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Kamuza Yuki
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a story about a story which has been spread far Empty a story about a story which has been spread far

Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:45 am
*story not about me

i was sitting down watching mlp with my sister

when my friend came

we had a sleepover my sister was watching mlp

he friend saw her and was surprised so he told me to open up my laptop

he went to a strange site called rule 34

he wanted to fap, and i wanted to fap so we fapped to mlp

he told me he wasn't a brony, i thought he was retarded

he said he was a horsefucker / people who fap to mlp

that was when I clicked out of the rule 34 and noticed what i was doing

i told him to go home and he did

so i was sleeping in bed with my sister and i had to tell someone about it

my sister said i could be going through a phase

and then i raised the question

"What would it be like to fuck a pony?"

and she said

"I'll pretend to be Applejack if you be BigMacinTosh"
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