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The Uchihas unite Empty The Uchihas unite

Fri Apr 12, 2024 5:27 pm
Kagusutchi had been hard at work recently. He had been planning the takeover of a small neighborhood to become an official district for his people, the Uchiha. He had already paid for it and gotten the deed of ownership. It was easy as no one else was living here yet. The Uchiha people had a place to call their own. The last few days, there were many Uchiha who spoke with Kagusutchi, as he wanted every member of the clan to know that there was a place for them to gather, a place for them to live with other like-minded people who wanted nothing more than to prosper with their people. 

Today was a rather special day, however. Today was going to be the day that he gathered all of the Uchiha within Moon that would gather, and he would announce that he would be revealing the results of the votes put out by Kagu only a week prior. The vote was to declare who would be the head of the clan within the village's limits. The vote was run by Kagu himself because he wanted to see this clan with some organization within the town.

The votes were in, and with the hefty responses, he was confident that he reacted to most of the clan that lived here. He had an idea of how he wanted to run the clan in the village. He wanted a clan head who ran the decisions for the Uchiha, gave out the missions to the Uchiha, and carried out day-to-day duties for the clan, but he also wanted to have a council. He figured a three-person council, one being the clan head, would be a sufficient governing body for their clan within the village. 

But the next task did provoke a lot of thought within him: deciding who would be the other members of the council. He wasn't entirely sure who he could trust enough to do such a task, but he didn't want this to be a dictatorship, so a council seemed appropriate. He decided that he was going to visit the man who seemed to know everything, Sakoshi Kurosawa. It was the man who worked the gates but always seemed to know everything about everyone. 

This task brought him to the gates so he could chat with Sakoshi. During his conversation, he learned that there were two people within the village that Kagu felt were perfect for the job: his two blood brothers, Daiki and Ryuuki. He hadn't met either of them in the town, so he was hopeful they would attend today's gathering. This is where he would offer them both jobs as council members. Whether or not they would take the jobs was yet to be seen. But he figured there was no one else he would instead do it with than the brothers that he never even knew he had.

Anxiety began to creep into his chest as he saw the members of the clan showing up in droves. He panicked, thinking there weren't enough seats. But this panic seemed to be eliminated when his mind shifted into a stronger sense of self. He sat upon his beautiful chair, a chair fit for a clan head. He spoke to them all, welcoming them to the community center. He waited to see his brothers. He hoped he would recognize them when they walked into the building. Despite not knowing what they looked like.

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