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Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (C-Rank)
Vagabond (C-Rank)
Stat Page : The Everbloom
Mission Record : Misson Log: Everbloom
Medical Weaponry Sensory Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 2500

Inner Qi Empty Inner Qi

Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:29 am
Skill Name: Inner Qi
Appearance: No outward visible appearance though upon channeling their Inner Qi, practitioners eyes and movement has a fade glowing effect matching their Inner Qi coloration based on their personality (player choice).
Inner Qi USqObBW
Backstory: Blossom Clan Members honed their energies and focused their capacity to hone and stockpile their capacities. This was done through meditation and cleansing rituals alongside extensive physical training. Over the course of the development of their own techniques they gathered more and more of this Qi that they could cultivate and grow to become a huge part of their own identity and practices. As their arts were thought to be once lost to the world, the resurgence of their teachings have been recently discovered as more individuals related to the Blossom Clan have returned to their roots and trudge on to reclaim the status the clan once held.

Effect: Inner Qi allows the user to train their AP into Inner Qi stacks. This is done by training at 500 WC to convert 50 Bonus AP to become a single Qi Stack. Qi stacks refresh at the beginning of every thread and an individual can train up to 10 Qi stacks that are permanent and must be tracked on the user's stat page. Any Bonus AP trained this way can be retrained at the normal rate. These Qi stacks can be used in various ways through techniques specifically and recover at a rate of 1 every other post within any given thread. Should an individual hit 0 Qi Stacks they can no longer gain any further Qi stacks in that thread unless they spend a post fully meditating to regain a Qi Stack, no movement, general actions, or AP use can be done in that post. Alternatively they can consume specialized medicine pills to help recover their Inner Qi.

Wordcount: 2,000 | Slotless for Blossom Clan Members
Character Specific: N/A
Bonus Requirements: Blossom Hiden Clan Member or Taught by one

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Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
Stat Page : Stats' Link

Health: 300
AP: 1,250
Vigor: 25
Chakra: 100
Speed: 150
Strength: 25
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest
Salamanders of Rain Country
Taijutsu Medical Default
Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 110450

Inner Qi Empty Re: Inner Qi

Mon Nov 20, 2023 5:07 pm
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