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The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
Ryo : 500

Broken Swords Empty Broken Swords

Thu May 16, 2013 9:10 am

The Nation of Hagfigrar was a peaceful nation and all the people in the nation were human all around them were elves and trolls and dwarfs. One day the elves and the dwarfs signed a treaty with the humans and Hagfigrar and the Nations of Lignirhas and Hillsteern were now in alliance but the trolls attack Hagfigrar and during the middle of battle the humans were betrayed. They fought for over 100 years and it wasn't until a man wearing a red scarf showed up on the battle field and managed to kill the Grand Elf that the war had ended, that man had later become king off Hagfigrar and was the most feared ruler of them all. Before he died he tought his childern the way of the sword and he handed down the thrown to his eldest son and the younger son was angry due to him being the better swordsmen and declared war on his brother, the younger brother began to lead rebel forces into the castle area and all of which failed. The tow never stopped fightming until the older brother gave up and handed over the thrown. The brothers had descendants and the families never met, until the prince was set to rule Hagfigrar and it was found out that there was another prince also running aroud but this prince wasn't born by the same father but a former kings family (the older brother) and was in the village of Kingwood which the boys father had captured. The prince told the knights to go and kill the boy. But what they didn't expect was for the boy to be the leader of the rebels at the age of 14 and was able to defeat all the knights but he had lost his mother in the battle and swore that he would kill the person who did this and he found out it was the prince and he swore that he would kill the prince no matter what. 3 years has passed since that day and now the story really begins....

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The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
Ryo : 500

Broken Swords Empty Re: Broken Swords

Thu May 16, 2013 9:20 am
Ohk So Before I do Chapter 1: Kingwood vs Empire, I need a few characters so if you feel up to it here is a template so you just have to fill it out and PM it to me

Character Template:

ACTIVE CHARACTERS (Means your alive)

Prince Jake Vega:

Macradon of the Great Axe:

Kage Kajin:

Prince Habee "Electro" Xyrothron:

Nikkon Dark:

Rose Voltanis:

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The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
Ryo : 500

Broken Swords Empty Re: Broken Swords

Sat May 18, 2013 10:22 am

Jake was sitting in his office waiting for his advisor, he was staring out of the window and watching Nikkon the Archer and Stealth trainer. He was teaching the students about how to fire an arrow. His friend Kage came bursting through the door and Jake was so startled that he fell off his chair. Jake was wearing his red shirt with the kingwood symbol on the sleeves. His guantlets were now lying on the floor due to him knocking it over, the bandages that were on the one that he puts on his left arm were lying on his desk because he was trying to fix the dent that was made in it. His jacket was on his chair which was now lying on the ground. His friend was wearing a black jacket with braces on it which hides the blades which are in, his black spiky hair was until his shoulders. His black pants had lots of pockets that had kunai in them and supplies like medicine and other equipment, and there were belts tied to his legs that allowed him to move faster, and they had small holes within them, his black shoes were covered in blood from the wolves which he killed while he was on the edge of the village, his fingerless gloves were black and were also covered in blood from the attack from the wolves. Jake had gotten up from the floor and had put on his jacket and the guantlets and was wrapping the bandages around the dented guantlet on his left arm. The meeting was to discuss how they were going to defend the village. "So how are you doing?" Asked Jake while he finished up wrapping the bandages. "So I don't get a hello or anything..." said Kage as he put his hands on the back of his head. "Really so you want me to say hello?" Asked Jake as he looked at Kage and put his dual swords on his back and was now putting his black metal sword on his hip. "Nah I'm okay with that...So lets get down to business," said Kage "Firstly we need to build a tower so that the archers could watch over the village." Jake was now looking out the window and as soon as he turned around a man wearing the uniform of the scouting unit came into the room. The man was chubby and was sweating due to him running. "R.O.L and M.R.L the scouting squad is being attacked by TROLLS!!!" shouted the man as he wa now out of breath. "Kage gather a small unit and go and help the scouting unit." said Jake as he unsheathed one of his diamond dual swords. "What are you going to do!?" asked Kage as he was about to exit the room. "Me? I'm going to kill the soldiers who are going to attack the village." said Jake as he walked towards the door. "Wait how do you know there are soldiers coming?" "Don't you remember 3 years ago...It was first an attack by trolls on the scouting unit and then an attack by the soldiers, if its an all out war they want its an all out war they'll get." said Jake with a smirk on his face. The two walked out of the building and went their separete ways. Kage gathered a few men mostly archers to go to the forest to fight against the Trolls, while Jake took Nikkon Dark with him to fight against the soldiers. Kage departed through the main gate and entered to forest with the group of men he took with him. Jake ran into his Fiancee Rose and had explained everything that was going on. He then made his way towards the gate (W.I.P)
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