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Photo OP Protoge Empty Photo OP Protoge

Sat Oct 07, 2023 11:34 am

Waiting nervously at a corner near the Hokage's Mansion Matsuda is fidgeting, staring at the ground and doing his best to not think about the busy streets around him. Of all the tasks he might have been given this was something he was entirely unsure about, he could have done deliveries or clerical work in an office event; having to interact with people was always the worst tasks his teachers gave him.

"Ah, you must be the Student I've been expecting." Being addressed so suddenly Matusda nearly jumps out of his skin in shock. Looking up from the ground he finds an elderly man has approached him, stooped back and liver spots on a balding head, he's as short as Matsuda is. Bowing respectfully to his elder, Matsuda speaks quietly and softly.

"Yes sir. My name is Matsuda, I've been asked to assist you today. It would be my pleasure." He doesn't look up again after bowing, easier to show too much respect than have to properly speak to the man. He feels a slap on his shoulder and a gentle laugh, like a grandfather might greet a grandchild.

"Well a pleasure to meet you Matsuda. We had best get moving, there's a lot to cover today. Will you get the equipment please? My old bones ache so terribly when pushing it around." Looking up now Matsuda is shocked that he hadn't noticed it before, a trolley near two meters tall next to the photographer, somehow having pushed all the way here by the elderly man. Well if that's all he needed to do, today might not be such a terrible day afterall. The trolley was massive and weighed as much as it looked, but pulling it behind him was easy enough with the easy moving wheels. So long as there were no hills to climb at least.

While following the old man to his first location he introduces himself as Ishida Atsukane, which is curious as Matsuda thinks he might recognise that name from somewhere, though he can't be sure. After a short walk they both arrive at a lake near the Hyuuga District, with blooming trees around the edges and a mansion on the far shore.

"Matsuda, unpack my equipment please. This is will do well I believe." Matusda diligently gets started as instructed to, opening upo the trolley and finds inside there is a small fold out table. Using the table to support the camera, it's lenses and a few small props. Atsukane meanwhile stands on the shore and is seemingly lost in thought. Just as the equipment is all laid out and ready to use Atsukane approaches again, and starts to instruct Matsuda on where to place some of the props and stand up lights. It takes a lot of adjustment but Atuskane finally decides that the setup is just right, he throws something from his pocket into the lake and gets down on his belly and waits. There's a lot of waiting, and very little photography. Matsuda sits cross legged near the equipment table, more than content to just wait until told otherwise, it's tranquil here and the scenery is enjoyable to look at as well. After a while of waiting, remaining focused incase Atuskane needs something there's a quiet flutter, just barely audible. It manifests itself as a large crane floating down to land at the water's edge, shortly followed by two more. It's then that Matsuda understands the purpose of what was thrown, it was bird feed, and the two crane's are eagerly eaiting it up. There are the quiet snaps of the camera down at the shore, Atsukane was completely still and beyond the snap of his camera he was silent as well. From this distance even Matsuda could understand the scene that was set: three Red-Crowned Cranes in the shallow water, their reflection mirroring them as they ate and fished, blooming petals around the edge of the lake, and one of the Hyuuga's mansions in the distance. The idea of it all set a pretty picture in the mind, surely the finished images would be stunning. The camera stops clicking and gets set down, evidently the old and gentle photographer doesn't want to get up and scare the beautiful birds. A while later the three cranes stalk to other areas of the lake and Atsukane works his way to his feet again and returns to Matsuda and the trolley. He smiles at the student and puts his camera down.

"Atsukane-san, that was impressive. I'm glad you let me accompany you sir." Bowing deeply again there's another slap on his shoulder, Matsuda looks up and the old man is smiling kindly at him.

"It's all about patience young man. At my age patience is one of the only things you have left. Now come on, I've still got a few locations I want to visit today." It's difficult for Matsuda not to smile, so he packs up the equipment and follows to a handful of other locations around the village. Not all of their stops resulted in getting pictures, but several did: a Tanuki family at the base of Hokage rock, cats at the Okinaga District, and even some friendly dogs near the Inuzuka Clans home which Matsuda gingerly pet.

At the end of the day they end up back at the Hokage's Mansion, throughly exhausted after a long day of hauling around the trolly of photography equipment. "You've been a might fine assistant Matsuda. I'll pass my commendations onto your teachers. Keep up the hard work." Not knowing what to say, even after a long day together, Matsuda just bows as Ishida Atsukane takes his leave for the evening, his equipment trolley tumbling behind him on cobbled stones.


[WC 957]
[Claiming 1000 Ryo + 1 AP from rewards]
[Using 900 WC to train 3 in Vigor, 3 in Speed, 2 in Strength, 1 in Chakra]

[Using 750 WC to train Transformation Technique (250/250), Clone Technique (250/250), and Surface Walking (250/250)]
[Using 207 WC to partially train Genjutsu Release (207/250)

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Photo OP Protoge Empty Re: Photo OP Protoge

Sun Oct 08, 2023 7:04 pm
Matsuda wrote:

[WC 957]
[Claiming 500 Ryo + 1 AP from rewards]
[Using 900 WC to train 3 in Vigor, 3 in Speed, 2 in Strength, 1 in Chakra]

[Using 750 WC to train Transformation Technique (250/250), Clone Technique (250/250), and Surface Walking (250/250)]
[Using 207 WC to partially train Genjutsu Release (207/250)

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