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Nozomi Kinzokutei
Nozomi Kinzokutei
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Hasashi's exam Empty Hasashi's exam

Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:41 am
Hasashi walked into the exam room, not really feeling any nervousness or excitement. The exams had a fairly high pass rate after all, and Has had done well enough in his classes. The young boy fixed his hair as he entered the room, wearing his usual black coat. He liked it because it hid his arms, not allowing the cuts and bruises to be seen.

Taking a seat next to a few 'friends', Hasashi waited for his name to be called. He wondered what his life would be like as a Genin. His clan were sworn to destroy shinobi, by becoming them and using the knowledge they gained to destroy villages. Was Hasashi following this path, was he learning the ways of the shinobi in order to better know how to kill them, or was he to truly become one?

The thought lingered as he sat back in his chair, the moral conflict of his clan battling within the very core of his being. Though he did not need an answer this day, he knew he would have to decide one fay, to be a shinobi, or to try and destroy them.

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Demetri Kaguya <3
Demetri Kaguya <3
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Hasashi's exam Empty Re: Hasashi's exam

Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:09 am
[not meaning to be a downer but you have no jutsu >-> How are you going to do them if you dont have them??]

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Hasashi's exam Empty Re: Hasashi's exam

Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:41 pm
[I do not believe you have to purchase them, after all, this is supposed to be the exam where you get them for free.]

A rather short, muscular man entered the room, his footsteps echoing around. Standing at the front, he very much resembled a midget bodybuilder, but hey, let's not be prejudice against small people. His long black hair molded unfit-tingly upwards. He enjoyed these exams. Making kids feel bad made him feel superior, and feeling superior was a great feeling! Speaking, his voice had a rather high pitch, "Hasashi Akari, you're up. Perform the three basic jutsu and you pass. If you fail.. it's a month with the dogs. Or maybe two!"

[Type 800 words in one post of you doing kawarimi, henge and bunshin. If you succeed you're a genin, if not.. the consequences will be die! (You fail)]
Nozomi Kinzokutei
Nozomi Kinzokutei
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Hasashi's exam Empty Re: Hasashi's exam

Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:58 pm
What did the proctor mean by dogs? Hasashi failed to understand the joke, if it was a joke anyway. Was Hasashi going to have to take care of dogs, or live with them or something? The teen sat for a moment, puzzled before realizing he should head towards the front of the room. The moral conflict that had been occupying his mind seemed to vanish for a moment as he made his way to the front of the room, this felt right. I know these techniques, I’ve got this.

The proctor appeared a bit odd to Hasashi, especially seeing as the young boy was a lot taller than him. Hasashi was definitely on the tall side for his age, but the proctor was a short man. His hair was also a bit odd, not that it bothered the young boy. He didn’t care about other people’s hair, jus this own. Seeing the proctors hair merely reminded him to fix his before he began his exam, he wanted it to look its best for this.

Hasashi stood at the front of the room, he of course appeared nervous. He always played the shy kid, it made it hard for people to approach him so he didn’t have to work as hard at acting. Hasashi truly never felt shy, he could careless what people thought. But his father had raised him differently, he guessed, and if he behaved normally people might think there was something wrong with him. So his father forced him to act like a ‘normal kid’ so that he didn’t draw to much attention.

Taking a deep breath, Hasashi began to do hand seals. He decided the Clone Technique would be a good one to start with. He performed the hand seals rather quickly, he had grown faster in the past few days. As he finished the seals, two puffs of smoke appeared on either side of him. When the smoke settled, two clones stood next to Hasashi. They looked exactly like them, even their hair was perfect. They also wore the same outfit as Hasashi, black long sleeved shirt and long pants tat went down to his ankles. He had worn the outfit to hide his scars of course, that his father had inflicted upon him as ‘training’.

Hasashi and his clones turned towards the proctor and smiled, the young boy knew he had done well but wanted some form of visual confirmation. He didn’t wait long, and soon turned back to the front of the class to continue doing the Academy techniques.

There was a log off to the side of the room, probably to allow Hasashi and the other students to use the substitution technique. Sighing, the young boy prepared himself for this jutsu. This one wasn’t hard either, but Hasashi jutsu thought it was weird. After doing the required seals, Hasashi switched places with the log, an image of himself projected onto the substitute while he stood where the log once was. It appeared as though there were two Hasashis for a moment before the projection ended and the log fell to the ground. That was two jutsu down, and only one left to do.

The next jutsu would not be enjoyable for Hasashi, he had to use Transformation to make himself look like the proctor. He didn’t know if that was a rule, but he heard that is what everyone did. Now he was worried, looking at the hair of the short muscular man as he began his journey back to the center of the room. How could the proctor except Hasashi to have such a butchered hair style, even for a few moments! Usually, Hasashi couldn’t care less about another person’s hair. If they wanted to butcher their hair, that was fine. But Hasashi like his hair, and didn’t want it to look all spiky and weird, even if it was just a transformation jutsu. He took a deep breath, this was going to be his real test. Though the proctor probably didn’t know it, he was actually forcing Hasashi to face his worst nightmare. But he would overcome it, he would become a shinobi!

Hasashi was actually surprised by his own resolve, his willingness to become a creature with terrible hair so he could become something he had been raised to destroy. Was this a sign that he truly wanted to become a shinobi, or was this merely a phase and he would one day revert back to his father’s ideals, and walk the path of a true assassin. Finally reaching the center of the room once more, Hasashi would mentally prepare himself.

Doing the hand seals, Hasashi would activate the jutsu, visually disappearing in a puff of smoke as it surrounded him. As the air around him cleared up, it was revealed he looked exactly like the proctor. He had to stop himself from vomiting, knowing his hair was spiky, but he managed to stop himself without even showing visual signs of how disgusted he was.

After giving the proctor ample time to see he had transformed properly, Hasashi deactivated the jutsu and returned to his normal self. Glad that his hair was back to normal, Hasashi waited to be told if his performance was satisfactory.

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Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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Hasashi's exam Empty Re: Hasashi's exam

Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:05 pm
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