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Arathel Anbura
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Fri Sep 29, 2023 3:14 pm
This morning, the young ninja wanted to focus on working on his perception skills. He took an initial look around to observe his surroundings. Given that it was soon before dawn, there was still some light being given to the scenery, but due to the cluster of trees, it was difficult nonetheless. The tree branches were moving due to the breeze blowing east, very few leaves were dropping.

He needed a target. Something then made a sound, a faint hoot. An owl, one of his favorite animals. Arutemisu  made the hand signs and activated his BUchugan, then he immediately made his gaze telescopic and zoomed the area around for the owl. Which he found immediately to his annoyance because he thought he would be harder than that.

Arutemisu began to think about what he should do next, well, the art of Ninjutsu was something the Anbura clan had not been excelling at for as long as Arutemisu could remember, only really relying on space-time being specifically well versed in the use of the Kamigawa style. Their use of their space-time was so well known that even other villages know it for its prowess. While Arutemisu often relied more on the use of his space-time and cunning and trickery, he wanted to learn more about medical ninjutsu.

Shaking his head, he decided to start heading inside, he saw his father standing in their kitchen, so Arutemisu walked over and poured himself some hot tea. Looking to the steaming cup silently, he’d watch the steamroll up in light wisps of vapor and curl about while she thought about her life. There had been much that had changed. Once the happy child that would find any time to get out of the compound and read in the forest or even play with her friends, now he had barely spent time outside of training and had almost become reclusive. Arutemisu didn’t believe that he had to be a hermit because he was hardly in the house. However, the social interaction of people was something that had almost become foreign to him with the constant work.

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