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Dreams and Nightmares Mission Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Dreams and Nightmares Mission Thread

Sat Nov 11, 2023 10:10 pm
Zain stared awestruck at the gaping rift in the sky. His brain was having trouble calculating the size and scope of the situation. It was soon far away and high in the sky that it was immeasurable.

I don't think it is JUST a space time deal. At least not a traditional version. The fact that these things aren't pre existing and are dreamt up by kids must be an important clue. Maybe there is a dimension where these wierd things are coming from but it has to be more than that. Someone or something has to be causing it. The real question is WHY? what's the endgame?

The whole thing sent shivers through his body. He didn't like this at all. If the Hokage did know something he was keeping it close to the chest. Hopefully he had a plan or a way to stop this. If things  kept progressing in intensity then the whole world could be in trouble.

Your probably right about going home and waiting for orders. We should try to recover as much of our energy as we can. We may need it! I'm worried about falling asleep again to be honest. Who knows what crazy stuff my brain would come up with. Maybe I should grab some more coffee to be on the safe side. Maybe you should try some Tatsuo, it tastes like crap but if you put a little sugar and milk in it then it's not all that bad.

I will be at the compound if you need me. Try not to get into any trouble and if you find out anything about what's going on then please tell me immediately!

With that Zainketsu strolled out the Cafe with Tatsuo, not without placing a few a ryo on the table for the waitress. He strolled down the road to the Uchiha compound with his hands cooly in his pocket. When they hit the point where the boys needed to split he broke apart from Tatsuo. He took out one hand and signaled goodbye without turning to look at his fellow comrade in a way that looked much cooler then it should have been. He was excited to get back to his house and reflect on his recent expierences. It had been a long couple of days

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Tenshi Uchiha
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Dreams and Nightmares Mission Thread - Page 2 Empty Re: Dreams and Nightmares Mission Thread

Wed Nov 15, 2023 12:13 am
Zain wrote:Wc 380
Twc 3730


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