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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK) Empty Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK)

Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:52 pm
(300 words a person)


After dealing with the thief, Haru would walk back towards the gates.
”Our last mission for the day could be a bit more exiting then the others.” He would tell them as they walked through the gates. ”Or, it could be reeeeally boring. I suppose it is what you make it out to be.” He added as he led them through the plains, a large tower coming into sight. ”We’re manning this tower. Basically, we’re sitting around and waiting for something to happen. There’s food there for lunch, as we’re gonna be there till sundown.” He told them. As they neared the tower, the door swung open, another genin team finishing their shift in the tower. Haru would pass by the team, entering through the doors of the tower and finding a chair. ”I’ll be watching for threats, but I want you guys to keep alert, so I’m not gonna tell you if something happens unless it poses a threat to your life or something.” He would tell the genin, pulling his headband over his byakugan and closing his sharingan eye, leaning back in the chair against the wall.
He would keep his byakugan eye open for awhile, before gradually closing it and relying on his chakra senses to alert him of any threats that arrived. Before he knew it, he had dozed off. Luckily, Haru didn’t snore when he slept, so it was hard to tell that he was sleeping.
Things stayed quiet for a few hours, not much of anything happening. Then, after a few hours, Haru’s eyes would snap open as his chakra senses detected a threat. He grinned as he stood up in the chair, watching with both his chakra senses and the byakugan to see if his students reacted. In the meantime, he prepared lunch, using the food in the larder to make a few sandwiches for the kids, once they finished beating the three bandits that were approaching the tower to a pulp. If any of the kids failed to react to the bandits approaching, Haru would whistle loudly to get their attention, hopefully causing them to actually pay attention to their surroundings. He would make sure to deprive any of the slackers of their meal.

Once they got back from beating the bandits up and tying them up for the next group to deal with, Haru would offer those of his students that noticed the threat their lunches. The rest of the day would go by rather quietly, with no other threats approaching. Once the next patrol arrived, he would inform his students that they were dismissed for the day, before heading home.

(Exit, WC: 440)

+5 JP
+1200 Ryo
+440 Words Chakra Senses Training, which puts me over 1000, assuming the other missions are approved
Remove Ryo : 8050

Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK) Empty Re: Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK)

Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:08 pm
The team would head out into the plains. It was a very nice and open view. While swimming through the seas of tall grass the group would be given details about their next assignment, which was guarding an outpost, it would seem. This was finally a higher ranked missions, for sure. Maybe even a little chance of running into some combat, hopefully. The earlier thingy with the thief Youta would not call combat as the guy only tried to run away. Entering the outpost, Youta would spot the other team leaving. Staying a bit behind, she would let her team go forward while she asked the previous sentry if anything unusual was happening. She got an answer that it was quiet most of the day, but they did notice some strange movement from the east, although it was fair distance away so they did not go investigate. After thanking for the intel, she would return to her team, who were already settling in for the day.

Most of it was dull as hell. The girl found the highest spot and was just sitting there throughout the day. Watching the east, as that would be the most likely direction of the attack. And eventually she was proved right. Sitting with her legs crosses, her chin on her left hand, spinning a kunai with her right hand, the girl would notice three people leaving a forest not too far from the outpost. The would be heading towards them, but from what she could see, they were not moving like ninja. Getting a little bit excited she would move down to get a closer look, which would allow her to confirm the three in fact being thugs, although their intention was still unclear. What could three thugs expect to gain my attacking an outpost protected by ninja? Well, now was not the time for thinking, the girl was majorly bored so she would jump at the chance to kick someone's ass. Literally. Jumping over the wall at this chance, she would land by the left one of the three. She would expect her team to not be far behind. With a simple motion the girl would thrust a kunai in the guy's leg, then with a couple hits disarm and beat him unconscious. Then get the kunai and go claim her sandwich. Then wait some more and call it a day. It was a considerably boring day, even if busy, but at least it paid well.

[Xit n all]
Sayuri Senju
Sayuri Senju
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Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK) Empty Re: Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK)

Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:32 am
Sayuri followed the rest of the group as they made their way to their assigned outpost where they were to stand watch over the events that would transpire during the day. She was near Haru, even though she disliked him, however, even if she wouldn't admit it, she began warming up to him and appreciated the fact that he trusted to take care of things. After a few hours, Sayuri would yawn audibly. She looked around her to make sure no one heard and/or saw that out of embarrassment. She'd twirl a kunai around on her finger as she waited for some action. Her wish was finally granted when three suspicious looking men were making their way towards the outpost. At first Sayuri didn't react at the reasoning of the stupidity one would need to have to attack a ninja outpost. Nonetheless, her suspicions were confirmed when Youta quickly attacked one of the three men and beat him down with ease.

Sayuri would jumped over one of the openings in the outpost and sprint down the side of it. She wouldn't be far from Youta, being able to see her very clearly. Nevertheless, Sayuri performed some hand seals while running over to the middle thug, using her Hidden Mist Technique. The immediate area became dense with a semi-transparent mist. Sayuri used this as an advantage to get up close to the thug with her ring blade, Zenshu. She did a cartwheel using one hand with the blade in her other, sending it down the length of his back, opening a deep gash. Sayuri would not even falter at the site of this, sending the ring blade around the thug's throat. She would push from the other side of the ring with her hands and using her feet to push the thugs head deeper into the blunt end of the inner ring. Sayuri would do this until the said thug would lose consciousness, allowing her to stand up straight. She would release the Hidden Mist Technique and simply look up in Haru's direction in the outpost, not caring about the third thug which she assumed would be taken care of my Keisuke.

( 362 Words / Exit )
[ +5JP / +1200Ryo ]
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK) Empty Re: Bloons Tower De- Just kidding (Mission, P, NK)

Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:53 am
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