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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO) - Page 4 Empty Re: Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO)

Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:07 pm
Altar watched as the two people in front of him all but burst into laughter at his request. Well, that had backfired. This was gonna be harsh. He had just met this girl, and somehow gained an upper hand in a fight against her, and yet she refused to aknowledge him. Calling him by his first name was a matter of respect to him. He hadn't demanded anything too extreme, just a simple name change from something barely anonymous to his true name. How was it that that was such a laughable request? It didn't make sense at all to Altar. His smile would drop to a frown at Maya's mention of age. Was that what this was about? He hadn't thought of age as a factor. He just didn't want to be called kid. He wanted something more familiar than just kid. He didn't think that request would be so out of line, or out of the ordinary. So, Altar's face would contort slightly, his anger being shown slightly as he opened his mouth to remark about the subject.

"First of all, don't laugh at me. It's just fucking insulting. Same with that name. I despise being called kid. Age shouldn't matter. I've earned respect from both of you, so you should at least try to show it like I do. I don't insist on calling either of you names you don't like, so do the same for me. That's not such a harsh or unbelievable request. It's pretty simple, actually. Like I said, age isn't a factor. It's skill and maturity that matter most. Saying age matters more than those is like saying you matter more than anyone younger than you simple because you're older. Now riddle me this, Maya, does that make much sense to you? Because it doesn't make any to me. Like I said, i've proven myself. I've done what was asked of me. What more do you want? What more do I have to do to earn your respect? What more do I need to do for you to call me by my own name?" Altar would say, ranting and blowing off steam on the two. 

It wasn't the most appropriate thing to do, given the circumstances, but he had been under severe pressure and felt like he would explode otherwise. Besides, he felt like if he hadn't tried proving that point then and there, that they would've continued on with the despicable pet name and never stopped. It needed to be established that he did not handle that kind of thing well at all. He wanted respect, and the easiest way for others to start was to call him by his given name, It wasn't that hard, so he could never understand why people had always had trouble doing it. It had always been some sickening nickname or pet name, and he had grown to despise them.

TWC: 6010
Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO) - Page 4 Empty Re: Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO)

Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:21 pm
Haru and Maya’s eyes widened as Altar ranted about being called kid. He didn’t realize he hated it that much… He had never mentioned it before.
”Maya, you can go. I need to talk to him alone.” He said before the girl could speak. She said nothing, simply waved goodbye and de-summoned.
”Ki-Ugh. Altar, it’s not a title. It’s just how we talk. I call everybody kid. Maya got the habit from me.” He explained, shaking his head. Altar was essentially blowing up over an accent. He didn’t realize it irritated him that much. He said, stopping himself once more. For the love of god, that was incredibly annoying. ”But if you think it should be based on skill and maturity, I’ll let you in on a little tip. You haven’t even began to tap into your potential. You’ve had your moments, everyone does, but you still have so far to go that it’s immeasurable. You’ve been a genin for less then a year. Don’t act like you’re equal to either of us, because you’re not.” Haru said, starting a rant of his own, putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder to add emphasis, looking him dead in the eyes. “I’m not saying this to be mean, but one victory does not mean you’ve earned anything. What sounds like the guy you’d want fighting for you? A boxer who absolutely destroyed his opponent in one amazing fight, or one that always wins, even if it gets bloody? Life  would be a lot simpler if you only needed one good accomplishment to get some respect.” Haru told the boy. As he spoke, vivid visions of both Maya and Haru training for his chunin exams flashed through his head as he did so. They had both come a long way.
”If respect is what you’re looking for, then you’ve gotta work for it. And there’s only one day you can do that.” Haru said, turning away, whistling for Noctis, who appeared before him. ”Meet me at the roof of the training towers, tomorrow morning, five-o-clock sharp.” Haru said, climbing onto Noctis. His usual sarcasm was completely gone now, it was clear he meant business. ”If you’re but a second late, I won’t be there.” He warned Altar as Noctis started to take flight, disappearing into the cityscape.

(Exit, TWC: 5542)

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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO) - Page 4 Empty Re: Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO)

Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:21 pm
Altar gave a small wave to Maya as she de summoned, saying his goodbye to her. For now, at least. Now that he was a Siren summoner, he guessed he'd be seeing more of her from now on. Not a lot, not until he was much stronger. But some here and there, probably.

However, as Maya left, Haru started a rant of his own. Telling Altar that he hadn't even began to earn respect and standing, and that he had barely started on a journey that would seemingly never end. Altar looked at Haru for most of his speech, but tore his eyes away about halfway through, his line of vision finding a new home at his feet. It was hard to look someone you called and considered a friend in the eyes, when they turned on you and scolded you like a child. He knew he was over reacting and that it wasn't meant to be mean or betraying, but damn if it didn't feel that way. Altar kept his eyesight on his feet, nodding slightly as Haru told him to meet him at five o clock sharp, and not a second late. And with that, he was gone.

Altar plopped himself down over the edge of the rooftop, sitting on the edge with his legs hanging over. He had really gone off there, and in hindsight, it was about nothing. Haru explained it away as just a bad habit. But that was one bad habit that would need breaking. Altar took the time to reflect, laying back on the rooftop. He just wanted to be known. He wanted to be recognized and respected. He wanted to be...he wanted to be strong enough to defend himself and others. He had always wanted to forsake that goal. People had turned their backs on him, but something happened that re ignited that old flame in him, that passion to defend. His want to self sacrifice if it meant that others would be safe. He wanted so badly to be good, but to be good required being known, and being known required being strong. And he wasn't nearly strong enough yet. not even close. It seemed at this rate that he'd never complete his goals, and never fulfill his dreams.

A strangely familiar sensation stung at his eyes, festering and sitting for a while before going away. He couldn't quite place the feeling, but he knew he'd felt it before. Not in a long time, but he had felt it before. He vaguely remembered clinging to that feeling, that awful sting in his eyes as he...

Cried. The thought shocked him, as he felt at his face, finding his cheeks slightly damp. It was a strange sensation to feel after all those years. The thoughts of hopelessness and the fact that he hadn't even accomplished was enough to finally bring him to tears again. The only evidence he had ever had that proved he was human. That proved he was still capable of feeling and showing it somehow. Still...emotion was weakness. He couldn't let it show. Altar resolved this with a simple thought. He would do all he could, whatever it would take, to get stronger. He would prove himself however many times needed, and he would do whatever he could to be known. He would protect himself, and those he cared about. He would accomplish his goals. He would be sure of that. No matter the cost, the end outweighed the means.

Altar shook his head gently, wondering just how in the world he was going to accomplish these nearly impossible goals. But the first step was believing in himself. the second was taking everything one step and one day at a time. Everything in it's own time, and he'd find his way.

"I've been doing good. I've been trying my damnedest to get stronger, to prove myself, and to make everyone happy. Those are all impossible tasks together, but if I separate them, then they're easy things to do. I may not be as strong as Haru or Maya in physical aspects, but i've got more will and fight in me than both of them combined. Just wait and see, i'll earn everyone's respect. Then we'll see if they can call me a kid again." Altar would say, an actual smile gracing his face. He had a plan, a determination, everything he needed. He would do exactly what he set his mind to. Now, to get going, and to never look back ever again.

~Exit, TWC: 6760~

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Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO) - Page 4 Empty Re: Be Water, My Friend (P,NK,IO)

Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:03 pm
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