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Kyogetsu Hozuki
Kyogetsu Hozuki
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 111750

Let it Snow, Man Empty Let it Snow, Man

Mon Dec 26, 2022 9:30 pm
Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?:

Snowy plains, an environment his brother would be more suited for but alas, it appeared Kyogetsu ended up getting the short end of the stick. "Oh well, a little cold never killed anyone, or did it?" the young Mist shinobi thought out loud, a crunchy sound underneath his feet as he left behind a couple of footprints in the snow. It was that time of year again, countless people had gathered around, taking in their surroundings as they all enjoyed the atmosphere together. The Hozuki himself didn't really mind, but the older he got, the fewer these things affected him, good or bad.

Nevertheless, snow or rain, this time it was Kyogetsu's turn to go out and get all of the grocery shopping done for the evening, and he knew he couldn't come home empty-handed. On his way to all of the different stores in the village, the young Hozuki would pass quite a lot of families, parents playing in the snow with their children, all having the best time of their lives. The warrior of the Mist could still remember the days when he and his younger brother were out doing the same, not having a single care in the world. But those times changed as they grew up, for better or worse.

As he returned from one of the many Christmas shops, having bought everything that was on his list, Kyogetsu passed and walked by a young child playing on its own. "Hm", a single word as he briefly looked in the kid's direction, the Hozuki considering paying no mind to what could possibly have happened that might have caused the girl to be sitting there all by herself. "Damn it" the Mist shinobi cursed before turning around, making his way to where the child was sitting. "Did they leave you behind or something?" he asked, tactful as he was. 

Luckily, the girl explained her parents were simply preparing dinner for the evening, having sent their daughter out to play while they made sure to get everything ready to celebrate the holidays together with the rest of their family. "What, you want me to build a snowman with you?" Kyogetsu asked slightly caught off guard by the child's question. There wasn't really any harm to it, but should he really be spending his time playing in the snow with some girl he didn't even know? "Eh, why not, let's call it my Christmas gift to you". The young Hozuki would put the bag of groceries to the side for now, preparing to help her build a snowman.

He put on his gloves, gathered some of the snow nearby as he started from the bottom and making his way to the top. "Make sure we keep him nice and steady, we wouldn't want Mr. Snowman to fall, would we?". Kyogetsu would do most of the heavy lifting, rolling the big pieces of snow until they became one and ready to be placed on top of the bottom piece. "Now his arms, we can't have him stand here without any of those, can we?". The Hozuki would lift her up, letting the girl place each of the sticks on either side before putting her down once more. "Almost there" he smiled, looking for another attribute they could use to finish building the man of snow.

After having walked around for a couple of minutes, Kyogetsu was able to get his hands on what appeared to be an old gentleman's hat, placing it on top of the snowman's head. "The only thing missing is his nose, what should we use for that?" the Mist shinobi asked the girl in a playful manner, wondering what she would end up using for the finishing touch. It didn't take her all that long to return with a carrot in hand, asking the Hozuki to pick her up so she could place it in the middle of the snowman's face.  "There, looks perfect" he complimented their creation as he put her back down.

Once they were done admiring the fruits of their work it was time for both Kyogetsu and the young girl to go home, the evening slowly started falling over the village which could only mean one thing, time to celebrate together with friends, family and other loved ones. Once he dropped her off safely it was finally time to enjoy the festivities.


(TWC: 730)
- 730 to finish Water Gun Technique (previously trained here and here)
- 7 stats to Vigor
- Mission rewards (1000 Ryō, 5 AP, 250 Winter Equinox Tickets)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 300484

Let it Snow, Man Empty Re: Let it Snow, Man

Tue Dec 27, 2022 10:40 am
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