touched the ground, at high speeds. Tenrai waved his arms back and forth at his sides, as he looked at the rock ahead, he smirked he made a perfectly vertical jump over the rock. He then began to run at his top speed again moving forward. "GO GO GO AHEAD AND Run!" Tenrai shouted, as he was moving at high speeds, he smiled, he looked forward as he felt himself passing up the last spot he originally fell from. "I did it. Great." Tenrai said, as he put one leg down and jumped out of the river. "i made it.' Tenrai dryed off and ran around a while to dry his cloths. When his cloths were dry he contiued walking towards Yuki to find refuge. Tenrai then saw a mountain with a snow cap at the top. He then saw several large mountains. He had made it he thought while smiling he made it to Snow Country.

Wordcount: 1147

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Snow Country Empty Re: Snow Country

Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:43 pm
Approved for travel however you can't claim stats in a travel topic training or not
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