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Why is this my job?

Hebiishi Orochi
Shiru Iyasu
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Shiru Iyasu
Shiru Iyasu
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Why is this my job? - Page 2 Empty Re: Why is this my job?

Fri Jul 05, 2024 5:27 pm
It took a minute for Shiru to relax, but eventually he was able to loosen up enough to actually enjoy the atmosphere of this little bar. The music and party vibes resonated with a part of himself that he did not even know existed. He couldnt help but tap his feet to the music and hum along to songs he had never heard. The other ninja toiled about doing their duties for the sake of the mission while making small talk along the way. The idle chit chat was soothing for his nerves. Shiru would give a hand and help where needed, he would help clean from time to time but he mostly found himself making drinks. He wasn’t a great bartender, his knowledge of alcohol was severely lacking but he quickly got the feel for it as the night went on. He felt his charismatic and outgoing personality was enough to at least make him likable to the customers.

Time flew by crazy fast. The ability to watch people as a bartender was impressive. He caught so many secrets and scandals going around the village just by listening to drunk people ramble. Pretending to be busy while making drinks allowed him the opportunity to observe his comrades and how they carried themselves. Each was so different in personality but also seemed to have the same type of swag emanating from them. The challenging life of being a shinobi unknowingly left a mark on all of them. It made it almost impossible to not stand out in a crowd full of normal citizens.

The remainder of the night moved along without any major incidents. Having four full fledged shinobi running the bar seemed to deter most from making any waves. It wasn't long before the night had come to an end. Shiru was almost sad when it was over. He had enjoyed himself far more than he had originally thought possible. When the time came to lock up he bid the others a quick farewell. He placed his hands in his pocket and began strolling back to his home. He hated that he was still up this late at night. If he was lucky he could maybe grab an hour two of sleep before his training regiment started again at sunrise.

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Junko Tsukiko
Junko Tsukiko
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Village Leader
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Why is this my job? - Page 2 Empty Re: Why is this my job?

Sat Jul 06, 2024 8:20 pm
Shiru Iyasu wrote:

WC 381 TWC 1514


Why is this my job? - Page 2 JPYXIpT
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