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Ren Kurosawa
Ren Kurosawa
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His new creations. What a joy Empty His new creations. What a joy

Wed Feb 21, 2024 4:01 pm
His clones were complete, he couldn't be happier. They continued to slumber within his room at Junko's home. When he created them, they seemed to be sleeping. They were dead tired and couldn't do much moving, so he ended up needing to carry them both back home. It took a long time, and a lot of his energy to channel his chakra for so long enhancing his natural abilities, but it was well worth it to get them both to Junko's home. When he entered into the house, there was no one home and the coast was clear. So he decided that he would lay them down on his bed after taking them both upstairs.

If Kiko was around he would speak with her, knowing that she generally hung around the house, and he would ask questions about what it was like to first be created from Junko's chakra reserve. He would observe the woman's features for a moment, then he would get back to the task at hand. He would make mental note of whatever Kiko would say and he would return to his room to watch his clones sleep. Neither of them were similar to Ren, as he decided that he wanted them to all look different, make it easier to pick them all apart.

The first one, which he was going to name Kitsunagi, was a very handsome individual, just as he had pictured. His presence seemed to command fear and reverence. With eyes like emerald fires, smoldering with an intesnity that could pierce through the veils of doubt within any person to look upon them. Ren didn't get to see his eyes for long, but when he did, he knew that they were just right. His appearance was a tapestry of untold stories, he had intricate tattoos etched into his skin but also he had scars already implanted into his skin. Ren wanted to give him a battle worn look, even if he was brand new to the world.

He had dark locks, braided with beads that Ren had put into his hair as he slept, ensuring a more tribal look, knowing that it would look perfect with his appearance. His hair cascaded down like a raven's wing, framing his stern facial features, including his chiseled jaw line, and granite like chin.

His broad shoulders, draped in what looked like a large fox skin, carried a front of complete control, as Ren wanted him to look like he could handle any situation that may be brough to him with ease, the look of a warrior, and a leader. Around his neck he worea talisman that Ren had crafted during their time asleep. It was made of the tooth of a bear that Ren had found while he was foraging in the woods. All together, he thought his Kitsunagi was perfect in every way, and he was eager to have him grace the world with his presence.

The other clone of his was far more elegnat in his visage. His slender form wrapped in small aspects of tribal nobility. His long, platinum blonde hair falls in meticulous braids, each interwoven with beads, much like his other clone, he had spent a few hours braiding their hair and crafting beads to weave within their hair as well. His eyes, something that Ren thought would be an added bonus to his looks, were a piercing grey, giving him a sense of mystery and an elegant beauty that he thoght would befit that of a noble within the village here on Moon. His face was sharply defined, etched with the fine lines of a born leader in his mind. His name would Atsuki.

His goal was to have this be the clone that would stay within the village on Moon, to act as his extension during the times that he was gone or away from the village itself. He knew that his clones would be weak. He knew that they would need instruction, but he was dedicated with providing all of the teaching he possibly could. Especially if he was going to be surrounded by many people who could provide such teaching, he felt that his clones were going to be in good shape and in even better hands. He was excited to see just what things he and his clones would be able to produce for their world.

He laid next to his clones, happy and content, knowing that his clones were soon to be awoken and ripe to take this world by storm.

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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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His new creations. What a joy Empty Re: His new creations. What a joy

Wed Feb 21, 2024 6:05 pm
Ren Kurosawa wrote:
WC: 751



+751 towards Sage Mode (Pure) (2290/3000) (Previous Progress)

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