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????We’re going to the Moon???? Empty ????We’re going to the Moon????

Mon Jun 17, 2024 10:22 pm

"Eight ball, corner pocket...", the sound of the black ball shot into one of the 6 deep wood pockets echoed throughout the cave. It was a great addition to the lair. HIs gift for closing the Iron country deal. A new pipeline for the Hashimoto Family meant more money to be used to expand. Katsuragi looks around his dark damp cave. 'Yep, more money to expand.', his current position in life could use a bit more than a new pool table. The money was flowing, that much was for sure. But most of it was kept within the family, the Hashimoto. He could work all day for them, do favors for them, hell even take their kids out for a nice walk and some ice cream. But the hard truth was ever so clear, he would never be a Hashimoto. He was hired help, that they tolerated due to him helping them get set up in Tanzaku Town.

Was that it? Work for the Hashimoto till he dropped? He shakes his head at the realization. He didn't sign up for this shit. "AAARRerGAH! I didn't sign up for this shit!", he yelled. the pool cue went flying into the standing rack which once held the rest of the cues. Now, they all lay lifeless on the floor. The chalk scattered along the floor as well.

A brief moment for silence occurred, however, with it came an idea!

He runs over to a nearby counter and digs through a pile of papers and trinkets. Within the drawer, he pulls out a map and places prescription reading glasses on before going over his options. "OK! lets see... Fang? Pass, Cloud? MEGA pass ain't doin that again, Haven? hmm not this time of year...", he finally reaches a verdict. "Moon huh?", he taps the lone Moon island area on the map. He looks through a nearby book explaining the customs and history of the Moon country. "Damn! this place went through some shit! But it's growing... up and coming! Sorta like Rice was, till it went to shit...", he ponders on it some more. It had potential, it had the means to be great. But it was too close to Pelican Island... which almost put him off from pulling the trigger.

*sigh* "Maybe I could start anew? Yeesh, I bet... the record I got. No No NO KATS! don't you go there! This is a new beginning! A land of opportunity!", he carefully takes his glasses off and places them down on the counter along with the map.

"That settles that! We're going to the Moon!", he says while packing his quick bag and making his way towards the boarders and through various means of travel to arrive at the Moon!
Exit, heading to Moon country.
-1 travel ticket

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????We’re going to the Moon???? Empty Re: ????We’re going to the Moon????

Fri Jun 21, 2024 2:40 pm
Katsuragi wrote:

Exit, heading to Moon country.
-1 travel ticket
Please represent the use of the travel ticket on your stat page. Please and thank you!

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