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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Nine and Five. - Page 19 Empty Re: Nine and Five.

Thu May 23, 2013 12:34 am
Echo glances towards the girl with a sudden thought "Hey, do you wanna head back to Konoha for awhile?? They have better fishing areas there from what I've seen." He offers with his grin returning "Might be a week and a half in Konoha...that should be fine right?" His thoughts are involved with the date, he also has a little bit of time where he has to go to the Kage summit with Navi.
If she accepts his offer he stands and with a simple cross-seal makes four shadow clones which move to go grab her things...and her bunny...and surprisingly her Mother which he knocks out with a quick pressure point and a roll of his eyes at the womans reaction.

"Shall we then?"
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Nine and Five. - Page 19 Empty Re: Nine and Five.

Thu May 23, 2013 12:41 am
She would nod in thought at his words, the fishing spots around Konoha were undoubtedly better, with the mild weather and large amounts of wildlife. She was tired but she guessed she could go back to Konoha.. Maybe rent a room in some sort of spa or apartment.

“Yeah, sure! That sounds like a good idea.”

Then, to her surprise he got all of her things together, including her mother. Her eyes would widen in surprise at this, and at her bunny, but she would nod again to him, slightly dazed, "Mhmm.."
Arashi Uzumaki
Arashi Uzumaki
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Nine and Five. - Page 19 Empty Re: Nine and Five.

Thu May 23, 2013 12:49 am
Echo walks forward and sweeps the girl in his arms bridal style, quick red flashes occur as the clones and Echo with Minorin and her Mother equipment and rabbit vanish into the realm of Asgard before vanishing into Konoha the clones moving to find a suitable hotel her Mother could stay in.

He chuckles softly and sets her down "The clones should get things set up" He states while standing in the living room of his home the door opened, the clones waiting...except the ones with her Mother as did not want to be around when she woke up...and he reveals himself as some strange Konoha boy that is taking her daughter out on a date.

He gestures for her to follow the clones and steps away hesitantly his grin still in place "Goodnight, Milady." He states with a rather showy bow his left arm curving over his chest as he leans forwards while his right arm extends backwards..before he vanishes up the stairs in a gust of wind and the clones roll their eyes at their creators theatrics and the order to simply lead the girl to wherever she needed to go.

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Nine and Five. - Page 19 Empty Re: Nine and Five.

Thu May 23, 2013 1:04 am
She blushes intensely as he takes her in his arms, the flash of red almost matching the red that powdered her cheeks. And then, suddenly, she was in what appeared to be in a living room, before seeming to stop somewhere else – but she wasn’t entirely sure of course. It’d been very fast.

As she’s set down and he speaks she nods, a bit confused at the quickness of their travel as she does so, her eyes shifting from him, back towards her mother, then towards the clones holding her possessions and back to him. She blushes more at his gesture and goodbye, causing her to stutter a little, “Oh, um, Goodnight!” She would then shift her gaze to the faces of the indifferent clones before plodding along behind them – in the same direction as the other clones and her mother. Hurrying along to the one carrying Balder so that she might hold onto her bunny instead.

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