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Heibon'na Ogawa
Heibon'na Ogawa
Stat Page : Miss Generic
Mission Record : Heibon'na Sightings
Taijutsu Ninjutsu Remove Default
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 71750

Jack of All Trades Empty Jack of All Trades

Sun Mar 03, 2024 9:20 pm
Skill Name: Jack of All Trades

Appearance: -
Heibon'na is what one could consider your average shinobi. She is not from a renown clan nor is she from a heritage befitting of ancestral honors either. She is simply just herself and through her dedication to the shinobi arts, found that achieving balance has allowed her new strengths that were not accessible once before. Opting to become a Master of None, she learned what it meant to be a well rounded shinobi. Her knowledge base being centered and focused on the core three specialties of shinobis across the world allowed her to expand her understanding and capacity of the more unique specialties out there. Thus her capacity for various shinobi arts expanded and grew to something unheard of, making her truly one of a kind.
Upon selecting this skill, the character's stats are locked in place and this skill cannot be unlearned except by the usage of Black Zetsu Cells. This allows the user to select three specialties that are not the specialties chosen by their Master of None skill that share a primary or secondary stat should the specialty not have another specialty that has the same primary stat (Taijutsu and Bukijutsu for example) and can learn up to A-Rank Techniques from that specialty. They cannot learn more techniques from that specialty compared to the base specialty chosen. Meaning if the user has selected Ninjutsu under Master of None and selected Fuinjutsu under Jack of All Trades, if they possess 2 A-Rank Ninjutsu techniques, they cannot learn more than 2 Fuinjutsu A-Rank Techniques.

Wordcount: 5,000 WC
Character Specific: Heibon'na Ogawa and those she teaches
Bonus Requirements: 75 in All Stats, Master of None, Pure Clanless
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